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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stacey Searels to Texas? (updated)

So we learned earlier in the day that Georgia was losing an offensive lineman. But could the big news of the day involve the Bulldogs actually losing their offensive line coach?, the Rivals site that covers Texas, is reporting that Stacey Searels is "on his way to Austin." (It's a pay site, so I can't link the story.) But Orangebloods, you will recall, led the way with their Big 12 expansion stories last summer.

There's no word out of Georgia on the matter yet: Athletics director Greg McGarity and team spokesman Claude Felton each said they didn't have any information, and head coach Mark Richt and offensive coordinator were meeting with a recruit this afternoon.

Stay tuned.


I just spoke with former Auburn offensive line coach Hugh Nall, who now is out of the coaching business and living in Albany, Ga. Nall, who knows Searels, said he hasn't spoken to him, but wouldn't be surprised if it were true.

“I think anytime a coach anywhere leaves, it’s not a surprise anymore really. Especially with the money these days,” he said. “I coached at TCU for six years, and there’s a lot of lineman in the state, and Texas gets the pick of what they want.”

Nall was asked if he was interested in getting back into coaching at some point.

"Not unless my boss says I need to," he said.


Two more people who claimed no knowledge of Searels' plans: Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity, and Tanner Strickland, his former offensive lineman.

"Mark's on the road," McGarity said of Richt, meaning that he hasn't had a chance to speak with the coach about any potential staff moves.


Matt said...

This might be a blessing in disguise. Searels hasn't done anything for us these past 2-3 years. So please Texas, feel free to grab our underperforming coach away from us. You may have been good back at LSU, but not here.

Anonymous said...

Why would Texas want him? He hasn't done anything worthwhile here...

Anonymous said...

Maybe because our strength program has been crap for the past handful of years and Searels has had weak, fat, out of shape lineman to work with. And now seeing the changes we made he's not impressed. My guess is the guy didn't forget how to coach.

CDawg said...

Searels has always been considered a good offensive line coach, but all of my LSU friends described his units as "slow starting", which certainly fit the trend at Georgia (at least until this year, when they pretty much underperformed from start to finish).

I don't think he's forgotten how to coach. But neither has Richt.

Seth, any thoughts on possible replacements if he's gone?

Joeski said...

Interesting news, to be sure. I don't share the same sentiment as all the knee-jerk reactors out there: everything that I've heard and read has said that Searles is a hell of a coach, and really was responsible for the O-Line even being passable.

Not to say that new blood would hurt, however. Embrace opportunity and make the best of it.

The only thing I'm glad about is that the remaining recruits we're targeting aren't on the O-Line, so this shouldn't hurt recruiting.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was, "Oh no! He's a great coach, we'll definitely downgrade from him." Which may be true, but as y'all note, the OL wasn't exactly lighting it up last year (though whether it was S&C or OL coaching or crappy RBs or whatever, I can't say and I'm guessing neither can any of us blog commenters).

So if he does go, we'll survive. Good pickup for Texas, but maybe good for us to have some change. My only real concern is that with Richt on the "hot seat," a lot of guys may not jump to move their family across the country for what could be a one-year gig (interesting, considering how Richt's job security always seemed to be a great selling point to coaches and recruits just a couple years ago). So we'll see.

Speaking of family, though, it was reported at the time that Searels came to Georgia in part to be closer to his family (who live in Rome, I think, but could be totally wrong). I don't know if that situation has changed, or if Searels would even comment on that (or, hell, anything) but that might be an angle you want to check out, Seth.

MT said...

Seth, question: Do you know of what specific recruits Searels was in charge of for their recruiting?

I know that each coach takes the one-on-one approach with certain recruits; wonder if this will affect recruiting at all

Anonymous said...

Good Riddance ! Tis guy was just another clown at the circus.

meansonny said...

Good Riddance?!?!?!

How can we be happy when we don't have a candidate lined up yet to replace him?

If Texas is reaching for a Stacy Searels, what kind of scraps will be left for our sick puppy?

Anonymous said...

Yes Good Riddance! Our offensive line couldnt run block through a wet paper bag. We wont miss Searles thats for sure...

Anonymous said...

Wow the uninformed hate and vitriol directed at Searels has me wondering if some of you know OL play. Do you really think Texas would go after a mediocre coach.

Could be Searels did an outstanding job considering what he had to work with.

I hate to see him go especially considering we may have a tough time getting an equal.

Anonymous said...

With richts past hires we'll probably just move the waterboy into that position.dawgofdasouth

Needs a Life said...

It's watergirl and I doubt that. She seems happy where she is. I think CRM makes enough to support her.

Would have liked to see if he could have gotten it done with a better S&C program. I would bet a good deal of cash on that being the real problem here.