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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Barnes: "You're not gonna get that call"

Here are the first few paragraphs of the story I filed from Tuesday night's hoops game:

ATHENS – If there was a call to be made, some injustice done to Chris Barnes and his teammates, he wasn’t saying so. The Georgia forward would only say that “at a critical time like this in the SEC, you’re not gonna get that type of call.”

Brian Williams, the other critical part of the play, said it was the biggest shot he’s ever made, and was “just glad it counted.”

Georgia head coach Mark Fox, when asked whether a foul should have been called on Williams, gave a long pause before finally answering.

“I’ll have to watch the tape,” he said. “Sorry.”

The tape may show that a foul could have been called on Williams before he made his game-winning layup to give Tennessee a 59-57 win.

But it would also show that in a game that was back-and-forth the whole way, Georgia (13-4, 2-2) didn’t look as sharp as when it routed Mississippi and beat Kentucky in the past 10 days.

The last minute on Tuesday summed that up for Georgia.


BuLLdawg said...

This is what sums up Mark Richt's LIES :

Mark Richt era in which over the 10-Year Mark Richt era, Mark Richt himself claims to have The Georgia Bulldogs Football Team # 4 in the entire nation in Winning Percentage :

.723 Winning Percentage 83 SEC Games : Florida 2001-2010
.702 Winning Percentage 84 SEC Games : LSU 2001-2010
.683 Winning Percentage 82 SEC Games : Auburn 2001-2010
.663 Winning Percentage 83 SEC Games : Mark Richt 2001-2010

Maybe Mark Richt meant to be claiming that we are # 4 in our own conference in his entire 10 years here ?

Rick said...

OK, is it officially time to ban BuLLdawg or what? What do you say, Seth?

Not only does this clown spam the comments section with his inane ramblings in football posts, he's now transitioned to basketball posts. His crap is not only annoying, it's now completely off-topic.

Please do something. Much appreciated.

- The Dawg Nation

Richard Manuel said...

Another great post, BuLLdawg -- CMR tried to pull the wool over the Bulldog Nation's eyes with that bogus "winning percentage" claim, but he didn't count on your keen investigative skills. And I especially liked your arbitrary decision to exclude non-conference games from a team's overall record. Top notch work. Top notch!

Great sentence structure and general coherence, too. Keep the posts coming. Do you have a blog or twitter feed where I can find more of your razor sharp insight?


Anonymous said...

Yes, let's just allow personal attacts, FLAMES, posts like this one calling a poster a CLOWN.

Let's ban posts on the Bulldogs' blog about Bulldogs, especially ones talking about Bulldogs' football, for God's sake.

Everyone knows Rick posts about the topic at hand.

Oh, wait...

He did not; now did he ?

Is it just possible that what you don't like Rick is that a poster comes in here and says the truth after research on the topic you post about every day about how great Mark Richt has been over his 10 years here ?

Because you sure are not posting on topic here on this blog and you absolutely are doing NOTHING but a personal attack.

Let's just ban everyone who doesn't post like Rick just did here ?

Ok ?

BuLLdawg said...

Richard Manuel,

What LIES ?

Oh, you want the whole 10 years all games Richard Manual, as you ask me to post for you ?

Here you go Richard Manuel, sir :


I-A Winning Percentage 2001-2010 (10 years)

Rank Team name Winning Percentage
Won Lost Tied Played Games


1 Boise State 0.87692 114 16 0 130
2 Ohio State 0.82812 106 22 0 128
3 Texas 0.82171 106 23 0 129
4 Southern Cal 0.81395 105 24 0 129
5 Oklahoma 0.80741 109 26 0 135
6 Texas Christian 0.78400 98 27 0 125
7 Louisiana State 0.77863 102 29 0 131
8 Florida 0.75385 98 32 0 130
9 Virginia Tech 0.74436 99 34 0 133
10 Utah 0.74194 92 32 0 124


How is it possible that Mark Richt has us # 4 (or # 5) when we are not in the Top 10 over the entire 10-year Mark Richt era in all games in-conference and out of conference, Richard Manuel ?

Rick said...

"Is it just possible that what you don't like Rick is that a poster comes in here and says the truth after research on the topic you post about every day about how great Mark Richt has been over his 10 years here?"

You've got the wrong guy, buddy. I'm not a big fan of Mark Richt or of the current status of the football program. Not sure where you got that idea from. Nice try though. Next time, try to get your facts straight so you don't come off as a clown. And yes, you ARE a clown.

Oh and btw, why am I not allowed to post a reply to someone else's comment? BuLLdawg talking about a Mark Richt quote has no reason to exist under a post about a UGA basketball game. My post was a direct reaction to his earlier comment. Are you too dumb to notice the difference?

Is that why you post as Anonymous? Are you ashamed/embarrassed by your own existence?

Yeah, thought so.


P.S. I've got $20 that says "Anonymous" is really BuLLdawg. Some anonymous poster always mysteriously shows up to defend BuLLdawg when he gets bashed. Weird huh?

Rick said...

Hmm and then BuLLdawg posts a mere 5 minutes after the mysterious Anonymous poster. Yeah I'm sure that's just a bizarre coincidence.

BuLLdawg/Anonymous: Normally I'd give you a lot of crap for playing these silly games, but I honestly believe you have nothing better to do.

BuLLdawg said...


I did see you say that you "are not a big fan of Mark Richt" in THIS BLOG.

I did see you say that you are "not a big fan of the current status of this football program either."

So, you agree totally with me right down the line.

I must be missing it though Rick, sir.

You talk about; I talk about it; this is the Bulldogs Blog; it is Bulldogs - and

I have not seen a post by you yet in this entire blog about what you SAY is ONLY ALLOWED to discussed.

Rick said...


Hmm, where to begin.

Again, I don't know who you are referring to but it's not me. I rarely post here. I mainly read the blog and observe other's comments. I called you out because you only seem to make trollish/spamming posts that have little to nothing to do with the topic at hand.

And secondly, just because I'm not a Richt apologist, that doesn't mean that "I totally agree with you down the line." That's a ridiculous statement. You are on the completely opposite side of the spectrum, to the point where I question whether you're even a Dawg fan in the first place.

If you're a true Dawg, how bout supporting the basketball team? I was at the game tonight, were YOU? Have you been to a basketball game all season? Have you EVER attended a UGA sporting event other than a football game? Whether you have or not, it doesn't matter and I don't really care.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, you included. When it becomes disruptive and off-topic, well then it's just spam.

BuLLdawg said...

Rick said 115 am 1/19/2011 :

As clearly and as concisely as you could possibly say :

"I'm not a big fan of Mark Richt or of the current status of the football program."

tiredofthissh!t said...

damn, yall are little girls

BuLLdawg said...

Especially for calling someone a coward who has his profile up for all to see.

Anonymous said...

you're ugly and unsuccessful in life

we'll call it even

They were on tv in Los Angeles said...

Barnes was Flat footed. He could of shown an iota of urgency and jumped for the ball. Tenn wanted it more, and got it.

BuLLdawg said...

True Barnes didn't jump.

Still the basketball programs are Light Years ahead of the football program, except in EXCUSES and LIES.

Rick said 115 am 1/19/2011 :

As clearly and as concisely as you could possibly say :

"I'm not a big fan of Mark Richt or of the current status of the football program."

Anonymous said...

Bulldawg is the reason people hate Georgia fans. What a turd.

David Davis said...

I was expecting to read comments about the basketball game because it was a basketball post. My expectations were too high.

Anonymous said...

Also disapointed that there is no b-ball discussion. What about the other call the refs blew. The ball had obviously (on replay) not left his hand.

Bulldawg, please find another place to drop a steamer. The smell is getting old. Everyone understands that the football program is not in a great place right now. The constant reminder with the rediculous stats is lame.

Anonymous said...

Seth, you seriously have to do something about this BuLLdawg poster. Can you at least lay out reasons why you let this nonsense continue? At least acknowledge our complaints. Please, man. Please. This post has nothing to do with the blog post. Does that not count as spam? What if I started posting random comments about a side business that I have, urging people to buy something I'm selling?

Seth Emerson said...

People of Earth,

I've just gotten used to the fact that overnight BuLLdawg is going to post on whatever post is freshest. And sometimes the one before that too. So I tend to just skip over them - which may be the best way to go for everyone, if you feel that strongly.

Failing that, if he doesn't curse, and doesn't libel anyone ...

Richard Manuel said...

Wow, I had no idea what I was walking into. I usually don't have a chance to read the comments, and, like others, was hoping for a discussion on the basketball team. Instead I saw the BuLLdawg post, which I Thought the BuLLdawg post was hilariously awful and worthy of a reply. I did not know he posted regularly, nor did realize I was stepping into the middle of a ongoing blood feud between BuLLdawg and Rick. Glad I got out of there alive.

Matt Cheij said...


Are you not allowed to ask the refs to review plays? The shot earlier in the game clearly had not left the guys hand. If that shot doesn't count the tempo of the game is changed!

Keese said...

Come over to the white page guys, he doesn't post there.

Seth, please ban this babbling idiot...

Anonymous said...

Give it up BuLLdawg. You are pathetic man. You must live a sad and miserable life to go on and on about a man you have most likely never met, and if you did meet would be a thousand times the man you could ever be. Get a life you loser...