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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Links (9/23)

Tuesday reading...

-- Plenty on Larry Munson's retirement from the Athens Banner-Herald, USA Today, the AJC, Total UGA, Get the Picture and Big Hairy Blawg.

-- Mark Bradley sums up what Munson meant to Georgia.

-- It will be old-fashioned SEC football when Georgia and Bama have at it on Saturday.

-- Jeremy Lomax didn't enjoy being relegated to the sidelines on Saturday.

-- Nick Saban is concerned about Knowshon Moreno. In other news, the sun came up today.

-- Saban managed to come up with a blackout of his own on Monday.

-- Why do I keep forgetting to watch Mark Richt's blog posts? I'm sure he never forgets to read my stories.

-- The New York Times says the SEC might be a little too good.

-- Georgia Sports Blog puts this week's matchup into perspective, as does Total UGA.

-- The nation's top basketball recruit is considering UGA.

-- Cafe Press has your Knowshon blackout shirts. Of course, if you're not into the whole blackout, I highly recommend this shirt for the game.

-- A former UGA Bulldog is starring in "Les Miserables."

-- A University of Georgia study shows that Facebook can be used to detect narcissism. No truth that the study only included Urban Meyer's page.

-- And finally, a little bulletin board material: Watch around the 1:04 mark. It's a little tough to hear, but this Alabama coach (using a bit nastier language) says Georgia is wearing black because they're going to a funeral.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Did you see this??? How did we miss this? No wonder they stopped moreno!