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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Links (9/7)

UPDATED COMMENT: Settle down, settle down, folks. I in no way meant to bring politics into the discussion -- I meant to question the media, not politics. I only mention McCain because he's discussed it most recently. Hillary Clinton did similar a few months back and I would again have had the same view. My point is simply this: I don't believe there is a grand media conspiracy -- whether it be in politics, sports, whatever.

I think there are SOME networks or journalists who, unfortunately, have an agenda. But as a member of the media, I'm aware of the situation enough to know that there's not some secret agenda among all media members to screw one person, team or company over.

By and large, the media bias is not over who they LIKE most, it's over who gets them the best ratings or most readers. What I can't understand, however, is why they don't think Georgia fits that bill.


It took three minutes before Brett Favre was mentioned on ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown. I'm shocked. I'm also not sure whether I should start Ernest Graham or Reggie Bush today. Expect complaints tomorrow. In any case, here are today's links:

-- Check out the Knowshon love from me in the C L-E, the Athens Banner-Herald, the Augusta Chronicle, the Albany Herald and the AJC.

-- One place you won't find much Knowshon love, however, is ESPN. I'm sure this won't come as a surprise to most UGA fans, but the Worldwide Leader didn't even give Georgia as much highlight time on "SportsCenter" as it game Notre Dame -- which barely snuck by San Diego State.

I'm the last person who buys into media bias. I think McCain and company are full of it when they bash the media, I think USC fans who complain about an East-coast bias simply don't understand how TV works, and I think hockey probably doesn't get covered because no one really cares.

It's hard to explain, however, how the No. 2 team in the country got a five second highlight that didn't include one of the best players in the country hurdling a defender. Or running for a 50+ yard touchdown. Or either of his other two touchdowns.

-- David Ching writes that there is still plenty for Georgia to work on before it opens its SEC slate.

-- The Chattanooga Times Free Press says Georgia can't take South Carolina lightly next week.

-- The Athens Banner-Herald talks about Demarcus Dobbs' big day. I should note, Uga VII was in the locker room postgame and was glued to Dobbs' side for most of the interview session. Guess the new dawg knows big plays when he seems them.

-- The Augusta Chronicle explains how Georgia stopped the Tim Tebow clone.

--The Times Free Press writes about Michael Moore's big game, and the AJC has a story on the deep corps of receivers.

More to come later today. Enjoy Week 1 of the NFL season and have fun watching Reggie Bush rack up 30 points on my bench.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you are blind and deaf if you can't recognize the media bias against John McCain and Sarah Palin. They are trying to crucify SP for stuff that is so ticky tack yet Obama yet Obama gets off on the same issues...past acquaintances, alleged lack of experience, etc.

And the poor Dawgs are being shunned as well. The halftime show during UF/Miami was pathetic. We didn't play GASU again, we played a team whose QB was talked about as highly as Tebow by some people. Just like Hawaii and Colt Brennan, we beat them, so people think, "Well, the Dawgs beat them so they must not be as good as we thought." F 'em all.

Anonymous said...

As a Journalist, you should read the book, "The Powers That Be"
written by David Halberstam. He wrote this book in 1979 to show that all media has a bias where liberal or conservative. The problem today is the internet and talk radio are the only outlet for conservatism.

I really do appreciate your blog and work on the dawgs. Jim

hoodawg said...

THANK YOU for raising the ESPN bias issue. I almost started my own blog just to rant about it. The most frustrating thing is, that Knowshon hurdle is the kind of moment that makes a Heisman campaign. It's the image that gets replayed again and again and has the studio hosts saying, "How can this guy get ignored?" Unfortunately, it has to be played first before it can get replayed. And ESPN is putting on a clinic on how a star can get ignored.

Of course, if we'd played CMU close, we would have gotten 3 minutes on how Georgia must not be as good as everyone thought.

Anonymous said...

Not to get too political, but the media needs to keep drilling sarah palin until she finally sits down for an interview.

Muckbeast said...

Please, no politics here.

Is there anywhere to see the whole game yet online?

Blogging about Online Gaming and Virtual Worlds:

Muckbeast said...

The three main college football writers at ESPN:

Mark Schlabach:

Pat Forde

Ivan Maisel

Write to them and tell them you are unhappy with the current lack of coverage for UGA's games. Also note the absurd loss of #1 votes from the USA/Coaches poll.

If they get feedback, it might help.

Blogging about Online Gaming and Virtual Worlds:

Anonymous said...

David, David, David!

You have a great UGA blog. Please don't ruin it by dragging politics into it...especially THOSE politics...

Anonymous said...

If you cannot see any bias in the media in favor of Barack Obama specifically or Democrats in general then you obviously have no perception and I will stop reading your blog immediately. Go Dawgs.

David Hale said...

Didn't mean to bring up politics... sorry I touched a nerve for some people. Please read my added comment on this post, however, for an explanation.

Will Queen said...

I've griped about this same thing (about Knowshon, that is) on several other blogs, but a commenter on another blog said something that made me feel better: when we play South Carolina on CBS next week, Uncle Verne will be sure to talk about it a bit.