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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Links (9/25)

-- I have a story on the matchup between A.J. Green and Julio Jones. And so does the Athens Banner-Herald. And so does the AJC. And so does the Augusta Chronicle. Someone get the Savannah Morning News on the phone to complain about their lack of coverage!

UPDATE: ESPN has jumped into the fray, too.

-- Former Georgia quarterback David Greene landed a job with the Colts.

-- The Chattanooga Times Free Press has a story on Georgia tight end Tripp Chandler's slow start.

-- The Athens Banner-Herald has a story on the new Vince Dooley Athletics Complex.

-- The Birmingham News notes that Nick Saban's assessment of Georgia is that they are easy to figure out and hard to stop.

-- The AJC's Tim Tucker has a piece on UGA's plan to expand Sanford Stadium.

-- The Cullman Times has a story on the return of Kirby Smart.

-- Alabama beat writer Gentry Estes gets inside info on Georgia from a good UGA writer and me.

-- The Seymour Herald (I'm really not sure where that is) says the Dawgs are getting shafted. The column also begins with mention that Ray Charles is from Albany. Funny thing about Albany is, it's three most famous former residents are Ray Charles, Ray Stevens and Ray Knight. So if you are from the Binny, unless you are named Ray, you have virtually no chance of accomplishing anything in your life.

-- Check out this catch by Morgan State receiver Edwin Baptiste. Think A.J. will have one like that before the season is over?

-- Deadspin pays tribute to the dearly departed Matt Millen. This is sort of like when the first George Bush didn't get reelected. There was a general sense that the country was probably better off, but you just knew you'd miss the Dan Quayle jokes.

-- This is why journalism will never die: The country needs 5,000-word, in-depth personality profiles of its greatest heroes and legends.

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