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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Police Warn of Ticket Scams

According to TicketsNow, tickets to Saturday's Georgia-Alabama game are selling for an average of around $400, with good seats going for nearly twice that. But UGA police are warning fans to watch out for scams involving fake tickets.

From UGA Athletics:

The University of Georgia Police Department has issued a warning to UGA football fans and visitors that there is reason to believe a ticket counterfeiting scam is possible in Athens for the Georgia-Alabama game this Saturday.

Alabama Law Enforcement Officials reported a large number of counterfeit tickets during the Auburn-LSU Game at Auburn, Ala., last Saturday. These counterfeit tickets look very real to the average person. According to UGA Police, it was even difficult for athletic staff to verify without extensive examination.

The University of Georgia Police Department has good reason to believe that the University of Georgia/Athens community may be targeted this weekend.

Individuals that sell counterfeit tickets do everything to blend in and look like the average fan, according to police and that the counterfeit tickets being sold are hard to recognize even for Athletic Association personnel.

In past games of this magnitude, police have also seen counterfeit money used to buy legitimate tickets from fans.

The University of Georgia Police Department strongly recommends that fans do not have any type of ticket transaction (selling or buying) from individuals that you do not know and only do business with individuals whose credibility you can personally substantiate. Please be aware so that your game day experience will not be ruined by such criminal activity.

Contact for additional information: Jimmy Williamson, University police

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