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Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring practice honors

Aaron Murray, Orson Charles and Kwame Geathers head the list of spring practice performers, according to the awards announced on Friday.

Head coach Mark Richt announced the honors in the run-up to Saturday's G-Day game. Here's the full list:

MVP (offense): QB Aaron Murray; TE Orson Charles.

True Grit Award (Offense):
C Ben Jones.

Coffee County Hustle Award (Offense): T Kolton Houston.

Most Improved Player (Offense): FB Alexander Ogletree, QB Hutson Mason.

Outstanding Walk-On (Offense):
TB Brandon Harton, WR Taylor Bradberry.

MVP (Defense): NT Kwame Geathers.

True Grit Award (Defense): CB-KR Brandon Boykin, FS Shawn Williams.

Coffee County Hustle Award (Defense):
ILB Christian Robinson.

Most Improved Player (Defense): CB Jordan Love, CB Branden Smith.

Outstanding Walk-On (Defense): CB Connor Norman.


Anonymous said...

Anybody know why it's the coffee county hustle award?

Lawrence said...

Excellent news on the corners earning most improved, Smith and Love. That may free up Commings to move to Safety, which is his natural position imo.

Geathers being MVP says a ton to me. Wish he had played more last year, now with Jenkins coming in, I feel pretty good about our D-Line.

Lawrence said...

Dude, Coffee makes me hustle every morning.

Seth Emerson said...

It makes me do something else too.

Anonymous said...


Were these awards chosen by the coaches or players?

Reason I'm asking is Mason's 5 td's over 2 Spring games, would have thought he'd be the Offensive MVP, he's been the star so far.

My guess is the coaches chose these winners.

Seth Emerson said...

The awards were chosen by me, and I picked Murray just to elicit a reaction from you. It worked.

No, seriously, as the copy says, "head coach Mark Richt announced the honors," which to me means the coaches picked them.

Anonymous said...

Hurrrr, Aaron Murray sucks! Hutson Mason is a winnar! We shoulda kept Mettenberger, he was a fine young gentleman! Herpity derpity ding dong diddily doddily doo!


Anonymous said...

Hey Seth,
You haven't called for Mark Richt's job in almost 3 months now? Change of heart or working the beat in Athens change your tune? Will you continue to call for his head if we beat Boise? What about if we beat SC also? Or will you jump back on that band wagon if we lose those games. Funny how your opinion from the fall hasn't surfaced lately isn't it?

Seth Emerson said...

Uh ... please cite where I called for Richt's head. I'll wait. Never happened. Not the job of a beat writer anyway.

Anonymous said...

Surely you remember your own articles in 2010 in late October through December. Repeatedly you indicated CMR couldn't get it done any longer and a change was inevitable.

You state my point exactly, you are the beat writer now, so your opinion conveniently has changed. Can't have the beat writer calling out the head coach, may not get any of those important questions answered in the pressers, not to mention you have to face these coaches now and can't hide behind your pen and paper. Those of us that read you on a regular basis won't forget what you wrote this fall.

It will be interesting to watch where you stand in your articles as the new season progresses. Your articles now are simply entertainment.

Seth Emerson said...

Again, please cite those articles or comments. Specifically. With quotes. You can't. Honestly, I think you're mixing me up with somebody.