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Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Links (9/15)

Just typing the headline for this post seemed wrong. It can't be the 15th already, can it? Man, time flies during football season. It feels like we've barely gotten started, but we're officially 25 percent of the way through the regular season already. Don't start stressing about what you're going to get me for Christmas yet, though. There are still plenty of other things to discuss....

- In case you haven't heard, apparently Georgia dropped in the polls again. You can find out HERE, and HERE, and HERE, and HERE .

- Georgia Sports Blog has a great recap of Georgia's drive-by-drive mistakes. I'm not sure if it's encouraging or discouraging.

- Georgia is preparing for its first trip out West in four decades.

- How Bout Them Dawgs puts in a vote of confidence for Tripp Chandler.

- ESPN's Pat Forde says three teams have stood out so far, and Georgia isn't one of them.

- A top WR recruit chose Alabama over Georgia, according to the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

- Not sure if you'll find this interesting, but as a journalist, I thought it was good to learn where the origins of gossip sports journalism began.

- About six months ago, CNN started selling T-shirts with headlines from written on them. I thought this was stupid. Then I saw this headline on and thought, "If only I could get that on a T-shirt."


Captain said...


If you get a chance, ask about when Coach Martinez was yelling at Coach Fabris during the game. From what I could tell, SC was punting...but the punt team wasn't on the field.

Love your blog,

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Nice story on Sunday. When it rains, it pours. While we are asking questions, can you get an answer from someone on why we used three punt returners on Saturday? It seemed like we were looking for a guy who could fumble one or something. If Logan is the guy because we need to rest and protect Knowshown and Allen, why wasn't he the punt returner the first two games? Seems beyond retarded to break in a new punter when the SEC schedule rolls around. Then again, a lot about our special teams play is head scratching. Somewhat tangentially related, is Carlton Thomas now going to be reshirted?

David Hale said...

I'll look into the Martinez-Fabris situation, though my guess is there won't be a satisfying answer to that. Re: the punt returners, I think this has gone on a bit too long. It was an on-going competition for the job, I assumed, but seems like they would have settled on something by now. I'm planning to do a special teams story this week, so I'll look into it further. And re: Carlton Thomas, my guess is unless something happens to Caleb King or Richard Samuel, he'll be redshirted. That final decision usually doesn't come until October though.

NKB said...

that WR, Michael Bowman, He did not choose Bama over us because we did not offer him. He most likely will not have a qualifying test score. Not a loss for UGA...