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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Murray aims to be Brady, not Marino

The opening excerpt from the story just posted on and

ATHENS - Last year at this time, Aaron Murray was in a fierce battle for the starting quarterback job at Georgia. One successful freshman year later, his main spring goal is relatively minor: To improve his footwork.

Long term, however, Murray’s aim is high.

Statistically, Murray did everything in 2010 to lock down the job. But eventually, Murray knows he’ll be judged at Georgia by whether the team wins -- which it did less than half the time in his first season as a starter.

“I think the (success of) quarterbacks aren’t determined by touchdowns or interceptions … the greatness of them is how many championships they win,” Murray said. “You look at guys like Dan Marino compared to Tom Brady, (Marino’s) one of the best quarterbacks of all time, but no rings. All that matters is how many championships you’ve got. That’s all I care about.”

You can read the full story here, including comments from Mike Bobo on seeking more consistency from Murray.


meansonny said...

Nice. Thanks, seth

meansonny said...

FWIW, I couldn't get the link to work. Here you go.

meansonny said...

I like what I'm reading about Caleb. I always felt he was the most complete back we had (although Ealey obviously is better at the toss sweep which is a staple of our offense).

Andy said...

I remember when Marino shoved the hobnail boot down our throats in the Sugar Bowl. What fond memories I've of him.

Anonymous said...

Murray is among the worst in the nation in every "clutch" category: 3rd down, 4th quarter, red zone, 3rd & 10 (ranks below 80 on all 4 areas).

Murray can't get his teammates any chemistry to win even 1 game against a good team (record against winning teams (0-6)).

Film study won't help, it's the intangibles, Murray doesn't have the "it" factor, he's already tried film study, led to 6-7 season, and got worse as the year went on, we all remember the way the season ended, 4 to's against Florida, failed on 2 4th & 1's against Tech, 3 to's in the Bowl.

75% of his td's came against losing teams. Only 5 came against ranked teams (SC & Aub QB's had 2-3x more td's against ranked teams)

Can you coach poise into a kid with none? No you can't. The sooner Richt moves on to Lemay or Mason, the faster Richt will start winning some games.

Need a winner at QB, 6-7, 0-6 against winning teams? It's not good enough.

Anonymous said...

Well said fellas. Murray's cat is out of the bag. Now everybody knows the truth.

Murray jacked his stats up against losing teams, and couldn't score on ranked teams.

He's a stat hog. That's how you manage 3 or 4 to's in 1 game.

Anonymous said...

You don't get a lot of QB's as selfless about the td's and yards as David Greene was. Greene only cared about winning. What a QB. One in a million.

Anonymous said...

We play 7 unranked teams this season. If Murray averages 450 yards a game against the losing teams, and 3.5 td's a a game against those 7 lsing unranked teams, Murray can beat last year's stats.

Even if Murray goes 0-5, winless again, against the ranked teams. At least he'll have great individual stats.

Anonymous said...

Murray's 24 td's break down like so:

19 were against unranked teams

5 td's were against ranked teams

Anonymous said...

1st year QB Newton had 14 td's against ranked teams, Mallet had 14, Garcia had 9.

Murray was ranked #1 in td's AGAINST UNRANKED TEAMS.

Ranked #7 in td's AGAINST RANKED TEAMS.

All you need to know.

PTC DAWG said...

From reading these blogs, someone is infatuated with Murray...give it a rest.

Joeski said...

Once again, the fools who confuse Murray's statistics as proof that he is a 'bad qb' are out in force.

As someone who actually played, there is a simple reason Murray didn't perform as well against winning teams: those teams are better! Duh.

It's really a good thing that y'all's opinions are meaningless, although I dread the thought of y'all ever being in positions of authority.

TrboDawg said...

I'm not sure what the answer is, short of just not reading any comments, but the automated Murray bashing is annoying as hell. What is this poster's purpose? Does he want us to stop reading Seth's Blog? What possible benefit does he gain? Rationally, I understand some geek gets his jollies by posting crap and annoying us, but it's so sad and pointless. I enjoy a good argument, but I've already wasted way too much time rambling on about this idiot.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part is when he acts like he's not the same person and he talks to himself with 'yea fellas!'

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked Murray threw for 270 yards three touchdowns and no int against the national champions

Anonymous said...

Murray's got 2 games to prove he's completely changed and figured out how not to paanic, and how to win against ranked teams.

Start out 0-2? Benched. Then you got to bring on Mason or Lemay.

Is it likely Murray has completely changed, won't panic anymore, and will suddenly start beating ranked teams after going 0-6 last season?

Uh, likely? No. There's really not been too many SEC QB's who started out 0-6 in year 1 as a starter, and kept their job, much less, went 6-0 the next year.

Against 5 ranked teams, Murray's chances coming off an 0-6 season against ranked teams:
0-5 90% chance
1-4 75% chance
2-3 50% chance
3-2 25% chance
4-1 15% chance
5-0 5% chance

Anonymous said...

To the dude braggin about Murray's stats against Auburn? Auburn had the 108th ranked pass defense.

How did Murray do against the better pass defenses, say SC, MSU, UCF?

Anonymous said...

If you are going to bring up south Carolina game you are not to intelligent. He did not have AJ Green in that game and Bobo playing was very conservative never gave him a chance to make plays watch the game don't look at box score. Last time I checked Murray does not run the ball or play defense. If you are putting last season record on Murray then you are retarded!!

Anonymous said...

Haha they down play his stats against Auburn. Murray did not fumble in Colorado. Murray did not fumble on the one yard line at Mississippi state or south Carolina. He had one real first half against Florida. Don't bring up the bowl game because the whole team came out flat and sucked

meansonny said...

Murray has earned his critics.

But for those that think players don't get better in their second season as a starter... are you crazy?

It'd be foolish to write off Aaron Murray at this point of the pre-season. There is hype around him being the best returning starter in the SEC. And for good reason.

He has a lot of room to improve. Mostly with efficiency (or as the coaches are calling it, consistency). But that freshman campaign was much better than the one put up by an eventual #1 NFL draft pick back in 2006.

Buy your jerseys now because the kid will find some big success in the SEC before he's all done. Hopefully, that success will begin in 2011 and not 2012.

Anonymous said...

Murray, best in the SEC? I'd put Murray behind LSU, SC, Tenn, Ark. #5 compared to those guys.

Murray performed poorly against each top pass defense he went up against, with or without AJ Green.

Anonymous said...

Murray couldn't score against Universitry of Central Florida, after studying film on them for 3 weeks, with AJ Green, top 5 NFL draft pick.

Murray's got to go. He's not going to get better with "more film study".

Anonymous said...

If you think Murray needs to go you are a Tech fan or a f-ing idiot

Anonymous said...

Who on the team did play good against central Florida none of the players wanted to play that game and frankly as a fan I did not give a crap about that game either.

Anonymous said...

Anon 819 and 824 is a dumbass

Seth Emerson said...

Anon, or whoever you are, you've made your point on Murray. Now please move on to another subject.