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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Injuries galore for the Georgia defense

The middle linebacker and safety spots were reaching deep down the depth chart on Thursday, thanks to a rash of injuries.

Both inside linebackers – Christian Robinson and Alec Ogletree – were out. Robinson is day-to-day with a concussion, and Ogletree’s time out was given as “indefinite” with a strained groin. Reserve Mike Gilliard (knee) was also out.

That left Richard Samuel and Brandon Burrows working with the first team at Thursday’s practice.

“Brandon Burrows was out there today, and he did a real good job,” outside linebacker Cornelius Washington said. “He made a few plays that I really liked. He’s adjusting to it real well, I think he’s going to be real good right there.”

The safety position may have been hit harder, enough so that cornerback Sanders Commings was playing free safety, according to Marc Deas - himself one of the hurt safeties. Deas tweaked his hamstring last week and hasn't practiced since then.

Jakar Hamilton (concussion) is also out day-to-day. Projected starter Bacarri Rambo (sprained MCL) is sitting out the rest of spring practice. So Shawn Williams was the only remaining safety, necessitating the Commings move.

“Shawn Williams is the only true safety that we have. Because Sanders, he’s new to it. He’s learning plays and stuff,” Deas said.

The coaches were not available to the media. Deas said he had no idea whether the Commings move was just for practice or longer.

“I’m pretty sure we’ll find out after G-Day, see how he does at that position, if they like him there,” Deas said. “Sanders is a pretty big dude for a corner.”


Georga said...

This is a sign of just how great the new conditioning program is working out. Looks like another mediocre season for the Dawgs.

Anonymous said...

What does a concussion have to do with conditioning?

Dawgfan17 said...

Or an MCL. Would be much more worried if this was summer practice. It does hurt that the safeties competing for Ogletree's old position are out as well as Ogletree since he is learning a new position. Robinson missing a little time won't hurt much.

Suomynona said...

I see the half empty posters are here again. Football is a violent contact sport and injuries are part of the game.

Anonymous said...

I take it as a sign that they are hitting instead of candy-assing around.

But if Mettenberger were around, everyone would be healthy.

Georga said...

The blind loyalists here are a bit thick, so I'll explain in simple terms. An athlete can workout too much. When coupled with inadequate recovery time, muscles become fatiqued and aren't allowed to recover before the next workout or practice. This can lead to pulled muscles (groin) and joint injuries (MCL). Concussions are more likely for a fatigued athlete (being a step slow can get you hurt). Looks like this team is on the way to being worn out, physically and mentally, by the time Boise State heads south. Funny how the off-season optimists quickly turn pessimist once the regular season begins to unravel.

S.E. Dawg said...

Georgia said: I think the coaches are being extra cautious with the injuries. They could probably practice but they're not to prevent something worse. As far as recovery time, it's not like they practice every day. They do allow recovery time.

Anonymous said...


If you really knew about elite fitness training, you'd know it's a very fine line between training too much and training too little. 9 sets might be too little, 11 sets might be too much. Getting the most out of a training program involves a certain amount of risk to achieve maximum results. Recovery, just like performance, can be trained. You push recovery time just like you push your training routine. Olympic-level athletes are hurt all the time, what does that say about their conditioning program?

Of course, if you had anything to do with sports training, you'd keep your mouth shut when you had no idea of what the training routine consisted of.

Dawgfan17 said...

Georgia - the pessimist have complained for years that Richt was too soft, that they didn't go hard enough. Now it is that he is pushing them too hard? Sorry can't have it both ways. Yes injuries can happen from over work, but just as much they can happen from just playing hard. Yes there are those of us that try to look at the positive side of things but there are also so many "anon" posters who only see the bad side of things. It gets old to have everything spun as a negative.

Anonymous said...

When you get finished with your myriad of excuses posting here every few minutes Mr. Anon, and putting down posters who try to tell you what this all means, here is what you and we are left with sir :

(1) Who do we have to play the positions - go look at our roster depth chart and try to tell me we are a great football team ?

(2) We have lost 21 games these last 5 seasons. That is more than 4 losses a season.

(3) You hope for a 9-win season this season.

(4) It is a 14-game season for the top football teams, which is not what we are.

(5) You could accumulate 9 wins beating no one. Last season, for example, we beat not 1 single team who finished with a winning record.

(6) We are short on players, long on Kool-Aid, long on Excuses, long on Anon posters acting as if they are God when they get no credit for their posts because no one has any clue who the Mr. Anon poster is who posts every few minutes whether it is even a post by that same 1 Mr. Anon poster, and we are long on settling for a football program which irrelevant.

Ant123 said...

Don't you just love the cowardly anonymous posters. I mean its ok if your just commenting but, if your going to critize at least have the courage to not post under anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, you all have the answers! No one with half a brain take these comments seriously. None of you are at practice or the workouts. You are just making blind guesses and acting like professionals in various specialties. Look in the mirror and I doubt you see a D-1 athlete. You probably have a hard time seeing your feet when you look down.

Calif Dawg said...

Orson Charles hurt? Nuff said. One look at him and you can tell he knew how to work out. All the Johnny come latelys to the new work out demands are the ones hurt. It will take time to get them up to snuff or weeded out. Better to work through this now. Lesson learned.

Anonymous said...

I suspect many of these anonymous posters are GT supporters. As such they have nothing to do (their team sucks worse than ours) so they come over here and contribute drivel.

Suomynona said...

Ant123 please enlighten me - how in God's name is Ant123 any different than Anon? I mean really!