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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gym Dogs advance to NCAA finals

After a year away, the Georgia gymnastics team is going back to the NCAA championships.

The Gym Dogs finished second in Saturday's NCAA regional at Stegeman Coliseum, good enough to qualify for the 12-team NCAA final, which will be April 15-17 in Cleveland.

UCLA won the meet with a score of 197.425, while Georgia (196.750) finished ahead of LSU, N.C. State, Maryland and West Virginia. UCLA and Georgia have combined to win 13 of the past 14 national titles.

Kat Ding won the bars title at the regional, with the Bulldogs sweeping the top three spots in that event. Cassidy McComb also finished third in the all-around.


Dave said...

Yay! Some Gymdog love! They don't get enough press around here, and they should!

Anonymous said...

Whoopity Doo ... How bout the Football team or baseball team hurry up and do something?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting on other sports. As a true bulldawg through and through I care about all UGA sports. Eff off trolls/homers who only care about football.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:03--Not a real Dawg.

Anonymous said...

can someone fill me in, who are the gymdogs?

Anonymous said...


Since you're covering sports tv stations don't cover, can you update us on the equestrian team, and also the chess team?

I can see you get bored with football.

Anonymous said...

How's our underwater basket weaving team doing this year? Ive seen nothing reported on this!

Anonymous said...

I bet they'll choke too.

Bulldawg said...


I second anon 1:37.

Thank you for covering all UGA sports. True UGA grads are proud of our Dawgs regardless of the sport or gender of the athlete.

Joeski said...

Funny, I thought it was called the Bulldogs Blog, not the Bulldogs Football Blog.

Thanks for the update, Seth. I'll be sure to let my wife know.

And you guys belittling Gymnastics: why don't you watch a match before shooting your mouths off? Those girls are every bit the athletes that the football players are. And besides that, you got a problem with attractive women in spandex? Really?

Michael said...

I love the gymnastics and other "smaller" sports coverage.

Seth: Please shut off the anonymous posting.