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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What Do Tom Selleck and Mark Richt Have in Common?

Sadly, the answer is nothing, but I did agree in my Florida week manifesto to post a link to anything about beards and mustaches, then I really didn't follow through on it. So, just to lighten the mood a little bit in the post-Florida week, here's a great link to 20 manliest mustaches and beards.

A few brief side notes about this list:

-- A few weeks ago, The Albany Herald's Paul Dehner and I suggested Brannan Southerland and Shaun Chapas try to convince Richt to grow a mustache as a motivational gimmick. They didn't think he would go for it, and I can only assume that played into the problems against Florida. After all, as any "Knight Rider" fan can tell you, the only difference between nice Hasselhoff and evil Hasselhoff is a goatee... and I think Georgia needs a little more evil Richt.

-- The best part about Brent Celek having a big week for the Eagles on Sunday -- apart from a Birds' win -- was the numerous Tom Selleck references that followed. I love Magnum PI.

-- I'm angry that the post includes this fact becauase it's one of my favorite pieces of party trivia: There are three guys in ZZ Top. Two of them have really long beards. Their drummer, however, is clean shaven. His name? Frank Beard.

-- Funny story about Sam Elliot for all you Lebowski fans. During one of the first few days of filming, he walked up to the Coen brothers, who directed the film, and asked why he was in the movie. He didn't understand what the point of his character was. "It's simple," the brothers told him. "We just wanted you in the movie because we thought you had an awesome mustache."

-- I don't know that Chuck Norris should be on this list, since as we all know, his beard is only there to hide another fist.

-- And finally, I find it absurd that this guy wasn't on the top 20 list.

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