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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anderson at right tackle (for now), Glenn at left tackle (probably for good), and more

The nitty-gritty from our interview with assistant coach Will Friend, who discussed the state of the offensive line after Trinton Sturdivant’s knee injury:

- Senior Justin Anderson is working first team at right tackle, with redshirt junior A.J. Harmon behind him. Friend also wants to take a look at redshirt sophomore Austin Long, who was having a good spring prior to getting hurt.

Still, it’s no guarantee that Anderson, who played last season on defense before getting turf toe, will end up at right tackle. Anderson admitted he was still feeling “rusty” on the line.

“He may be that (starter) at guard, he may be that at tackle,” Friend said of Anderson. “You gotta go with your best five.”

Friend didn’t want the situation at the guard spots to be overlooked. He indicated that sophomore Kenarious Gates and redshirt sophomore Chris Burnette are in good shape there, but Anderson could still be a factor there.

- Senior Cordy Glenn seems a good bet to start at left tackle. Glenn himself said he hadn’t been told anything, but said he was getting more comfortable in general at tackle. Friend basically indicated that Glenn would be the left tackle barring something unforeseen. But Friend also wants Glenn to lose some more weight.

“He could be a real good player,” Friend said. “And he’s gotta be good for us.”

- Brent Benedict has “a ways to go,” according to Friend. Benedict, a redshirt freshman, has been getting back from his own knee injury.

Of all the inexperienced linemen, Friend seemed the highest on Long.

“We’re counting on him, and he needs to come through,” Friend said.

- So could the incoming freshmen now be a factor with Sturdivant’s injury. Friend said the situation hadn’t changed.

“No matter what would happen there, if guys were ready to play, they were gonna play,” friend said.


Anonymous said...

What was Long's injury? I had not heard? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Seth, can you give us your take on Coach Friend? Does he come off as competent and confident? Do you think he's ready for the big-time in the SEC? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I bet Sturdivant got hurt pass blocking. Probably why our o-line couldn't run block for anything last year because all Bobo wants to do is playaction.

Short sentences in Various tenses said...

Is Friend as confusing to understand in person as he is to read?

Wes said...

Seth, have you noticed or heard any connection between leg/knee/foot injuries and playing on artificial turf vs actual grass? Sanford Satium is grass (right?) but isn't the practice field turf?

Anonymous said...

Note to anonymous 9:05 - you have to be able to pass block if you want to make it to the NFL. It continues to amaze me how ignorant fans can be because of their hatred of Bobo.

Anonymous said...

For the longest time I have heard that Bean has great potential but struggles with knowing all of the plays. They need to give him one position and let him stick with it.

Decatur's Elite said...

@anonymous 2:02 PM, I wish I could give you a big kiss on the cheek. LOL It's AMAZING how the most ignorant ppl talk the most about the ppl getting paid good money to do their jobs. I don't know why idiots think that the play action is a bad thing.