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Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Links (9/22)

Just in case you're interesting in something other than Georgia wearing black jerseys this week, a few links...

-- Georgia men's basketball coach Dennis Felton made an appearance in Americus.

-- NCAA Fanhouse says the Dawgs deserve some love. Bleacher Report agrees. So does Southern Pigskin. Sports on the Air... eh, not so much.

-- The AJC's Tim Tucker has five lessons learned from Georgia's trip to Arizona State.

-- Get the Picture says the SEC has some serious quarterbacking problems. This is exactly why I picked Bama to win the SEC West earlier this year. There just aren't a lot of experienced quarterbacks in the conference, and there are even fewer who are actually good.

-- Total UGA has a diary update from Aaron Murray.

-- Georgia Sports Blog sums up the beat down in the desert. And I couldn't agree more with Paul's last comment -- there's really no need to complain about much at this point.

-- This is an older story, but I thought you should all be aware of the guy the Dawgs should be most worried about this week.

-- And here's some info on things Nick Saban is apparently worried about.

-- Finally, a shiny quarter to anyone who can tell me why anyone still cares what David Blaine does.

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