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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bubble watch: Georgia

OK, new feature here on the blog: A semi-regular look at Georgia’s chances for the NCAA tournament. It will continue until such time that it no longer becomes necessary, or we run out of graphics.

The meter indicates that Mr. Blog Man, or Mr. Bracketology Geek for the next couple months, believes Georgia currently has a 60 percent chance of making the NCAA tournament. I arrived at that figure through a very detailed, scientific way that is referred to in the industry as a "guess."

For those of you who say it’s early … it’s never too early … Besides, Georgia is now halfway through its regular season. So here is where things stand at the moment:

Record: 12-3 overall, 1-1 in the SEC
RPI: 48
SOS: 111
Record vs. top 50 in RPI: 2-3 (beat UAB, Kentucky; lost to Notre Dame, Temple, Vanderbilt).
Record vs. top 100: 3-3 (beat Colorado).

What happened Wednesday: Georgia lost at Vanderbilt, which isn’t a bad loss. The Bulldogs also got a minor bit of help from Colorado, which upset Kansas State, vaulting the Buffaloes from 112 in the RPI all the way up to 83. If Georgia can eventually count that as a quality win, that will be another important notch on its resume.

What to watch Thursday: Ole Miss hosts Mississippi State at 9 p.m. on ESPN2. Georgia will watch that game from the road, as it is going straight from Nashville to Oxford.

Several teams that Georgia beat earlier in the season are in action, including Arkansas State, Eastern Kentucky, High Point and Charleston Southern.

Eventually this space will also include teams competing for at-large spots, but it’s too early for that yet.

Next up for Georgia: On Saturday, the Bulldogs play at Mississippi, which right now is the best team in the West. That’s not saying much, but it will still be a tough matchup. Georgia has more to gain than lose in this game, but given how difficult the East is, especially on the road, the Bulldogs need to accumulate as many wins against the West as they can.


Willb said...

Not related to basketball but incase anyone missed it Jay Rome and Malcom Mitchell are both set to announce which school they are going to next Saturday.

Many have considered Rome a luck for UGA so if Mitchell is announcing at the same time that might be good news for us. I could be wrong but I believe both of them are visiting Alabama this weekend also.

Depending on where you get your recruiting info Rome is basically a five star TE and Mitchell is a four star WR or Safety.

Another recruit Ray Drew is visiting Miami this weekend. I personally view Drew as a must get for us. Drew has the natural leadership and character qualities we so desperately need at Ga. He's almost like a Tim Tebow on the defensive side of the ball.

Anonymous said...


Do you think the LONG bus ride to TN effected play? I was following Mark Fox's Twitter the day before the game and it looked like it took them more than ten hours to get to Nashville. Thoughts?

BulldogBen said...

We have yet to win an SEC road game under Mark Fox.

Until we can do that, I'll remain skeptical.

Maybe it's of a case of being "a dawg that's been kicked too much" type of fan but seriously, 0-8 last year. Lost to some BAD teams too.

I believe we'll get that monkey off our back at Ole Miss but man, all the positivity of beating UK, and being ranked for the first time in what, 8 years, seemed to get sucked out last night.

haney said...

Hey Seth-

I have started a blog, wondered if you could put my blog spot on your list of other dawg reading? If not, no biggie but if you want to check it out, here is link. I graduated UGA in 1991, ABJ so I still enjoy writing/sharing my opinions on UGA sports. I love reading your blog, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

UGA was knocked back to reality last night at Vandy. Never lead or even challenged for the lead during the entire game.

The entire athletic program and the entire culture at UGA needs some drastic changes.

Fran Tarkenton is spot on with his assessment of the Georgia program.

Anonymous said...

We have some of the dumbest hoops fans in the country. A couple of the comments here are just mind boggling. Completely clueless.

BulldogBen said...

And apparently some of the more self-righteous, condescending pricks as well!

Get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

Ben, I'm sure it's not even close to the first time you've been called a clueless dumbass. Feel free to go pull for another team. You won't be missed.

BulldogBen said...

Please, dazzle us with your basketball acumen. I fully acknowledge the job Fox has done so far in getting this program turned around and the culture change that is taking place over in Athens. Still, should fans not get disappointed after a loss? Fox has even publicly stated that we should have higher expectations of our team. I promise you Kentucky fans aren't sitting back waiting on the season to "play out". They're living and dying with every game. That's where Fox wants UGA hoops to be.

Vandy is most likely a tournament team with great guard players. We shot poorly from the field (I think Price and Ware were 2-16 combined) and when push came to shove Robinson struggled with their press.

It's not the end of the world by any stretch but I think this team is good enough to expect to win games like that.

But feel free to keep taking cheap shots anonymously.

Anonymous said...

2007 Florida lost at Vanderbilt. So did Tennessee team a few years ago, fresh off of dethroning Memphis for #1.

Memorial Gym is a tough place to win. Maybe sorta. But nah, fire Fox!