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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Georgia Falls to No. 2

The USA Today Coaches Poll has Georgia at No. 2 after its Week 1 win over Georgia Southern. USC replaces the Bulldogs at the top spot.

Here are the top 10:

1. USC (23) 1-0 1,462
2. Georgia (20) 1-0 1,442
3. Ohio State (10) 1-0 1,385
4. Oklahoma (2) 1-0 1,344
5. Florida (3) 1-0 1,295
6. LSU (3) 1-0 1,202
7. Missouri 1-0 1,197
8. West Virginia 1-0 1,035
9. Texas 1-0 1,030
10. Auburn 1-0 962

Honestly, I have no problem with this at all. Georgia played a lackluster second half and USC traveled cross country and throttled Virginia. That might not be a huge win in terms of the opponent, but as Tennessee learned last night, beating teams after traveling 3,000 miles aint easy. The Dawgs were bound to tumble after the USC-Ohio State game in two weeks anyway.

And, at least now there won't be any more questions about managing the expectations of being No. 1 for a while.



Anonymous said...

So does this mean we root for ohio state in two weeks?

Bob said...

i wish all of these so called great ball teams would have to play a schedule as tough as the sec teams i will buy vanderbuilt apparel before i pull for a out of conference team