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Saturday, September 20, 2008

If You Only Read One Rennie Curran Story Today...

Georgia linebacker Rennie Curran was one of the most popular Bulldogs with the media this week (ironically, the other was punter Brian Mimbs), but I think the Albany Herald's Paul Dehner did by far the best job of telling his story.

My experience talking to fans thus far is that Curran has quickly become a crowd favorite, and for good reason. The kid is built like a Mac truck and he really is about as nice a guy as you'll meet. In sports, there are players you cheer for and players you root for -- Curran definitely belongs in the latter category.

Anyway, check out a few of the gems from Mr. Dehner's story:

-- Curran's grandfather was once forced into hiding after he criticized the president of Liberia.

-- Curran is quickly gaining folk hero status in the African nation for his play at Georgia.

-- Curran has put on 25 pounds of muscle since joining the Bulldogs last year.

-- Curran came within a few inches of breaking Tony Taylor's team bench-press record of 455 pounds.

Anyway, just a real good story, and I hope you'll take the time to read it. You can also check out Paul Dehner's blog, which also includes a bunch of extras from the story.


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