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Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday Practice Update

Georgia just had a six-period practice today, making it a bit easier evening for players. Head coach Mark Richt was not available after practice, nor were any assistant coaches. I can share a few quick notes, however.

- WR Kenneth Harris was not wearing a boot, making it look a bit more likely he would be available this week against Central Michigan. Fellow WR Tony Wilson said he was confident Harris would play.

- Clint Boling came off suspension today, but was not made available for interviews. He will slide in for Josh Davis at right tackle, however, with Davis moving over to back up Kiante Tripp at LT.

- Speaking of Tripp, center Chris Davis said Tripp looked particularly impressive after viewing the film of Saturday's game. He said Tripp's movement and athleticism on the line were excellent.

- Also had a chance to talk to Jeff Owens after practice. Typical of the Georgia senior, he was upbeat and joked with reporters. You can read my story on him at later this evening or in tomorrow's paper. He said he has received calls from numerous former Bulldogs and even got a call from former Ga Tech RB Tashard Choice, who Owens met during a recruiting visit to Oklahoma a few years ago (Choice is also cousins with current Bulldog Brandon Boykin).

Here's a few more quotes from the always classy Owens:

On his attitude about the injury:
"It's just a little bump in the road. You've always got to face adversity to be the best, and this is my real, true, big test of adversity at Georgia, so I'm going to come back and stay positive."

On whether he would definitely take a redshirt and come back next year:

"I really haven't been thinking about nothing right now because I just hurt my knee Saturday. My main thing is just to get healthy, doing rehab and try to come back 100 percent. Get my knee back healthy, then let it go from there."

(NOTE: Everyone else - from Richt to Owens' good friends Corvey Irvin and Geno Atkins -- expect him to be back.)

On the support from his teammates:
"I have a lot of guys backing me up and just trying to keep me positive and know that just look on the bright side. The storm's going to be over, I've just got to weather the storm."

On how the injury happened:
"It was just a freak accident. I jumped over the pile, I landed on one leg, my body shifted one way and my knee went the other, and it just blew it out."

On whether he's angry about the injury:
"It's all in the game. It's football. It's going to happen. I take a risk of getting hurt every time I step on the field. I know there's a risk, and I know that injuries happen. I've just got to come through it, fight through it and get back healthy. Injuries are going to come. I'm not looking down on myself thinking, if this is gonna happen, if that had happened. It's football."

On how well Corvey Irvin will replace him:
"No doubt in my mind he can do it. As a matter of fact, I look up to Corvey. He might not know it, but he pushes me. We both motivate each other. I know he's going to take over my role and be a leader of this defense."

On how well the D-line will do without him:
"They're still great. I was just a small piece of the pie. They're way bigger than me, and they're going to blow up this season."


Anonymous said...

Jeff Owens seems like a really great person, and out of all of this i'm glad we (might) get him back for another year.

Vince said...

I hope Owens and Sturdivant stay really close to the players as sort of student-coaches, because their attitude and encouragment and presence should be a huge help to them.

Attitude will be a big factor this, year, lets not get nervous or down but play with abandon, heart, freedom, and tenacity.

Play like last year, like we already have "two excessive celebretions" so hey play with abandon!

Go Dawgs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the defensive captain in each game wear Owens' 95.