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Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday Links (9/1)

Well, Week 1 is in the books. What did we learn? Well, the ACC stinks, but we already knew that. No one outside of Ohio State and Wisconsin are any good in the Big Ten, but we already knew that. I'm just not able to recover from a post-game night on the town as I used to be... but sadly, I knew that, too.

Some questions I have though: Is Alabama that good or is Clemson not nearly as good as people thought? Who's going to step up in the ACC? I'm not trying to knock Wake Forest here, but if a school with so few resources wins that conference for the second time in three years, that's pretty sad. What other teams impressed you this weekend? How much worse does it look for Georgia when pretty much every team on its already daunting schedule looked so good in their debuts?

Anyway, on to today's links...

ESPN's Chris Low recaps the week in the SEC.

The AJC's Chip Towers writes about the lessons Georgia learned in its first win of the season. Good points, all, particularly since that game was as much about the Bulldogs figuring themselves out as it was about beating Georgia Southern. In that context, I think you have to look at the game as a rousing success.

The Athens Banner-Herald writes that Georgia was good in its debut, but left some room for improvement. I completely agree. I think the three most important aspects of that game were a.) the Jeff Owens injury, which is obviously a big negative, b.) the number of freshmen that played, which I think is a huge positive, and c.) the fact that some of the Dawgs' weaknesses were pretty evident. That, I think, is actually a big positive. These early cupcake games are all about finding out what you've got to work with, and Georgia did a good job of doing that.

Ohio State is still waiting on an injury update for one of its Heisman candidates.

Georgia Sports Blog has a few thoughts on the weekend's game.

The Banner-Herald's John Kaltefleiter discusses the Jeff Owens injury. I'm glad to hear Owens is interested in coming back again next year, but in a way, it simply underscores what a good kid he is and how sad it is to have this happen to him.

And finally, it was not the best start to the season for our boy Dicky Lyons, but Kentucky beat its in-state rival for the second straight year. Even more tragic, however, it appears the UK Athletics Web site no longer has the Daily Dicky posted. What a terrible start to a Monday.

* One more thing: Just a quick request for some reader feedback -- what did you think of the in-game blogging on Saturday? I had not done that before this game, so any thoughts, tips, suggestions for ways to improve the process would be greatly appreciated.


Chris said...

I really appreciated your game coverage on Saturday, so I would love it if you kept it up all season.

I do have a question about the game though. Dannell Ellerbe is listed as #33, but he was wearing #44 during the game. I haven't heard anybody talk about this. Was this just a jersey problem before the game (like I assumed)? Or did he switch numbers?


Anonymous said...

The in-game blog on Saturday was great. keep it up!