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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Christian Robinson: Front and center

Is Christian Robinson one of the new main faces of the Georgia football team? For now, yes, as we explain in this Sunday feature. The opening excerpt:

ATHENS - A few weeks ago Christian Robinson was walking through the Georgia football team’s training facility when he was stopped. Jeff Owens, a former Bulldogs defensive lineman now with the Philadelphia Eagles, wanted a quick word.

“It’s your ship now,” Owens said, according to Robinson.

Owens meant the defense, that the responsibility for guiding it on the field -- and in the locker room -- now rested with Robinson.

But when it comes to the outgoing rising junior from the Atlanta area, Owens could have meant much more.

Robinson may not be the tallest inside linebacker on the team. It remains to be seen if he’s the most skilled. But when it comes to intangibles, the coaches have seen enough.

You can read the rest here, including quotes from Akeem Dent, Aaron Murray and Robinson.


Regular Guy said...

He harped on the "cancer" comments a little too much early this spring, but I like seeing a kid willing to step up and take a vocal role. It's been abundantly clear that the team has been missing leadership on the field the past couple of years........either nobody was willing to lead, or nobody was willing to follow, both of which are equally bad. Seems like guys are responding better now. Of course, everything always seems rosy in the preseason.

Joeski said...

I think the guy has a shot to be something special. There's something about his demeanor that reminds me of Will Witherspoon, and that's not a bad thing to be when you consider his collegiate and pro career. (Honestly, tho, 'Spoon is probably one of my favorite UGA players of all time. When I was still working at the University after graduating, I got to spend some time with him. He does the Red & Black proud in everything.)

Definitely going to keep my eye on Robinson during the G-Day game.

Anonymous said...

FIRE DAVE PERNO! Dawgs are getting shellacked by Ole Miss today.

dawgjammin said...

this kid does not have 1/5 the talent and ability of spoon. i'm not sure where the love affair with him is coming from. this will be yet another one of those stories come mid fall that was all a bunch of hype. i hope the coaches don't keep a more talented kid on the bench or switch to another position because of "intangibles".

with sturdivant hurt, and no AJ where will the offense come from this year. my guess is the offense will look very similar to the way it did in the first 4 games last year.

meansonny said...

I'm in Christian Robinson's corner. I'm glad he's stepping up (I hope it's stepping up and not being annointed because of a lack of leadership elsewhere).

Knowing the playbook and making the plays are two totally different things.

Robinson never seemed to step up and make the big play in 2010. And all too often, he wasn't getting off blocks to make even the basic plays.

Another season to mature helps a lot of guys. He wasn't on my radar coming into this spring as the "step it up" kind of player. But here's hoping.

Anonymous said...

his play was a joke last season he had to be one of the worst starting lbs in the sec he has no idea how to step into a hole to stop the run hope he has improved greatly or it will be another sad year for the dawgs def

Joeski said...

Once again, people talking out of their butts.

I played the position, albeit as Mike in a 4-3, and not ILB in a 3-4.

He wasn't out of position as much as you think. If you want to level a legitimate criticism, you can say that he was hesitant in his reads (overthinking it), but that's something that experience overcomes.

Anonymous said...

leadership is earned, not bestowed by coaches.

robinson got what, 2 tackles aginst rival Florida?

don't need those kind of leaders.

try rambo.