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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An administrative note ...

... The executive committee of the UGA athletic association has arranged to hold a teleconference for Thursday at 11:30 a.m. The item was added to the UGA master calendar on Wednesday.

Welch Suggs, a spokesman for the president's office, could only say that the call was to address a "personnel matter."

He couldn't be more specific, but Georgia has been working on a new contract for Mark Fox, who just completed his second year as men's basketball head coach. And the athletics department has invited members of the media to listen in on the conference call, something they probably would only do for certain higher-profile sports.

Fox's current deal run through 2015 and pays him $1.5 million a year, which is in the lower half of SEC head basketball coaches.

We'll have an update and news tomorrow after the call.


Bubba from Dalton said...

Fox is a weak head coach! We're never gonna compete with the likes of Alabamba, Auburn, and LSU with a coach like him. He's been to 1 bowl game in two years as coach!

If we hadn't been cheap and woulda paid Hairick what he asked for, we wouldn't be in this mess. Take the money you spent on Fox and Richt and go get Kelvin Sampson. He's a winner!


Anonymous said...

Really Bubba from Dalton. I questioned whether to respond to your stupid comment or just exit the page. First off 1 bowl game in two years. First off Bowl games are footbal not basketball you moron. second 1 TOURNAMENT in only 2 years is not bad considering what he walked in to. 3rd Kelvin Sampson. really hat guy is a cancer hes had so many recruiting violations hes worse than Bruce Pearl. So you want to go back to proabation again. Please never comment again. With a name like Bubba I understand your problem INBREEDING

Anonymous said...

sorry for the typos ignorance makes me rant and forget to proofread

Read Before Posting said...

Apparently it also makes you not read the last line of a post (or perhaps look up words you don't understand).

Bubba from Rockdale County said...

@Reedbefourpostin What's a matter son? I like that guys sass! He told that carpet makin son of a gun that we don't need his fancy basktball talk around here!

That's why this blog'll never be like it was. It's all because of pansy commentaters like you that arent' tough enough. It's freakin Seth's fault!

This blog was better when ole Terrance More ran it. You know what we were doin back then? Winnin championships. Now we got freakin Aaron Murray runnin the show and freakin Seth Hale wrighting about it. #satire #satire #satire #satire #satire

Calif Dawg said...

Pay the man when he makes the Sweet 16. 68 teams make the tourney, that ain't no big deal. Basically if you have a winning record you get in. Notice there aren't any Tech trolls in here today. That Baseball Dawg bites! Just like the football and basketball ones did.

bigeasydawg said...

@CalifDawg I see your point. If i were perfectly honest with myself, I don't think he deserves a raise. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with where we're at with him, but at the same time it wasn't a raise worthy season.

That being said, this is the way the game is played. If you show you're willing to shell out early on, he might just stick with you when (and if) his great season comes in instead of going to a Wake or Illinois or etc. (just some random picks). So I have no problem paying him. If there's a hefty buyout.

And I wouldn't crow to much to the Techies about baseball. They won 2 out of 3.