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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Johnathan Taylor update

Georgia baseball player Johnathan Taylor has partial paralysis, and it's unsure whether he'll be able to regain use of his legs. That's according to an update provided today at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, where Taylor is rehabilitating.

I wasn't able to attend today's press conference in Atlanta. Here's the Associated Press report:

ATLANTA (AP) - Injured Georgia baseball player Johnathan Taylor has the use of his arms and is regaining strength after breaking his neck in an outfield collision, though doctors are unsure whether he'll be able to regain the use of his legs.

Dr. Donald Peck Leslie, medical director of the Shepherd Center, said Thursday that Taylor is "breathing completely on his own and making progress every day.''

Taylor was hurt on March 6 and transferred to the Shepherd Center from St. Mary's Hospital in Athens on March 11. He's expected to stay at the rehabilitation hospital for about another month before beginning outpatient treatment.

The junior left fielder was injured when he collided with center fielder Zach Cone in the third inning of a home game against Florida State.

Here's also a link to a comprehensive report from ESPN's Mark Schlabach. It includes quotes from Dr. Leslie and Georgia head coach David Perno.


Bulldawg said...

So sad. Sorry Jonathan. Hope you are able to fully recover. You are a DGD.

PTC DAWG said...


I sincerely hope UGA plans to stand behind this young Man and keep him on scholarship if he so chooses to get his degree.

Anonymous said...

Fire Dave Perno!

OldDawg55 said...

@PTC Dawg...they will keep him on scholly if/when he returns. As for Anon.110..Grow up, punk..are you really that stupid??

Anonymous said...

Im not a dawg but my grandfather is. Im just a fan. Jonathan is in my prayers.