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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Report: Houston failed drug test at NFL combine

Two days before he's expected to be picked early in the NFL draft, a report has emerged that former Georgia linebacker Justin Houston tested positive for marijuana at the NFL combine in February.

FOX Sports' Jay Glazer reported on Tuesday that Houston and Iowa defensive lineman Christian Ballard both tested positive.

“If it is true, I’m in shock," Steve Pennington, who coached Houston at Statesboro High School, said. "And disappointed in him, and for him.”

Houston left Georgia after his junior season, when he had 10 sacks to lead the SEC during the regular season. He is projected as a late first-round or early second-round pick.

The failed drug test isn't good news, but it's also not necessarily devastating. Calvin Johnson also reportedly tested positive for marijuana before the 2007 draft, but was still picked second overall.

“If it is true, and that’s a big if, you only get one chance to make a first impression," Pennington said. "That’s something that I think Justin will have to work extra hard to prove his trust and accountability to whomever selects him.”


NCT said...

Ouch. But as for Calvin, I think he could have done a lot worse than fail a drug test and still would have managed a high first-round pick. Houston's great, but it's a tough comparison to make.

RussDawg said...

This will probably cost Houston some dough! I have him in the last first round, but this could drop him into the early second round.

NB said...

Legalize marijuana. It's not the poison that alcohol is. But it relaxes people and makes them mellow -- god forbid. What a backwards country we live in.

Tony said...

Free country, my a$$.

Bulldawg said...

LEGALIZE already for Pete's Sake!

Anonymous said...

Thuga and CMR better do some random drug testing. Looks like the Fulmer cup could be in reach after all.

Anonymous said...

That a boy. Smoke one

CSA said...

Dumb mistake on Houston's part, but then again, a little of marijuana never hurt nobody.

Riley said...

The point is that marijuana is illegal, and you have to be pretty foolish to not pass a drugs test when you know exactly when it's going to be administered. It's more a simple common sense test, and Houston failed.

Doug said...

"Anonymous said...

Thuga and CMR better do some random drug testing. Looks like the Fulmer cup could be in reach after all.
April 26, 2011 1:13 PM "

lol. Which one of our rivals would you be a fan of?

GT: What about Calvin Johnson?
Florida: What about Jenkins?
Auburn: What about Cam and the 4 that robbers?
Tennessee: Isn't there a cop to stomp on somewhere?

Fulmer Cup? lol.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely with Riley that it was very stupid for Houston to do this. It's not like it was a random drug test, everyone knows you get tested at the combine. Failing it either makes Houston incredibly stupid or incredibly arrogant in that he thinks failing it won't make a difference.

Joeski said...

Anon @ 1:13 - stop making a fool of yourself:
a) they do drug test the college athletes,
b) Houston isn't on the team and thus does not go towards our total.

Although I agree w/the 'no big deal' / 'legalize it' crowd, the fact the is that he would risk it when he knew he had an important drug test coming up is just BONEHEADED.

While I hope it doesn't hurt him too bad, I'm sure this pushes him out of the first round-- he's not a unique talent like Megatron.

Anonymous said...

Fulmer Cup? Do some research. It's a make believe blog run by an admitted Florida fan. The guy always gives the award to Florida's rivals, past winners have been Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, to try and make them look bad. Florida has as many arrests if not more but they never win it. There are no rules for scoring, he makes them up, Georgia got extra points for Evans escapades and he wasn't even a player. Only stupid fans take the "Fulmer Cup" seriously.

Suomynona said...

I can only surmise - Houston is suffering from a concussion - he can't be that dumb.

Word verification - nobbe - made me laugh.

NRBQ said...

Do some research?

Number one, you don't get it. It's all in fun.

Number two, you're wrong in that a) it's not a blog. b) there ARE rules that determine #s of points assigned. and c) UF transgressors earn BONUS points.

Lighten up, Francis.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Percy Harvin piss hot right before the draft??

David P said...

I feel horrible, I should have been there for Justin to take that joint and smoke it all gone in order to save his public reputation. I feel like I have let the team (team 420) down like never before. I may not be able to rush the passer, but I can do what I am best at, and that is making the herb disappear. I should have taken one for the team, in fact, I might go take one for the team right now.

I know, I know, but this is for THE TEAM!!! I have to do it.

And for the tech anon poster, stop hating on cannabis, some of the best weed is grown by those punjab nerds that go to school on North Avenue. They just smoke too much of it and it makes them think that the wishbone/flexbone/mathematically sensical X and O scheme will actually work in the long run.

LOL the verification word is "hydroph", close enough to hydroponic for me!!!

Anonymous said...

Like Fran said UGA is in Big Big trouble. Many of you here are smoking something too. Get off the pipe dream.

Anonymous said...

Don't all brothas toke?

Word verification: weedum

Anonymous said...

There's Georgia's problem right there. If the players would get on HGH like other SEC teams instead of weed, strength and conditioning wouldn't be a problem. Word Verification: Juiced.

Anonymous said...

What's so fun about a Florida blogger( Everyday Should Be Saturday or whatever he calls it is a blog),homer keeping up with college athlete's arrests? Jenkins has been arrested like at least 3 times and big, bad programs like Duke, Rice, Iowa State and Washington State(what rogue programs) are ahead of Florida in the Fulmer Cup. Quit drinking the Gatorade!

meansonny said...

Now I know why Justin went pro.

Gotta get the money for the weed. College degree??? Who needs it. Potheads certainly don't. They can't smoke it, for one.

This explains his performance against Georgia Tech. That's where the good weed comes from, right?

meansonny said...

And yes... when you know you are going to be tested for pot and you decide to smoke anyway (regardless of the consequences), you are a pothead.

Joeski said...

Anon, EDSBS is actually one of the funniest blogs out there, if you're not a total homer with paper-thin skin.

And the writer will blast UF when they deserve it: for example, today he wondered how Janoris Jenkins was still on the team even after 2 idiotic weed arrests.

And for all of you making the simply ludicrous connection that a positive drug test by a former player indicates a weed problem within the UGA program, answer me this: exactly how many weed-related incidents have UGA football players been involved in under Richt, and how does that compare with other DI schools?

Think about things before you shoot your mouths off, fercryinoutloud.

Anonymous said...

Show me a college student that hasn't or doesn't smoke the evil weed and I'll show you a student that has no fingers to hold a joint or lacks the dexterity to hold and inhale at the same time.

PTC DAWG said...

I understand he broke a rule. That's dumb..

I also agree that POT should be legal...but I don't think that should keep organizations/employers etc that want to test for it from doing that either.

It's locking folks for POT that bothers is a total waste of time/money.