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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Swing and Miss?

UPDATE: (5:47 p.m.): I never reported this story because I didn't know the particulars of what happened, but I'm sure it's legit. Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham News writes in his latest column on Anthony Grant that Georgia largely missed out on Grant because the search firm it hired had rubbed Grant the wrong way a year ago during its search for LSU's next coach.

Meanwhile, various outlets are reporting that Capel and Arizona are in negotiations as of Wednesday afternoon.


Fire up the message boards yet again... Several media outlets, including the East Valley Tribune, are reporting that Oklahoma coach Jeff Capel could land at Arizona in the next couple of days.

FOX Sports reported yesterday that Capel had returned to the top of Georgia's wishlist, but if these new reports are true, that wish won't be granted.

In other news, it appears another rumored candidate is being targeted by someone other than UGA. I've heard numerous reports (and you can read at least one HERE) that Memphis has its eyes set on USC's Tim Floyd.


Matt said...

Our biggest problem is not Parker it's the lack of a basketball guy to guide the search and to identify names.

David, who does Damon have helping him identify and evaluate candidates? Is it just Arthur Johnson and Damon?

Damon and Arthur selecting a BB coach on their own is akin to me casting for a Hollywood movie. I am sure I can find someone, go after big names, but I'd have no idea how to find the next big thing, or to close a deal without getting worked.

Marshall said...

Maybe I assume too much, but it seems to me that if everyone in the state of Georgia could recognize at the time Felton was fired that Anthony Grant was probably our best option to build long-term stability in the basketball program, Damon Evans could have figured that out as well. I've never understood why anyone needs a search firm to figure out who to go after...pick up the phone and call other programs, other coaches who aren't on anyone's wish list and ask them who's the best. Pick up the phone and ask former colleagues. Or just read any major sports page and they'll probably have a top five list of coaches with career history, stats, anything you want to know, and then just call them yourself.

Now that we've dragged our feet in this whole deal who knows what we'll end up with now that the better options are getting snatched up...(although you can't help a guy taking a smaller salary than you're offering to stay put. All the more reason to grab a good-to-great coach in Grant when you can rather than hold out for the possibility of someone "great").

Anonymous said...

ESPN is reporting that Tim Floyd has accepted the Arizona job. Maybe Capel is still in play. Of course, this now opens up USC which is a better gig that UGA.

David Hale said...

I would actually argue that, based on competition, recruiting and facilities, Georgia is actually the better job than USC. But I still don't think Capel is going anywhere.

AppleDawg said...

So, who are we after now? I mean, REALISTICALLY?

Why is it we didn't have several coaches lined up immediately?