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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kris Durham gets drafted higher than expected

A few months ago, Kris Durham wasn't considered a good enough prospect to be invited to the NFL draft combine. On Saturday, the Georgia receiver was drafted anyway - and in the fourth round.

The Seattle Seahawks used the 107th overall pick to tap Durham, a 6-foot-5 Calhoun native.

Durham had injury issues until 2010, when he emerged in the early absence of A.J. Green to be the team's go-to receiver. Even when Green returned from suspension, Durham had his moments, including a big first-down catch at Auburn. He finished the season with 32 catches for 659 yards and three touchdowns.

Still, there was no guarantee that Durham would even be drafted. He didn't receive an invite to the NFL combine in February, while eight other Georgia teammates did.


Anonymous said...

Congrats, he played great for the Dogs. Clutch receiver.

Suonynona said...

I was hoping he would land in Flowery Branch to replace Finn.........but glad he landed somewhere as a drafted player.

Bulldawg said...

Great coverage Seth. Keep it up

Dawgfan17 said...

He will have a very long and successful career. Probably will never be a number one WR in the NFL but as a number 3 he will be great.

Cojones said...

I've enjoyed every moment of his performances. Less talent than his has done well in the Pros. Really think he will make his way past usage as a utility player. We wish him well and with a collective "Thanks!".

Joeski said...

Well, one point in his favor-- going to Seattle, where Carroll gives a lot of credit for effort and energy and absolutely doesn't care how much talent you may have if you don't play every play like it's your last.

He should do well. I'm guessing Kris will be on the practice squad or special teams initially, and get on the roster in a year or two, unless there is an injury (and there very well might be).

Anonymous said...

Kris is very talented, big and fast but skinny. Should have a nice career but needs to get bigger and stronger for NFL. I wish him the best.

JimDawg86 said...

Steal of the draft goes to Seattle for selecting Durham. I think they ad heard he was going to be drafted in the 5th by Detroit and if he didn't get selected, he wouldn't be there. I have never been a fan of Pete Carroll, but he just might be the smartest coach in the NFL. Now, if they can just get a QB that can hit him in stride, he will be a phenom. If all the draftees had the work and moral ethic of Kris Durham, I could me a pro football fan again. As it stands, I am now a Seahawk fan. I wish he could have been chosen by Atlanta (hometeam), or Detroit (to hook up with his best friend Stafford), but I am proud another of my Dawgs has made the cut.