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Thursday, April 14, 2011

G-Day injuries and details

Georgia head coach Mark Richt said “at least 10” players were likely out with injuries for Saturday’s spring game. Most prominent is tailback Washaun Ealey (hamstring), who has missed most of the past few weeks.

Cornerback Brandon Boykin, a captain who helped draft the teams, is also “iffy” with a concussion, according to Richt.

The other players expected to be out include cornerback Jordan Love (hamstring), Garrison Smith (strained neck), and cornerback-safety Sanders Commings (concussion). Safety Bacarri Rambo was ruled out a couple weeks ago with a sprained knee.

As for the game itself, it will include four 12-minute quarters, with “pretty close” to a normal game clock, Richt said. There will be no kickoffs or punts: kickoffs will be automatically spotted at the 25 and punts will be 35 yards. They will kick field goals and extra points, but there will be no rushing the kicker.

Richt also wants the coaches to limit their play-calling to only blitzes and plays that were shown last year.

“I don’t want our coaches to show anything new that might give Boise State or South Carolina a hint,” Richt said. “If it’s a blitz they ran all last year I don’t care if we run it. If it’s an offensive play we ran all last year. If it’s something that they can get off of our game film. … I’m not excited about showing anything new.”

Also, Alec Ogletree, who had previously been announced as being on the Black team, has been flipped to the red team.

Officially Richt said that happened because of injuries. But if you looked at the rosters - picked by the four player captains - you knew the Black team was stacked at inside linebacker: Ogletree, Richard Samuel, Mike Gilliard and Brandon Burrows.

So now Ogletree moves to the Red team, where he will be teamed with fellow starter Christian Robinson.


Anonymous said...

We dont want to show Boise or South Carolina anything? Boy that worked out last year against South Carolina. A team that I predicted that would fold at the end of the year and did. I think Carolina will now make it two in a row against my dawgs. Can you say swann song Mark Richt?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha you made me laugh so hard I cried!! You predicted a Carolina collapse, didn't everyone they do it every year.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:02, swann song?!?! I do believe Carolina better be ready.

Anonymous said...

The question is how you keep the new stuff a secret until the SEC rivalry game against SC.

Likely, Richt will keep South Carolina out of the dark until we play them, run the same plays from last year's offense against Boise st. It's not an SEC game, so it really doesn't matter.

I also wouldn't expect Crowell to show much, or to see Figgins catching many balls, or Charles out wide, sort of the way Spurier played possum with Lattimore last season in week one.

Game 1 doesn't matter.

Suomynona said...

Game one matters a great deal if we are going to get this program back on track. I know it's not an SEC game but damn - it is a nationally televised game that carries over for the entire year.

Joeski said...

Since the G-day game is televised, I'm sure the Broncos and the Gamecocks will be watching...

Just like I'm sure that they'll only look for plays that they haven't seen before on UGA game tape.

Just like I bet Richt and Bobo don't show them anything... and since there is probably a prohibition against the defense blitzing, we don't have to worry about tipping our hand as to defensive schemes.

Oh, and Seth, if you're friends with Fletcher? Let him know that gate (an entryway through a barrier) is different from a gait (a person's stride).

UGA1 said...

@anon 9:54:

Boise State doesn't matter? Have expectations declined so much that a small out-of-conference foe is written off as a meaningless game? Of course it matters -- for UGA and for the SEC. The goal is to win them all. Auburn did it last season.

And to all you Anonymi -- just make up a name when you post so you can be addressed by it. You will still be anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Yes UGA wont show anything because like many SEC coaches say UGA is the easiest team to prepare for. So dont get too caught up in UGA tipping its hand. Its the same plays over and over. Mike Boo Boo is a damn genius on 3rd and long because you know the draw is coming.

Otto said...


Bosie St does matter. In my opinion Boise is the most important games of next year.

No UGA fan should let Boise slide to a game that does not matter. I do not want to be the SEC team that gave Boise legitmacy and on a national stage at that.

Anonymous said...

Agree with others, SEC matters, Boise doesn't. Duh.