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Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Links (9/12)

I'm sick, and I don't have the energy for pre-link banter today. Sorry. But here's some reading material...

I've got a piece on how Shaun Chapas' role with the Dawgs could be evolving this week and down the road.

When Georgia takes the field against South Carolina, it will be a homecoming for several Bulldogs.

Looks like ESPN is doing its best mea culpa on the whole Knowshon thing.

The State says we can expect to see Stephen Garcia in action Saturday and has more information on the Gamecocks' fight.

Herbstreit previews the Georgia-South Carolina game at Total UGA. His verdict: Neither are as good as Ohio State. (Kidding.)

Jeff Hensen's mother doesn't think her son will be returning to the Bulldogs.

Kregg Lumpkins could see some extra playing time according to the Green Bay Press Gazette.

Now this is interesting: Could Georgia State field a Big East football team by 2017?

Apparently someone stole Tony Kornheiser's car from ESPN. I'd suggest Stat Boy as a person of interest.

I can't say I disagree with the vast majority of this list of albums everyone should absorb in high school, but I think the difference between successful people and interesting people is whether they choose Led Zeppelin IV or Physical Graffiti as their favorite Zeppelin album.

And finally, please bookmark the new blog from Jay Adams of the Macon Telegraph. Eventually, you're going to run out of Bulldogs stuff to talk about around the water cooler. Jay's blog will provide you with alternative fodder. (I'd also say I'm more likely to hold a conversation around the vending machine than a water cooler.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're sick and hope you feel better in time for tomorrow. On a wholly self-serving note, please don't inflict your germ warfare on any of our starters. Please stick to interviewing only third-stringers until you feel all better.

My first thought on the high-school albums list was: What, no Dylan? No REM? No Pearl Jam? No Stones or Who? Only 1 album from the Clash and Beatles? Then I remembered that I'm eighty-nine years old. Kids today...meh. Only reason to listen to Sabbath and Metallica in high school is so you can laugh at yourself at your class reunion. (At least the writer picked "The Queen is Dead" - - as essential for optimal teenage angst as sugar-coated cereal is for toddlerhood.)