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Sunday, April 3, 2011

In honor of Butler's basketball team: A blog about Drew Butler

Drew Butler says he gave a bit more than just a cursory thought to going pro after last season. It may have been a nearly-unheard of move for a punter, but …

“I really did consider it,” the Georgia senior said. “But the whole labor situation in the NFL kind of drew me away from it.”

There were other considerations too: His father Kevin, the longtime NFL place-kicker, helped advise him on the importance of getting his degree, and improving himself as a punter.

Butler has a chance to finish his career as one of the most decorated punters in school history. He won the Ray Guy Award as a sophomore, was a finalist again last year, and has been on a slew of All-American teams.

Still, his numbers were a bit down as a junior. He averaged 44.5 yards per punt, after averaging 48.1 as a sophomore. That doesn’t mean it was a total failure.

“My main goal is always not to take a step back,” Butler said. “Statistically I took a step back last year but I felt like I became a better punter for it. We diminished our return yards significantly as a punt team, which is awesome. We had a lot more fair catches. Hang time improved.”

Indeed, Butler had as many punts downed inside the 20 as he did as a junior, and that was with six less attempts. Georgia assistant coach John Lilly, who coaches the punting unit, told him that he was “punting more as a team player,” according to Butler.

As Butler puts it, his sophomore season was about distance, and his junior year was about hang time and fair catches.

“I want to put those two together and be able to really propel myself and have the best season I’ve had at Georgia,” Butler said. “So that’s really the plan.”


Anonymous said...

If your offense can run the ball, and convert 3rd downs, the punting game is obsolete. Auburn got 37 yards a punt (last in SEC) and won the National Championship.

Jack said...

The Dawgs have the Dream Team now. They won't need a punter for the next 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Dude Get Real... The Dream Team wont have an immediate impact. Heck it may not even pan out. Its fans like you that make the realistic fans even look moronic.

Jack said...

@anon 5:58

Ever heard of sarcasm? I love to make fun of all of the ridiculous Dream Team hype and expectations.

Todd said...

Punting is underrated. It can be THE difference in close games. I'm glad he stayed.

Bulldawg said...

Anon 3:00-

What is your point?

He is on the team. Regardless of how you feel about the importance of a punter, it is still best that he always gives his all, right?

In other words, your post was pointless, you schmuck!