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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Landers Elected to Ga. HOF

Georgia women's basketball coach Andy Landers was elected into the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame on Thursday. Here's what he had to say about the honor:

"It's flattering because Georgia is a state that has such a storied tradition of people with outstanding athletic accomplishments. It's an honor just to be considered, and obviously I'm thrilled to be chosen."

"As I've said many times, coaches often get recognition because of the success of their players and teams and certainly I understand where this recognition come from. I appreciate all the people who have contributed to making this possible. I particularly appreciate that the University of Georgia, 30 years ago, gave a no-name coach with very little experience the opportunity to be a part of something as special as the University of Georgia."

"It's really neat that Hugh Durham, one of the people who has been one of the most significant influences during my coach career, is going into the Hall of Fame at the same time. I look forward to rejoining him - after having coached with him for 17 years at Georgia - in something as great as this."

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