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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Links (9/23)

I won both my fantasy football games last week, the Eagles had 135 sacks, and some girl at Roadhouse said she thought I was 23... it's been a good week. So, with that, nothing but positive links today...

-- I don't ask you to read all of my story on Ben Jones, just the first two graphs. If you're not convinced after that he has a chance against Terrence Cody, well, there's nothing more I can do.

-- A farm in Henry County pays tribute to Larry Munson.

-- A.J. Harmon is moving to offense.

-- The Banner-Herald's Mark Weiszer chats with Damon Evans .

-- According to the AJC, Mark Richt is not happy with all the penalties. What I think is interesting is the fact that coaches have reallty tried to downplay this so far. You'd think 11 penalties a game would be a clear reason to complain, but Richt has sort of defended his team after each game. Not sure exactly what that means, but my guess is that coaches think many of those flags were undeserved.

-- The legendary Gentry Estes blogs about Georgia's decision to once again close practice before the Bama game.

-- Get the Picture discusses Finebaum, the most hated man in the SEC not named Spurrier.

-- The Athens Banner-Herald laments the lack of Sanford Stadium view for Game Day, but hey, at least ESPN is making the trip.

-- I blame myself for not linking to this earlier, but here are Total UGA's girls of the ASU game.

-- The Banner-Herald writes about the blackout's boost to the economy. I tried to boost the economy, too, but there's only so much you can do when spending $2 on a pitcher of Miller Lite.

-- Please send hate mail to Jim Rome. Honestly, he has zero class whatsoever. I won't lie, I loved the Chris Evert joke back in the day, but that doesn't give him license to be a jackass forever. Skip Bayless has his nitch, and Rome doesn't need to jump in on it. In all seriousness though, it's absurd the way ESPN has jumped all over Richt since the Moreno incident. Yes, the whole thing was overblown. But A.) Richt was simply defending his guy, and B.) Richt NEVER said anything bad. This is the most overblown non-Brett Favre story ESPN has run in... well, OK, hours.

-- And finally, I'm super excited about the new TV season, but there are still a few more months until the premier of my favorite show. So if you're a "Lost" fan like me, here's a little something to get you through.

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