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Saturday, April 16, 2011

G-Day: Holdovers play as the future awaits

You can read my story from G-Day here at this link. Here are the opening few paragraphs:

ATHENS - The moment Isaiah Crowell made his entrance to Sanford Stadium on Saturday, he was immediately swamped by autograph-seekers and fans asking for pictures.

It was a fitting scene, even though Crowell wasn’t going to play a second in Georgia’s spring football game.

There was little drama in the game, as so many position battles and other issues are in a holding pattern. That’s thanks to the impending arrival of an elite recruiting class, headlined by Crowell, as well as a few others who attended Saturday’s G-Day.

Even head coach Mark Richt spent much of the postgame news conference discussing the future, rather than the players who had just completed an 18-11 win for the Black team over the Red.

“The guys that are here currently realize there’s a pack of Dogs coming to try to get playing time and try to win jobs,” Richt said. “So I think that’s going to really ignite and excite our program.”

The remainder of the story has a run-down of some of the other highlights, as well as more analysis and quotes from Richt.


Anonymous said...

Was anything stolen from the locker room today?

Anonymous said...

Few bright spots but then again I thought the same last year. I kinda got bored again. Im still worried. Hopefuly it will change come fall.