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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Links (9/16)

I hate Andy Reid. Calling a hook-and-ladder (or lateral, if you prefer) with 90 seconds left should automatically earn you a pink slip. I hate him.

Anyway, I'm in no mood for witty banter, so here are today's links...

-- The Athens Banner-Herald has a story on Georgia's travel plans for its longest regular-season road trip since 1960.

-- The Red & Black has a Q&A with SEC defensive player of the week, Rennie Curran.

-- Get the Picture also offers some well-deserved love to Mr. Curran.

-- There aren't many writers I hate more than Gregg Doyel. Like Skip Bayless, he writes just to get a rise out of people. On a scale of one to 10 of how much respect I have for "journalists" like him, I'd estimate a negative 63. Anyway, read this and I'm sure you'll agree.

-- A defensive back from Warner Robins has caught the eye of Georgia defensive coordinator Willie Martinez.

-- ESPN's Ted Miller says things have been rough for Arizona State since it was upset by UNLV.

-- Arizona State's Web site has quotes from quarterback Rudy Carpenter.

-- The Arkansas Democrat Gazette says Oklahoma deserved to pass Georgia in the national polls.

-- Georgia Sports Blog has a picture of its favorite shirt from the South Carolina game.

-- And for the second day in a row, I came across a headline I'd love to have on a T-shirt. I think I may need to put on a few pounds if I'm going to fit all this across the front though.

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