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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday Links (9/17)

We're just three days away from Georgia-Arizona State. I'm looking forward to my trip out west. Any advice on good places to go? I'm open to any ideas for some good restaurants, etc.

In the meantime, here are today's links...

-- I have a story today on potential shake-ups on the offensive line. Feel free to read my column from today's Telegraph as well, which I'm fairly certain may be the most pointless thing I've ever written.

-- I'm totally stealing this from Chip Towers' blog, but this is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. Hats off to Chip for finding it, but I couldn't take a chance any of you would miss out on seeing it.

-- If you're looking for a few more laughs, there's some great stuff at Jay Adams' blog today.

-- The Falcons cut ties with former Bulldogs tight end Martrez Milner.

-- Tony Barnhart says Arizona State will be a tough test for Georgia.

-- The Arizona Republic gives some love to Georgia fans.

-- The Red & Black has a story on freshman kicker Jamey Lindley, who may or may not be handling kickoffs this week.

-- The Athens Banner-Herald's Mark Weiszer has a Q&A with defensive coordinator Willie Martinez.

-- The Chattanooga Times Free Press has a story on linebacker Dannell Ellerbe's lack of stats so far this season. I can tell you from watching last Saturday's game, however, Ellerbe is playing very well.

-- David Ching has a story about high school pals Matthew Stafford and Clayton Kershaw.

-- And finally, if you are heading out to Arizona, the Sun Devils have some tailgaiting rules you'll want to know about.


Anonymous said...

as a phoenix native and uga alum (grad school), let me offer a few suggestions, david. assuming you'll be in the tempe area, i'd go with...

- Rula Bula Irish Pub for drinks/atmosphere, etc. Not excessively undergraddy, nice beer selection. On the northern end of Mill Ave.

- If with friends and/or slightly intoxicated, the Big Bang Piano Bar. Central Mill Ave. Gotta go down stairs -- below street level -- to get there. Raucous singing and what not to anything the piano folks know -- which is usually quite a bit.

- If with car access, leave Mill Ave. for Four Peaks Brewery. Locally brewed suds, above-average eats. One of my favs.

Not an exhaustive list by any stretch, but it's a start.

Hoping and praying for a Bulldog romp!

Anonymous said...

No explanation needed.

NCT said...

I mentioned this on some other blog months ago, and at the risk of showing what kind of geek I really am, I'll repeat it. If I were making the trip, I'd definitely make some time to check out Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West, about 20 or so miles north of Tempe, just NE of Scottsdale. But then, I'm a freak for 20th century architecture.

NCT said...

Yikes! And I left out Wright's Arizona Biltmore. Check out the gallery link on this page: Arizona Biltmore History
. Wow.