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Friday, April 22, 2011

Richt calls the 2010 season 'my fault'

Mark Richt is in the early stages of his spring speaking tour, which means getting quizzed by fans and media about next year, but also the last one. Occasionally that leads to some interesting answers, and the Georgia head football coach offered one last night in Jacksonville.

According to the Florida Times-Union:

Richt admitted to the crowd that he felt the Bulldogs lost some close games last year because the other team played harder.

"That's embarrassing," Richt told the audience. "It's our shame and it's my fault. We're not going to let that happen again."

Richt also shrugged off a question about his job status, and said he "wouldn't trade (quarterback Aaron Murray) for anybody." He also didn't say anything inflammatory, or at least apparently didn't, about new Florida head coach Will Muschamp.

The next scheduled stop on the speaking tour is Wednesday in Augusta.


Pl0we said...

Muschamp = traitor

Anonymous said...

Refreshing Richt stopped blaming the defense. The offenses' anemic 15 point average against ranked teams didn't help matters. I'd trade Murray for Lemay or Mason, especially after watchign G-Day, but that's just me. Lemay & Mason bvoth led their team to a td in the 4th quarter with pressur eon them, that's what's needed most and was missing last aseason.

Dawgfan Will said...

Ah, yes, the pressure of the G-day game. It's been known to break lesser men.

Anonymous said...

Richt is loyal to his own decisions. Even if it means starting Terishinki over Stafford, or staying with Joe Cox after his interception extravaganza. Richt usually responds too late to what's happening. Richt usually ends up winning less games that they year before. He's too passive. He underreacts to everything. And his timing is too slow. His judgment, at QB, has been poor in the past few years. No wonder he gets so many questions about QB. His record has been 6-6, and 7-5 last 2 seasons. Not a lot to hang hope on.

Anonymous said...

The 2-9 record against ranked teams says Richt's strategy, execution, leadership, everything has been deeply flawed. And Richt doesn't know how to correct them, or surely he would have last season, unless he likes to lose.

Anonymous said...

Remember, Richt wouldn't trade Terishinki Jr. for Matthew Stafford either as his starter a few years back. How?

Trey said...

Dear Greg McGarity,
For the sake of the football program, please fire coach Richt and hire mr. anon. He undoubtably knows a great deal more about football than our current coach.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 1206 u gained nothing from watching G'day. You were a Murray basher long before G'day.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like leading a 4 quarter drive on G- day against backups. This game must be easy.

- Hutson mason

Anonymous said...


Why has the program gone south under Richt, last 3 seasons consecutively? From 11 wins down to 10 down to 8 down to 6.

Might be a good question for you to tackle for mailbag.

I think it's the best question anyone's ever asked and deserves loads of articles.

A Sunny Moo said...

G'Day mate!

Moan Yo Son said...

"You were a Murray basher long before G'day."

That's what she said.

dawg85 said...

Anon also must think that Wes Van Dyk ought to start at running back since he averaged eight yards per carry in the spring game. It's the same nerd (or hive of nerds) that love to bash AM. They never comment on how he blistered Tech. Trade Murray for Lemay or Mason??? Go back to playing World of Warcraft.

Anonymous said...

Murray is a stud. Amazing freshman year at QB. He will only get better. Bashers are closet Tech homos. Defense will improve in its second year. Offense will be fine, we will score points and will strat the upward trend again.

that's what she said...

"Murray is a stud."

That's what she said.

Suonynona said...

Poor techies - their team is speeding over the cliff and they want to bash a coach (CMR) and a QB (AM) many teams would love to have.

Funny really - they (techies)have NO HOPE or CHANGE in their basket.

If I were a GT fan I would poke my freaking eyes out before watching that team.

Anonymous said...

well,I appreciate Richt falling on his sword but he didn't block or tackle one time in one game.I don't want to wish Richt bad luck but he and the staff need to get their act together.I don't want to see UGA lead the planet in penalties or time outs to get the right personnel on the field.

I'm reminded of this.When Bear Bryant won,he would praise his team and when he lost he would say"I did my usual lousy job of coaching."

I'm hoping for the best starting in September.

later,old dawg

Anonymous said...

my preacher said it best:

Before his downfall a man's heart is proud, but humility comes before honor.

Don't know which Richt we'll see this season, haughty Richt or humble Richt?

If we know that answer, we'll know how the season will go, how much honor will come his way.

Hopefully, this is a sign Richt is looking at the junk that's been leading to poor seasons.

Mile High Dawg said...

The countdown is on for CMR!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support, even if it's from the same "experts" who said Georgia would be better without Stafford. Sincerely, Hutson Mason

BUZZ said...

Woe be me if there's a better coach than Richt for Georgia because we're 1-9 against him.

Anonymous said...

Richt calls the 2010 season 'my fault' UHHH DUHHHHH!!!!

Dawg Easter Bunny said...

Here's the deal people. Three years ago we had so many injuries we were barley able to fieled a team on opening day. Those injuries carried on into the season and the win/loss record suffered accordingly. So the next season instead of blaming his assistant coaches coach Richt decides not to be so tough on the team to prevent injuries, well how did that work you say, not to good. So he decides it's time for changes to the staff and fires three defensive coaches and hires three new one. Good move in my opinion. With the new staff in place they decide to not do two-a-days and by doing that the team didn't develope the necessary toughness to even compete and coach Richt by his own addmittance said so. So this year with new staff still in place he has decided it's going to be bear's asses over tea kettles in practice and in S&C. I really believe CMR is back on track on what it takes to develope a winning team. Any thoughts.

Anonymous said...

"Murray is a stud. Amazing freshman year at QB."

# 72 in 1st Downs

# 56 Total Offense

# 55 in 3rd Down Conversions

# 62 at being sacked

Losing Record as a Starter

19 of his 24 TD passes came vs 7 teams who did not finish in the Top 25

Remaining 5 TD passes came in the other 6 games

6 wins, all 6 over teams who finished the season with a Losing Record.

We need to demand more and to have competition. 2-10 vs teams finishing in the Top 25 over the last 3 years and the playing of favorites, has got to end.

In his 10 years now Mark Richt is 3-10 vs teams who finished that season in the Top 10 AP Polls. The 3 wins were in 3 years he finished with a grand total of 11 losses.

For all those years, David Greene was the Greatest QB because he won as the Starting QB. Aaron Murray ? More of what he does in the G-Day Game. Without a care in the world, just stands back there getting sacked. Were it not for Christian LeMay taking the team down the field for the TD at the end of the game, Aaron Murray loses the G-Day Game like he did lose to every single team he played all entire season long against every team who did not have a losing record.

As for Mark Richt, 21 losses these last five (5) years.


5 years.

That is more than 4 losses per year average the last five (5) years.

When you tell me he is a stud qb with a losing record as the Starting QB at Georgia, and beat absolutely no one, with the average # 7 Mark Richt recruiting ranking over all these years that made up the 2010 season. And, accomplished that as the only player on offense who did not return to the team from the 2009 season, don't be surprised to see me actually study :

# 72 nationally in 1st Downs

# 56 nationally in Total Offense

# 55 in nationally 3rd Down Conversions

# 62 nationally at being sacked

That is a stud qb who had a simply amazing 2nd season on our campus. This is now his 3rd season. He ran for less than 2 yards a carry, all season long. And, had 8 carries a game. 8 at 2 yards a carry every game on the average.

While Cam Newton won 7 games vs teams who finished the season in the Top 25 AP Poll, Aaron Murray is 0-5.

Why have we lost 21 games these last 5 seasons ?

Because our fan base includes those who think that is simply amazing. A stud performance.

Pardon me, but we are Irrelevant. And, have been.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:27 Cam should have done well he was well paid.

King Jericho said...

Crap, he's back.

Anonymous said...


Aaron Murray was our best player.

But, don't confuse that with being great.

How great are you when we are # 62 in the nation at being sacked with you back there ?

How great are you when we are # 72 in the nation at even making a 1st Down ?

How great are you when we are # 56 in the nation in Total Offense ?

How great are you when you are # 53 in the nation at 3rd Down Conversions ?

How great are you when you beat no one except for 6 teams all with losing records and lost 7 ?

You can quit with the Heisman Trophy and simply amazing and tell it like it really is, he and Mark Richt were as irrelevant last year and the year before, as they will be next year.

Simply Amazing ? Mark Richt ?

Simply Amazing ? Aaron Murray ?


BullDawg said...

We woke up the Georgia Tech troll. Go back to sleep like Rip Van Winkle and dream about when Georgia Tech was relevant, like a LIFETIME ago.

Anonymous said...

I do not see you saying we are relevant with Mark Richt and Aaron Murray.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We are relevant with Mark Richt and Aaron Murray.

Now do you see it?

Anonymous said...

That Aaron Murray is a much better quarterback than that Josh Nesbitt and he's good looking too.

Anonymous said...

...and he doesn't break his arm trying to tackle a guy that just intercepted him in the red zone to win the game

Doug said...

Murray is probably the number one QB in the SEC heading into the season.

He was the second best offensive player on the team as a redshirt Freshman.

Yeah, we should probably ditch him and start a guy who had an OK spring game. right.

This blog has the dumbest posters.

CSA said...

Amen, Doug. Amen.

Anonymous said...

No, what we should do with a guy who Lost 7 games as the Starter and beat only 6 - all of whom ended the season with a Losing Record, is yell to the Mountain Tops that he is our Heisman Trophy Winner for 2011.

With his ranking of # 62 in the nation in getting sacked for the entire season.

With his 8 carries a game every game for an average of 2 yards a carry.

With his ranking # 56 nationally in our Total Offense for the season.

With his # 55 ranking nationally in 3rd Down Conversions for the entire season.

And, with his # 72 Ranking Nationally in getting us 1st Downs all Season Long, returning 10 of the 11 Starters from the previous season on Offense - all except him.

You are in for an exceedingly long year this up-coming season, unless you think you can claim that our football play on the field is somehow great 2008, 2009, 2010, or now 2011 - having beat no one any good; and having looked like crap against even nobody football teams.

Your expectations for football program # 11 All-Time in 1-A Wins is that we go what 2011 ? 9-4 ? That will not put us in the Top 25 of teams' Won/Loss Records for 2011. But, to you that is just fantastic. Awesome. Great beyond measure. Never accomplished before in the history of UGA Football. Amazing. Stud Performance.

I actually ask that we, instead by stark contrast, must achieve 12-2; and settle for no worse than 11-3 - losing to Alabama in The SEC Championship Game.

You ?

You do not give a crap if we are 9-4. You are settled and happy with that lackluster goal for 2011. That's fine with you, and wrong for me to demand more of my beloved Bulldogs.

That is as blatantly Homer on your part to talk about Aaron Murray winning the Heisman Trophy this season and us the National Championship, as the Nerds saying that Joshua Nesbitt was going to Win their 1st Heisman Trophy Ever for Georgia tek as they claimed all season long last year until he got hurt - which is somehow funny to you.

We are not relevant on the national stage and have not been in years and years and years.

Atticus said...

Who is this idiot that keeps talking about how Murray sucks? He keeps saying he has a losing record and sacks and all that BS. Dude, the kid was a freshmen and he had NO running game and NO defense. QB's don't play defense and can't win games on their own.

You are an idiot. How many games did Stafford lose (according to your BS logic) and he was the #1 pick of the draft.

Murray isn' great yet but he was pretty impressive for a freshmen. We'll see what he does as a soph. When you have no running game it changes everything, especially when your OC insists on calling play action on every freaking play.

As far as Richt, if he knew what it took to get it together he should've listened 3 years ago when everyone in the stands could see the problems and he did nothing about it. Maybe this year the talent and changes will do it but I am not holding my breath. He put the wrong DC in charge of the defense and took too long to find another one, he has a mediocre OC that runs a predictable offense with very little motion or misdirection and there has been no accountabilty or discipline in years. Believe me, I hope the changes play out and we win the East but we've heard optimistic talk every year with pathetic results on the field.

Anonymous said...

That is exactly what I have been witnessing since 2005, pathetic results on the field.

That was, now this up-coming season, Six (6) Years ago.

2006-beat #9 Auburn but lost 4
2007-best team beat 4-Loss Florida
2008-lost to all 3 good teams
2009-Lost 5
2010-Lost 7
2011-Going 9-4 most optimistic result

I am tired of it. When Matthew Stafford is a great QB, wake me up

Anonymous said...

Mark Richt = Mike Bobo = Mark Fox =Jay Clark = Andy Landers = Dave Perno = CHOKE ARTIST.

Anonymous said...

oh my dear lord STFU! good grief, find somewhere else to bitch and moan! my god you are so annoying.

Anonymous said...

The Georgia Tech troll spends hours commenting and stalking Georgia blog sites. As long as Georgia is relevant enough to take up half your day, you lose.

Anonymous said...

Uh, Richt, uh, you're the HEAD COACH.

Yes, you are 100% responsible for your team.

Is this a surprise?

Anonymous said...

I have imitators now acting like me, too funny. Trying to get on the Hutson Mason or Lemay train, acting like me, fed yup with 0-6 against ranked teams Murray. Thanks for the imitation, but I'm the real thing. Only tells how powerful my thoughts must be to be imitated.

Anonymous said...

Prove I even like Georgia Tech or even know the name of 1 player at Georgia Tech? Your theories are groundless. Here at my mammoth law firm, we have words for that...but I'll play nice.

Jake said...

I've read your writing - there is no way you work for a law firm. You write like a 7th grader still figuring out what a three-pronged argument is.

You seem pretty confident in your ideas... why don't you put a name, title, and firm name out there for us to see? Why hide? Are you embarrassed of your opinions? Are you embarrassed of the way you conduct yourself on this blog?

I'd love for your next post to read as follows:

Title at Massive Law Firm
Name of Massive Law Firm

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:40 NOBODY knows the name of any Georgia Tech players, what does that prove. I know you obsess about Murray because Tech doesn't have a QUARTERBACK. I rest my case.

Otto said...

It is nice to see a coach take ownership of his mistakes. However last year the team was not keeping up witht he competition in in the 2nd half we later find that strength and condition was not up to par and had various problems. A great coach would have been on top of problems before the season went down the tubes.

Further CMR offseason speaches are lip service at this point. During the offseason last year CMR said he would involved in the offense and attending QB meetings. Last year on the was some of the most bland/conservative play calling under CMR's tenure.

I like CMR as a man but it is time to own up and show how good the program is on the field. I really hope CMR does this with wins over Boise and UF a must. I am taking a wait and see stance on the 2011 season.

Joeski said...

Nice to see I didn't miss anything but more of BulLSh!#'s garbage while I was I was on vacation. Pro-tip bozo: everybody's a corporate attorney with a 5th degree black belt when they post anonymously on the Internet. Smart people aren't any more likely to take your word for that than they are going to accept your completely out-of-context statistics just because you spout them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I definitely agree that it seemed Richt had almost little to no discipline on his team last season; However, it's not only the coach's job to keep his team under control, but mainly it's the players' responsibility. I believe that if a player's poor conduct continues, he should be released from the team.