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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Game Day Links (9/13)

Just a handful of links before you sit down to enjoy the Georgia-South Carolina game...

Mark Richt talks about the South Carolina D in this Red & Black article.

In the newspaper bizz, there's nothing more enjoyable than a poorly thought out headline that has more than one meaning. A reader passed this one along to me, but I had actually heard about it a little while back. My good friend Paul Dehner at the Albany Herald had gotten the story from Bill Stanfill during an interview. The Georgia players that season all loved it.

Speaking of Mr. Dehner, he has a story on Darryl Gamble's versatility in the Georgia LB corps.

The Buffalo Bills official Web site has a feature called Marcus' Mailbag, in which former Bulldog Marcus Stroud answers questions from fans. In this week's segment (you need to click on the link), he answers a question about the Bulldogs.

I'm not sure I completely agree with Ron Morris' suggestion that this rivalry doesn't matter to Georgia, but it's definitely pretty far down the pecking order. Still, the fact that it's the first SEC game each year adds a level of significance to the game.

If you're wondering why the secondary doesn't have an interception yet, this Red & Black story may give us a clue.

In Athens-related news, someone stone Peter Buck's guitar.

And I know I promised not to venture back into politics again, but this is funny. "Dong, where is my automobile?"

OK, I'm off to Columbia. Don't forget to check out the live game blog at the conclusion of each quarter this afternoon. Enjoy the game.

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