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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Richt on Murray, tweeting, the tackle spots and plenty more

A few notes from Mark Richt’s appearance on the SEC post-spring practice teleconference on Wednesday – along with my take on each of them. Or in some cases, not much of a take.

- Richt continued his policy of not saying anything about the recruit theft story:

“There’s not gonna be any comment on this. First of all, it has to do with prospects and all that kind of stuff. The bottom line is we’re just gonna make any comment on it.”

He added: “Sorry.”

MY TAKE: As I’ve said previously, Richt doesn’t want to wade into the situation publicly, given the sensitivity of the Carver-UGA relationship.

- Speaking of Carver, Tuesday’s big non-story was Isaiah Crowell not starting a Twitter account. Someone started one under the tailback recruit’s name, but it quickly turned out to be a fake.

Richt pointed that out, showing that he was aware of the situation. Then he reiterated that he’s not going to clamp down on players using the social media tool – as certain other coaches have done.

“I know it’s such a big part of the social life of these kids,” Richt said. “I’m really not looking to shut it down. They sacrifice enough with the time they put in for school and football, with all the things we ask them to do. … But if a guy’s irresponsible with it, normally there’s a good warning the first time around.”

And then, presumably, they have those privileges yanked.

MY TAKE: As someone who makes a living with the written word, I think Richt’s stance is admirable. And the Georgia players certainly do seem to enjoy their Twitter.

- Quarterback Aaron Murray showed some improvement over spring practice. Richt said he saw some better touch on Murray’s passes, but what stood out the most was Murray standing in the pocket a bit more and letting plays develop.

“I think he’s much more comfortable with our system overall,” he said. “I think he’s learned to stay in the pocket a little bit longer, especially when he knows something’s about to break big, he’s willing to stay in there (and wait to throw it).”

MY TAKE: Not my take, but writer Edward Aschoff posted this blog saying that if he had to pick a “franchise player” among current SEC players, he’d take Murray. His colleague Chris Low said he’d take Alabama tackle Barrett Jones.

- Asked about the backup left tackle spot, Richt said it comes down to who ends up at right tackle, then they’ll work from there. He said they’re looking at Justin Anderson, Austin Long, A.J. Harmon and possibly Kenarious Gates at tackle.

“I think a lot is going to depend on who is gonna be the starting right tackle, and then my guess whoever we think the third-best tackle is, he may end up having to cross-train from the left and right aside,” Richt said. “We do have some true freshmen too who could end up playing so well they throw their hat in the ring.”

MY TAKE: That’s the first time since Trinton Sturdivant’s injury that a coach has mentioned Kenarious Gates for tackle. We’ll see. Right now the best bet is Anderson at right tackle and Harmon or Long cross-training.

- Finally, Richt’s overall summation of spring practice:

“I think we got better. I think we practiced with the right amount of intensity. We competed well. Guys who were competed for jobs, guys who were competing offense vs. defense. I liked what I saw.”

MY TAKE: That’s about what you’d expect him to say.

Some notes from other coaches on the teleconference:

- South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier said the decision on Stephen Garcia will probably come some time over the summer. Garcia is set to graduate soon and thus, as Spurrier pointed out, would be eligible to transfer anywhere and play immediately. But the ball coach expressed the hope that Garcia would re-join the team with “a better attitude” than he’s had.

“We’ll check his progress and see how he’s reaction to some certain issues,” Spurrier said. “We’ve all three (Spurrier, the athletics director and school president) sort of given him some guidelines.”

MY TAKE: Garcia will probably be back for the Gamecocks, but it’s not certain yet.

- The former Florida coach and the current one have divergent views on over-signing. Will Muschamp said Florida had “no need” to do that. But Spurrier said that with the academics of the state of South Carolina, “it would be helpful to over-sign.”

MY TAKE: Spurrier is right about the academics in the state of South Carolina. Then again, that’s true for most of the SEC. And it doesn’t mean it’s right to over-sign. Credit Spurrier for his honesty, but he seems to be on the wrong side of the prevailing wind on this issue.

- Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley said his “honeymoon is over” and was when last season, his first in Knoxville, began. He was asked what he hoped Volunteer fans see from him and his program.

“I hope they see a coach who wants to be here,” he said. “I hope they see a coach who appreciates the history and tradition of Tennessee football. And I hope they see a coach who has a good systematic approach in getting them to represent the team on and off the field in what they expect.”

MY TAKE: I used my line on Twitter - "there was a 10-second run-off before Dooley's appearance on the teleconference" - so I have nothing left to say here.


Bulldawg said...

Thank you Seth.

Could you give us an update on the Baseball team?

Thanks buddy.

Anonymous said...

Richts I think and I hope comments are getting old. I wanna hear more we(UGA) will and we(UGA) are comments. Yes of course Garcia will be back and Carolina will make it two in a row over the dawgs.

meansonny said...

Carolina is NOT a good road team. I'm sure Seth can attest to this. I think they have won 3 road SEC games over the past 3 seasons.

That doesn't eliminate them from beating the Bulldawgs. But it does mean that they aren't as good when their lines (offensive and defensive) can't take advantage of the crowd noise situation in the SEC.

meansonny said...

For the record, UGA only won 1 road SEC game last season (thank you Kentucky). But we can account for 8 SEC road wins over the past 3 seasons. And we are not an example of a good team during that timespan.

I looked it up. I think South Carolina has won 4 SEC road games from 2008-2010 (Vandy and UF last season. Ole Miss and Kentucky in 2008).

Anonymous said...

Yeah but Carolina had two impressive roads wins at Florida and Clemson. Carolina always points to the UGA game a an impotant game unlike UGA. Im scared to death they will beat my dawgs.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about optimism for the New season. Murray for Heisman seems like a stretch without AJ or Durham.

I could see Crowell for Heisman.

Scout says Richt's fired after this season and on a flaming hotseat.

Guess it depends on who you believe.

PTC DAWG said...

South Carolina is NOT leaving Athens with a win this fall.

Mark that down.

Anonymous said...

South Carolina had impressive road wins against Florida and Clemson? Florida and Clemson didn't finish in the top 25. If the rankings were top 40 they wouldn't have made it. If South Carolina is hanging their hat on those two games, Cock fans are going to be sorely disappointed but they do play seven home games and their schedule is as easy as Georgia's. No LSU or Bama. Winner of the game in Athens will play in the dome for the SEC.

Anonymous said...

Can you find out anything on walk-on Hugh Williams. He started at LT for the black team on G-Day. I know he played at Marist and was a formidable run blocker there. Given added weight is he a consideration?

meansonny said...

Hugh Williams isn't listed on the 11 deep for all 5 offensive line positions (12 deep counting Trinton).

That probably answers your question.

But if he actually started for the Black at LT on the G-Day game, I'd say his parents are proud of that development.

Coondog said...

It's meaningless to quote stats on S. carolinas road record from two years back. It's about athletes. They didn't have Lattimore and Jeffrey, period. Still think we can beat them with the best defense weve fielded in a while because why? Athletes(ogle tree, Jarvis jones, Geathers, Jenkins, b. Smith, etc...)!!!

Anonymous said...

FIRE DAVE PERNO. Losing to Clemson again. When is anyone gonna get it right in Athens?

kc said...

Agree with much.
But CMR is mum on the Carver respects because he doesn't wanna be throw some kid deeper under the bus.
That's that.
Go dawgs!!!!

Anonymous said...

21 Losses these last Five (5) Years.

Averaging more than 4 Losses a Season, every season over the Last Five (5) Seasons.

We are irrelevant.

Beating Top Teams ?

3 such wins over teams who finished the season in the Top 10 AP Poll. And, none of those 3 wins came in years we didn't lose 4 games, 3 games and 4 games.

We have not beat the good teams; the damn few (3) times we have, we had sorry years.


I now return you to your Kool-Aid.

Anonymous said...

Deion Bonner, whom Mark Richt offered a SCHOLARSHIP is 1 of 3 arrested on felony charges in our own locker-room.


Carver-Columbus high school recruit Deion Bonner may not be the only player arrested in the thefts from our beloved Bulldog football players who also is given a Scholarship Offer by Mark Richt.

April 21.

And, what did we see Saturday ?

A QB who runs around back there with no worries in the world. No running game, again.

No wide receivers.

And, Losing Record Aaron Murray, is a Heisman Trophy candidate at 40-1 Las Vegas odds.

He is not accurate. Short. Slow. Cannot convert 3rd down conversions. Cannot make first downs.

More mind-boggling inexplicable sacks of Aaron Murray on Saturday, including a Safety in the End Zone. Man.

# 72 in 1st Downs

# 56 Total Offense

# 55 in 3rd Down Conversions

# 62 at being sacked

Losing Record as a Starter

19 of his 24 TD passes came vs 7 teams who did not finish in the Top 25

Remaining 5 TD passes came in the other 6 games

His passes are not accurate.

He lost 3 games without AJ Green and lost 4 games as the Starter at QB with AJ Green

Our # 1 recruit for 2011 is a QB Christian LeMay who enrolled early and who practiced with the team for the bowl game; yet, he we are told will not play until 2014, with Aaron Murray getting all the snaps 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 it is ordained. So, why Christian LeMay with your job on the line instead of a FB or DE or anyone in the Secondary ? Now, we take the only good player in the Secondary and move him to Linebacker. Brilliant.

While Cam Newton won 7 games vs teams finishing in the top 25, Aaron Murray is 0-5.

Aaron Murray, by direct contrast, has Six (6) Wins all over teams with a LOSING RECORD.

And, in case you didn't notice, were it not for Christian LeMay driving for our TD, Aaron Murray's team would have Lost Saturday.

And, Mark Richt's recruit being arrested on felony charges in our own locker-room.

Aaron Murray is going to win the Heisman Trophy this season.

God Almighty.

Redcoat98 said...

Who let BULLdaWg back in?

Anonymous said...

Yay! BuLLLLLLLLLLdawg's back!

Someone get his dipey and bottle!

Anonymous said...

So how many times has Garcia been suspended? And how many games has he actually missed?

Spurrier is a joke.

Bulldawg said...

He does make some good points about Murray. Lemay did look good and why are Murray's passes always wobbly?

I dont necessarily agree with the rest though.

And no, I am not the same Bulldawg.

Anonymous said...

Who in the hell is Meansonny?