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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Game Day Links (9/20)

You know what's great about the West? I can sleep until noon here, yet it's only 9 a.m. I can't fathom how productive I could be if I lived out here all year.

Anyway, a few links for today...

-- Athlon Sports previews the UGA basketball season.

-- Bloomberg says Georgia fans might be the only people in the country bucking the problems of the financial markets.

-- College on the Record has more info on those clever Dawgs fans.

-- Chip Towers checks in on how Georgia fans are enjoying their trip to Arizona.

-- Some guy who used to write for the Telegraph has a story on Uga's journey west.

-- Paul Dehner couldn't be here today, but we'll honor him by linking to his story on ASU's Rudy Carpenter and maybe having a few drinks in his honor after the game.

-- Mark Bradley blogs about Mark Richt's keys to winning on the road.

-- At Total UGA, Eric Zeier previews Georgia's matchup with the Sun Devils.

-- I link to this Get the Picture post not because it mentions my blog (though, you have fine taste in blog material, GTP), but to point out the final quote by Mr. Carpenter.

-- And finally, remember when Pat O'Brien used to be a credible journalist, covering sports and earning, you know, respect? Well, I think this officially puts a dagger through the heart of any career he had left.

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