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Monday, September 8, 2008

Links of the Day (9/8/08)

So can someone please confirm for me that FOX has a show where people in shiny tin-foil like jumpsuits have to maneuver their way through a small, cortorted opening in a wall called "Hole in the Wall"? I'm fairly certain I witnessed this last night, but my brain will not fully accept this as reality. There's just no way that actually made it onto television.

Between that, and the Eagles' receivers actually looking good, I'm willing to consider the possibility I've slipped into some alternate dimension of reality in which up is down, black is white and Jason Avant is a legitimate downfield target.

Anyway, today's links...

-- So Georgia beats a reigning conference champ by 39. USC has the week off. USC's lead atop the polls increases. Please feel free to explain if you can.

-- The creators of this site really need to start working a lot harder. Can I tell you how much I envy you folks who aren't forced to root for a glorified pee-wee football team?

-- The Sporting News writes about the Bulldogs' poor kickoffs. Interesting note about this: I tried to ask Blair Walsh what was wrong in the kicking game, and he said he was under direct orders not to talk about kickoffs. No kidding.

-- The AJC's Tim Tucker runs down the lessons learned against Central Michigan. I'll have my postgame grades up later today, if you'd care to review that, too.

-- The Albany Herald's Paul Dehner (who, you might be surprised to know, can run really, really fast) writes that this year's Georgia offense might be enough to overcome some defensive shortcomings.

-- Speaking of defensive shortcomings, I have a story about Georgia's concerning lack of pressure on Dan LeFevour on Saturday.

-- Had to pass this along just for the hilariousness of Demarcus Dobbs' quote in the beginning. I'm sure it was unintentional, but what a great way to insult South Carolina.

-- Anthony Dascher from Rivals does a far better job than I did summarizing the amusing back-and-forth between FOX and ESPN with Mark Richt on Sunday -- each blaming the other for Knowshon's hurdle failing to show up on "SportsCenter."

-- Get the Picture follows that up with some thoughts of their own on the snub.

-- has a story on Uga VII's state-of-the-art, eco-friendly dog house.

-- I think this blog post by the AJC's Tony Barnhart says all you need to know about the ACC.

-- And finally, I meant to post this one yesterday as a little "Happy First Day of the NFL Season" moment: It's a video highlight of the Washington Redskins' fantasy football draft. The hilarity of Fred Smoot really knows no bounds.


Anonymous said...

What Squidbillies was not on?

Anonymous said...

Poor smoot. I would have also not been concerned with a back-up had i had "timmy brady." Oh, what a difference a day makes.

Anonymous said...

I confirm what you saw with the three silver-suited men in the slightly homoerotic pile. That was...weird.

Jay said...

I am very concerned with the strength of our two lines of scrimmage. I don't see a dominating team. I see a team that is going to have trouble getting the tough yards. I may be over reacing, but I don't think so. I think some other people are seeing the same thing. I think that is the reason for losing a couple of first place votes. I think UGA is a good team, but I think over the course of the year the passing game will be better than the running game. I'm very encouraged by the performance of the receivers, and to me the line looks like it pass blocks better than it run blocks. The passing game may pull our bacon out of the fire sometine this year.

David Hale said...

Completely agree with you, Jay... although both sides of the line improved dramatically over the course of the season last year and there's no reason to think the same won't happen this season.

Anonymous said...

Here's a segment of Hole in the Wall for those who may not believe it exists.