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Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Links (9/26)

Just a quick handful of links this morning...

-- Looks like Georgia has a shot to get back to the top of the polls.

-- An oil man thinks the Georgia-Bama game should be postponed due to the gas shortage in Athens.

-- Mark Richt got a visit from a Supreme Court justice on Thursday.

-- Quintin Banks will return to Georgia's secondary this week, but John Knox has made progress in Banks' absence.

-- The AJC explores the impact of Georgia's fashion choice for this week's game.

-- USA Today has a story on Alabama's massive offensive line.

-- The Chattanooga Times Free Press has a piece on what A.J. Green's emergence (along with Matthew Stafford's arm) has done for the Georgia offense.

-- Georgia Sports Blog remembers the last time "GameDay" paid a visit to Athens.

-- Hard to fault ESPN for not coming to UGA for so long. I mean, clearly they have some fine decision makers working at the network.

-- The Washington Times calls Saturday's game a battle of speed vs. power. Not sure if they've seen Knowshon run, but I wouldn't call speed his lone weapon. I think both these teams can hit with the best of them.

-- In fact, the Augusta Chronicle says Knowshon isn't too worried about Bama.

-- UGA is getting a new dorm with some new rules.

-- And finally, I'm not really sure what the saddest part of this story is -- the fact that the attempt failed or the fact that they tried in the first place. Then again, I've also tried to see how many M&Ms I could fit in my mouth at one time and that, too, ended poorly.

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