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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Links (9/18)

Sorry, busy morning, so just an abbreviated version of the links today...

-- The Bulldogs don't look like they'll have a consistent punt returner any time soon.

-- Matthew Stafford isn't worried about the heat in Arizona.

-- The L.A. Times says this game isn't nearly as exciting now that ASU lost to UNLV.

-- Mark Richt wants to see A.J. Green get the ball more often.

-- The Athens Banner-Herald has a story on Brian Mimbs' fast start for the Dawgs.

-- Kirk Herbstreit previews the game at Total UGA.

-- I can only assume the fine folks of Arizona are gettin nervous about the influx of Dawg fans.

-- In addition to all the other things I have to get done today, it looks like I'm going to need to take a trip to Macon as well.

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