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Monday, January 31, 2011

Blair Walsh's replacement?

Georgia has earned another commitment ... but not for this signing class.

Kicker Marshall Morgan has told several recruiting sites that he has opted for the Bulldogs. ( and are each reporting it.) The 6-foot-2 Morgan will be a senior this fall at Archbishop McCarthy High School in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

South Florida also happens to be the same area that Georgia got current kicker Blair Walsh. Walsh is from Boca Raton, Fla. and will be a senior next year, as will backup kicker Brandon Bogotay and punter Drew Butler. So the plan appears to be for Morgan to be given the chance to kick as a freshman, just as Walsh and Butler did.

Here's a story on Morgan from last April's Miami Herald.

And here's a bio on Morgan on the web site for Chris Sailers, the kicking guru.

Morgan becomes the second commitment for the 2012 class, joining Gainesville receiver C.J. Curry.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, off topic a bit but wondering about not signing another back other than Crowell. If he goes to Bama or they are outbid by Auburn, what is your take on Ken Malcombe? Is he another marginal guy or does the brain trust at UGA have plans for him?

Anonymous said...

All becomes marginal under Richt and if you doont believe it just look in the past.

Anonymous said...

A recruiting ploy that Georgia uses with running backs is they tell their top target that they won't sign another back if he comes to Georgia. That's what they did with Thomas Brown his senior year and passed on all the others. Since Georgia is not recruiting anyone else, they think they are going to get him. After sending Musa, Ware, Lumpkin, Brown, and Moreno to the NFL under Richt, you can understand Crowell's interest. Crowell averaged 12 yards a carry, just an unbelievable talent.

Anonymous said...

Do what? Crowell had 22 yds rushing on 8 carries in the Under Armour game before he got knocked out. A truly amazing < 3 yds per carry. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Maby you should be a recruiting analyst since you seem to have a better handle on IC than Saban & Richt. What a joke. Have you seen his tape? That's what I thought.

This kicker sounds great! Hope we lock him in.

Anonymous said...

I saw Crowell play against Calhoun and he was a joke. Did not impress me one bit and I have seen a lot of running backs play in the state of GA. Calhoun stopped him all night long and they are a AA school.

PTC DAWG said...

Some of the comments on here leave no doubt as it goes to intelligence. You type it on here, you leave no doubt.

Wade said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah Saban is begging him because he's not any good. Crowell had a long run called back against Calhoun, he's legit.

Anonymous said...

Logan Gray transferring after graduation...

Anonymous said...

Carver v Calhoun AA Playoff Garme:

97 yards on 21 carries
4.62 yards per carry
1 TD

He received little help on offense from anyone else on the team. Only like 20 more yards rushing and 110 passing by the rest of the team.

Nothing bad about that when you take into account that the kid has played on a bad ancle for most of the season. This game included. That is the reason the cuts and breakaway speed were not up to expectations. Calling the kid a "Joke"? Really? I think that shows guts and someone who is a team player.