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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Links (4/2)

Today is Georgia's lone day off from practice this week -- except for Geno Atkins, who will participate in the shotput for the track & field team -- but I'll have some news and notes from yesterday's practice session this afternoon.

In the meantime, some links...

-- Terence Moore has a simple recommendation for Damon Evans: Just do what it takes to land Tubby Smith. Can't say I disagree with Terence on this, but be sure to scroll down through the comments and read the exchange between Terence and a commenter named "Mike Campo." I'm fairly certain it's stuff like that that the Internet was invented for.

-- While Moore wants Evans to aim high with Tubby, T Kyle King thinks Georgia should look in the other direction and try to find someone under the radar.

-- Matthew Stafford's hometown paper says he'll face long odds to find success at the next level. Speaking of Stafford, if any of you are in the market for a draft preview, you can pick up the new Pro Football Weekly and check out a story by yours truly on Stafford's pro potential.

-- Mohamed Massaquoi will have a private workout with the Chicago Bears.

-- The Banner-Herald's Marc Weiszer has a story on Logan Gray's efforts to secure the No. 2 spot on the QB depth chart.

-- Fletcher Page writes that Georgia's tight ends are hoping to prove they're capable of a lot more than they accomplished last season.

-- The Diamond Dogs scored three times in the ninth to sweep their home-and-home with Clemson.

-- Is the BCS in trouble? A new antitrust lawsuit will at least try to shake things up.

-- Vanderbilt thinks its bowl appearance wasn't enough last year. That's so cute.

-- I'm not saying he's wrong, but when I read this, I threw up in my mouth a little.

-- My former employer apparently has a much, much, much better baseball team than Kentucky State has.

-- If you've read this blog for very long, you know I'm a big fan of Bruce Springsteen and "Lost." Who knew the two were so closely related?

-- Speaking of two things I really like coming together, check out the Tweets of the cast of "Friday Night Lights."

-- And speaking of more great things going great together, Lost's Josh Holloway -- a Georgia native -- talks about his love of beer to Draft Magazine.

-- This story really underscores the extraordinarily thin line between comedy and tragedy.

-- And finally, since it's probably never going to stop raining, here's a movie recommendation for you: Go out and rent "The King of Kong." It's a documentary about two men trying to break the all-time high score record on Donkey Kong. It is, hands down, the best documentary I've ever seen. Then when you're done, check out this story about one of the stars who is back at work on the Donkey Kong machine.


The Cuatro said...

I started laughing out loud in a 300 person class after I read Terrance take "Mike Campo" seriously. Nice work digging that one up, David.

ChicagoDawg said...

The T Moore v Campo exchange was stellar. Too freakin' funny. Even on those rare occasions when Terence writes about the most benign and non-controversial topic, the readers come off the top rope on him for his afro-centric worldview on most any subject. Of course, they may be just as irrational as he is, but it makes for great entertainment all the same. I have to say, Terence's decades long survival as a columnist has truly been a journalistic crop circle. There is seemingly no rationale why he has been allowed to steal oxygen from other writers at the AJC low these many years -- but there he is defying all logic and doing his thing! God love him. He and Furman Bisher are comedy gold.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of funny, this is not funny:

Anonymous said...

Link got cut off, but AJC (Chip) is reporting that Damon to interview Haith and Purnell in Detriot this weekend.

Robert said...

Atlantic City: great Springsteen song.

Might be my favorite...

Brian said...

Re King of Kong

Billy Mitchell is one of the greatest villians in the history of cinema. I know a movie about Donkey Kong sounds ridiculous, but it's really a re-telling of David vs Goliath. Everyone I know who has seen this movie, including girls, has loved it.