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Thursday, January 6, 2011

UGA A.D. Greg McGarity: 'I understand the frustration'

Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity on Thursday declined to list a threshold that Mark Richt needed to reach in 2011 to continue as head football coach.

“I’m not here to put a figure in the number of wins or anything,” McGarity said. “We just want to see improvement, we want to see a program that’s headed in the right direction.”

That improvement, McGarity said, includes not only victories, but “discipline” and “leadership.”

After the Liberty Bowl, when Georgia lost to Central Florida to finish with a 6-7 record, McGarity acknowledged that the feedback he’s received on the state of the football program has been about “50-50.”

“I understand the frustration. I think everybody here is frustrated,” McGarity said. “But everybody here on this staff is working hard to turn this around. I wish I could turn on a light switch ... But people are going to have to make decisions on whether they want to hang with us, or whether they want to choose to do otherwise.”

McGarity was speaking a day after Richt’s postseason news conference, when Richt reiterated there would be no staff changes. McGarity said any decision on assistant coaches would be the call of the head coach, as it is in every sport.

But the athletics director said he had encouraged Richt to “show his passion,” and began to see some of that on Wednesday.

“I thought he covered a lot of things that were on his mind,” said McGarity, who was in the room during Richt’s press conference. “Obviously he was very disappointed in the season overall. I think he started to show the passion that he has for the job. Mark’s not the type who’s going to kind of get out of his skin in how he handles himself. But I know in our talks he (does).”

McGarity also shed a bit more light on the administrative details that were being taken off Richt’s plate. McGarity, who was hired last August, said he felt Richt was trying to be the “point person” for too many things, such as academics and character development.

“Mark had his hands in so many things that it was almost impossible to focus on the Xs and Os of the game,” McGarity said.

Georgia has hired former player Brian Gantt to speak to players about the issue of arrests. (There were 11 players arrested last year, and another, linebacker Marcus Dowtin, had an assault charge resolved without going to court.) McGarity said the athletics department has a “wonderful relationship” with law enforcement in Clarke County.

He also pointed to the presence of other support staff personnel who would help with player development.

“I think that’s another layer of accountability that was missing before,” McGarity said.


Anonymous said...

I realize we are all pissed about Georgia football right now, but that doesn't mean there are no good things to talk about. It's been almost a week since the Debacle Bowl, I mean Liberty Bowl. I have found one positive article, which is a little refreshing considering the self loathing Bulldawg nation finds itself in.

(I don't mean any offense to you, Seth. You are just reporting the news, which is mostly bad.)

Anonymous said...

I love how people come on here and try to plug their pointless and irrelevant blogs.

Anonymous said...

The most interesting thing was that McGarrity basically stated that this is a program with out leadership and discipline, which is a direct indictment on Richt. He basically called him out without directly doing so.

James said...

I understand the mounting frustration but the comments i've seen on message boards and blogs makes me sick to be a football fan. Not because we haven't had a good season the past couple of years, but because people act like they have NO life outside of Georgia Football. I've seen multiple people complain that saturdays aren't fun anymore because they don't watch football from 12 pm to 12 am (because its not as interesting when UGA isn't good). Really? What about spending time with your kids? What about throwing the ball in the yard with your boys instead of planting yourself on the couch for 12 hours. Good grief.
Also, how many of you have managed a business or an organization before? How many had a manager or boss directly over you who expected you to manage your team and his team too? Anyone who doesn't see that Damon Evans was a cancer to the AD, then you're blind. More than one contact of mine relayed that Damon was only a figure head AD and didn't actually do anything at the university. Folks knew for a while that he was out fooling around, but they had to look the other way because he was THE BOSS. Why didn't Damon see what GM is seeing and doing? Why was Damon allowing his head coach to take on more than coaching football? talk about leadership, then let it start at the very top! My CMR had a hard time saying NO to Damon, we forget that this is still CMR's 1st Headcoaching gig. Hopefully he's not beyond growth at this point and can turn this thing around.

OZAM said...

McGarity: "But people are going to have to make decisions on whether they want to hang with us, or whether they want to choose to do otherwise."

This statement is very "strange" to me. I've had Bulldog Red running through my veins the last 30 year since the day I first matriculated at UGA. For a coach or administrators who is nothing but a hired gun, and who will quickly depart for the next best deal, to somehow question my loyalty is absurd and perhaps insulting.

On an unrelated matter, can someone please articulate positive reasons why Richt should remain the coach at UGA. Reasons like the next coach could be worse or Richt has a great record and we somehow owe him the opportunity, just do not address his abilities or recent track record of managing the program.

BicDawg said...

most all that write in are passionate Dawg fans, some more ticked off than others. I asked myself this question awhile back. But to all of you I have to ask...
UGA is today what AU was in 2009. If a kid from College Park Ga named...hmm lets say Fig Newton came to UGA to play QB in the 2011 season. Lets say Fig used to QB at another major SEC school and got into enough trouble to get booted off the team. So Fig goes to GMC juco and plays well and UGA picks him up. We find out his father is a crooked Minister and got paid 198k by a UGA booster for him to send his son to UGA. Fig ends up becoming the starting QB in 2011 and ends up being pretty good to the point we are undefeated and playing in the NC game. The SEC and NCAA choose to do nothing to Fig for all of this and he is a free bird. Question is...Am I as a diehard Dawg still pulling for UGA in the same manner I did in 1980 or 2002 or 2005 or 2007? My answer is Heck no! Anyone agree?

Anonymous said...

Seth, how do you think the Luck staying at Stanford will affect AJ's decision to leave? I mean when the consensus #1 stays in school, that says something right?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:27, it might say something that Luck is staying another year, or AJ might think to himself "heck yes! I just moved up another spot in the draft." Who knows with these kids really. It's hard to turn down that kind of money.

Anonymous said...

Luck staying probably has an impact on AJ's decision, but we just don't know what that is. It could go two ways.

1. AJ could be an even higher draft pick now, which may convince him to leave.
2. If AJ came back, it would vault him to the David Greene/David Pollack status with Georgia fans. Not necessarily for what he's done on the field, but because of the current state of the program, and the fact that the last two superstars at UGA bolted after their Junior years. Part of the dispair felt among Dawg fans now is the fact that most of us think he's not coming back. If he came back, the outlook for next year, drastically improves.
This move also gives Richt some ammunition if he tries to convince AJ to stay.

Paul said...

A.J. will not stay. We all knew that his first day on campus. Even Richt admitted that A.J. could not improve his draft status by staying. Like the rest of us, A.J. has to get a job, support himself and perhaps his family. Not to take advantage of the best opportunity to do so would be foolish on his part. One play could end his career. I wish him well.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Luck can't improve his draft status either, and he stayed.

I'm not saying AJ will stay. Id say there is about a 3% chance it will happen.

But people stay for different reasons. Leinart stayed at USC because he wasnt ready to leave college, and he would have been the number one pick if he left. Darren Evans at Virginia Tech declared for the draft today. He's a fourth or fifth round pick, but he is married with a child, so even the league minimum is a huge improvement from college life.

Anonymous said...

I've had it with this hot air expert McGarity.

Stop talking, starting actually DOING stuff, like offering Richt a 4th year, so he won't be a lame duck coach for current players, and he can actually get some decent recruits.

If you're committed to Richt, go all in. If not, let him go.

But this lukewarm stuff is for the birds.

Capt Dawg said...

OZAM, nothing "strange" about the comment. If you don't get it that is too bad, because he is referring to the over the top hate that is rampant on blogs. James is really on to something here.

Good things still in our future:
1. Potential Top 5 Recruiting Class. Yes, contrary to haters, is still very possible.
1.5 AJ & Houston still haven't declared (yeah, I know)
2. A fantastic freshman QB
3. A D that will, more likely than not, be much improved in 2011. I can't believe people are giving up on this guy after 1 year. Plain stupid. We don't even know what is possible here.
4. An AD with a brain above his belt

To all the "Fire Richt" guys, who should we hire other than Saban? Someone else famouse said something about "Change". I know it sounded good at first, but man... McGarrity could not be more clear about his plan of action going forward. This is a nice change, so appreciate the honesty and live with it.

I am pretty sure that we were in nearly every game this season and with a few trists of fate, could have had a much better record. The Bowl was embarising, but it is time to move on and support the team.

Anonymous said...

Above post is the epitome of:


That post is so disney, even Donald thinks it over the top.

Paul said...

Anon 406: Good points. But I still don't think he stays. I owe a beverage of your choice if he does. We can celebrate together.

heyberto said...

Interesting... it kind of seems that McGarity is saying that this was a program that didn't have some key institutional support it desperately needed. Ol' Damon is looking more and more like he didn't know what the hell he was doing regarding certain things. Man, I'm glad McGarity is there now.

Anonymous said...


Deal! But I can assure you that if AJ decides to stay, I will be having multiple beverages to celebrate.

I'm kind of interested to see what kind of impact his decision has on recruiting as well. If he makes a decision tomorrow, are we more likely or less likely to land Crowell and Co.?

AJ deciding to stay would certainly double as a vote of confidence for Richt and his staff I would think.

Capt Dawg said...

Sorry that I didn't live up to your lofty expectations Anon 423. I will try harder next time.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I loved McGarity comment with us or not, I have made a neg post or two feel like he was calling me out and frankly I and others needed it. Just because frustrated by year straight of bad news from Uga does not mean I want Richt or this team to fail. We all on this blog love Uga and bleed red and black. We all want the dawgs to win, and to previous post win without cheating. Those who stand tall with there support now and are vocal are true Uga fans. Just because you are vocal support don't mean you may not have reservations about somethings but we have heard all of them don't need to hear them any more. From this day on I pledge to be a better more supportive fan. Let's all rally behind those who wear the red and black with two simple words
GO DAWGS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Staying at Stanford and getting your degree is quite different than staying at UGA. I'm acknowledging that as a UGA grad. Seventy percent of his current classmates will be in influential positions in the future. That can't be overstated. Stanford is pretty much the best school in the country at this point. He would have huge insurance policy on him going into next year, in case a career ending injury occurred. Of course, Harbaugh leaving would encourage me to probably declare but, I'm just saying that a Stanford degree AND the connections that come along with that degree are invaluable and you never know how life will progress.

Anonymous said...

Luck wants an education. That is the only thing his staying says. Good for him. See you later AJ. Hope you come back and finish one day.

jIM said...

He DOES NOT UNDERSTAND!! He has not been here for the debacle. Tweaking does not work. Florida hies Weis as Oc and we have Bobo. An outdated and ineffective recruiting coordinator and poor defensive line coach.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely do believe McGarity understands. I bet he's doing his due diligence by taking the entire year to find the best coach available. It's not as if a new coach at this point in time will dramatically change the direction of the 2011 football team.

Chalk up the season and wait for a big splash in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Hey OZAM....

A good reason NOT to send Richt packing: It would cost the university about $15M to do, and I'm not talking about Monopoly money. And like just about any other coaching change at the college level, the program would be mired in mediocrity for 2-3 seasons before the new regime can get things pointed in the right direction. Recruiting will be hit hard, there is evidence to suggest things will get worse before they get better, the cost would be $15M, and there's no guarantee things will be any different. HMMMM.

And if I'm some hotshot coach out there, do I want the gig at UGA where the pressure is immense and fickle fans will call for the guillotine after 2 sub-par seasons? Who was responsible for creating these cut-throat expectations?

Someone with a realistic viewpoint talk to me!

Anonymous said...

renetWhy do I keep thinking that most of these "FIRE THEM ALL NOW" guys watch all the UGA games on TV, and don't have the slightist idea who Greg McGarity really is or what he does at UGA. My guess is their job review is limited to counting the tools in their tool box each week. If they really knew football or they were capable of understanding what a good AD does, they could bring an original thought to the table.... Hey, FTAN guys, lets have an open to the public review of your job and let people who have no idea what you do, decide if you and your family have to leave town......That was such a mean thing for me to say, but it is OK to say "FIRE THEM ALL" if you paid $5 for a UGA tee shirt.

Anonymous said...

Do we have final numbers on whether GA lost money on the bowl? That will tell you much people are with you. Next message will be the annual contributions. I hope we turn it around becasue if we do not, attendance will suffer.

Finlo said...

Andrew Lucks situation is way different than AJs... Money is not a option for Luck. His pops is the AD of a college program. Luck is coming back to make a legit national title run. AJ Green needs to go for the money to support his family. I'm all for it!! UGA will be back on the map with CMR or without him.. I like our new AD.. Let's give him some time and see what the future brings. GO DAWGS!

OZAM said...

To simply call out the posters with whom you disagree with as uneducated does nothing but diminish the credibility of your posts.

I just do not think many other football schools would allow a coach to remain who has lost control of the team on and off the field, and who is 2-8 against its chief SEC rival.

Lastly, all of this uncertainty is definitely hurting the program. If McGarity isn't going to show commitment by extending Richt's contract then let's just move on!

I can only hope this same conversation is not occurring eight months from now under even worse circumstances.

UGA69Dawg said...

whats lost in the AJ will he stay or go versu Luck is the fact that Luck's father is the AD at West Virginia. He is not a poor man. Why do you think that of the high profile guys that have stayed in school 99% of them are white upper middle class, they will have insurance etc. This is probable the last junior class that gets the big money because there will be a substacial rookie salary cap coming out of the new collective bargining agreement. No more 50 million dollar rookies.

Anonymous said...

Wow UGA just landed a 2 star recruit. This ship is tanking real fast. Cant wait till 2012 with our new coach though.

Paul said...

One of those 2 star last minute offers we had over the years under Richt was Tim Jennings. He turned out to not only be a 3 year starter and heck of a player but also has played and started many games for the Colts in the NFL. It is much more relaxing to a fan to see 5 stars next to a player but guys like Greene, Pollack and many others were not 5 star guys. Brandon Miller however was and how much did he do?
As for McGarrity a choice on Richt will be made for him next year. Either Richt will get UGA back in the 10 win area (9-3 reg season and win a Bowl) without being blown out in any game and get a contract extension to relieve any doubts recruits might have or he will be fired the Monday after the UGA/GT game. I am sure that while doing everything he can to help Richt succeed he is also putting together a list of coaches that A)Would be good fits and great coaches B) Would have a high chance of accepting the job and C) excite the fan base so that in the event a change has to be made he will be well prepared for it.

Anonymous said...

If McGarity understood, he's make a step towards reassuring people by his ACTIONS that Richt is Georgia's future. Why not add a 4th year, it's common in the buz? It gives recruits assurance, in a must win season for Richt, how can McGarity go schedule a top 10 team like Boise St, not extend Richt a year to help him get the talent he needs? Does he really think the team will lay it all out for a coahc in his last season--did that experiment work in 2010? Is McGarity really THAT CLUELESS?

How many 6-7 seasons can the UGA nation take? McGarity must be fired. Richt never had a losing seaosn until McGarity got here.

McGarity must go!

Anonymous said...

Blaming mcgarity for losing season, come on your making fool of self now. Man did not start job till few days before season started. He does not coach the team you must be a tech fan trying to start trouble. I can't believe any person with common sense would blame McGarity for losing season or say fire him.

BuLLdawg said...

Why not fire Greg McGarity ? This is certainly HIS SEASON of 6-7. This is most assuredly his decision to allow Mark Richt to do NOTHING this off-season to fix it EITHER. Team Rankings

1. Texas 23 Big 12 4826 11 7 9 7 13 10 0 23 0 4.00
2. Ohio State 20 Big Ten 3918 5 3 11 6 9 11 0 20 0 3.85
3. Florida State 22 ACC 3688 7 3 8 11 10 12 0 20 2 3.64
4. Alabama 21 SEC 3628 7 2 11 8 9 12 0 18 3 3.71
5. USC 23 Pac-10 3282 6 4 5 9 8 12 3 19 4 3.35
6. Stanford 22 Pac-10 3119 0 0 7 15 13 9 0 22 0 3.32
7. Arkansas 26 SEC 3045 1 1 6 17 15 11 0 23 3 3.23
8. Notre Dame 19 Indep 3020 4 0 9 10 8 10 1 19 0 3.47
9. Oklahoma 18 Big 12 3017 3 2 6 10 10 8 0 18 0 3.56
10. Clemson 23 ACC 2937 3 3 4 13 14 9 0 23 0 3.30
11. Auburn 16 SEC 2811 2 0 10 6 8 8 0 16 0 3.63
12. North Carolina 21 ACC 2751 3 2 4 12 9 11 1 20 1 3.24
13. LSU 19 SEC 2723 4 2 5 10 10 8 1 18 1 3.32
14. South Carolina 28 SEC 2695 1 1 3 19 13 15 0 27 1 3.00
15. Oklahoma State 23 Big 12 2645 4 1 6 13 10 12 1 19 4 3.13
16. Oregon 18 Pac-10 2534 3 1 7 8 11 7 0 16 2 3.39
17. Virginia 24 ACC 2477 0 0 3 17 10 14 0 24 0 2.96
18. Florida 16 SEC 2474 2 1 6 9 8 7 1 16 0 3.50
19. Georgia 16 SEC 2452 1 0 8 6 8 7 1 16 0 3.38

Rivals, no different :

2011 Team Rankings

Rank School

#1 Alabama 22 2 15 5 3.86 2,482
#2 Texas 23 1 16 6 3.78 2,410
#3 Florida State 22 2 9 11 3.59 2,074
#4 USC 23 2 7 9 3.09 1,822
#5 Oklahoma 17 2 8 7 3.71 1,805
#6 Ohio State 20 0 9 11 3.45 1,787
#7 Oregon 20 0 10 10 3.50 1,703
#8 Clemson 23 1 7 12 3.26 1,687
#9 LSU 19 1 7 10 3.42 1,669
#10 North Carolina 21 0 8 12 3.33 1,577
#11 Stanford 22 0 8 12 3.27 1,450
#12 Texas Tech 21 0 6 15 3.29 1,445
#13 Nebraska 16 0 10 5 3.56 1,414
#14 Mississippi 24 0 5 19 3.21 1,370
#15 Florida 16 0 8 7 3.44 1,366
#16 California 15 0 9 6 3.60 1,342
#17 Notre Dame 19 0 6 12 3.26 1,336
#18 Auburn 16 0 7 9 3.44 1,326
#19 Georgia 16 0 8 7 3.44 1,261

This is the “DREAM TEAM." Working hard is not good enough. We are not getting the job done in any area of the football program, especially SUSPENSIONS / ARRESTS. What about Christian LeMay, for example ? 9-4 for 2011 will make us # 32 in the nation at 9-4. 9-4 in 2010 is # 32. 9-4 in 2009 is # 32. Surely, we are more than # 32, Greg McGarity.

BuLLdawg said...

Mark Richt vs SEC

LOSS Auburn
LOSS Florida
Win Kentucky
Win Vanderbilt
Win Tennessee
LOSS Missy State
LOSS Arkansas
LOSS South Carolina
LOSS Kentucky
Win Auburn
LOSS Florida
Win Vanderbilt
LOSS Tennessee

Out of the last 13 SEC games, Mark Richt has Won 5.

Anonymous said...

Fire UGA VII. This dog obviously doesn't have what it takes to be a mascot in the SEC. His 40 time is embarasing. Don't get me started on his work ethic. Richt & McGarrity need to pull a Clark Grizwald and tie him to the bumper.

That makes about as much sense as fireing McGarrity.

Willb said...

If only we had more players like Luck!

We have recruited teams good enough to win SEC and National Championships but the best players have left early every year.

I'm not saying this as an excuse but if the players that have left recently stayed one more year these last couple of years would of been very different!

Why can't our players pull a Peyton Manning, Sam Bradford, Jake Locker, Andrew Luck, Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy? It's not that uncommon for a player to stay in college even after he is a first round NFL player. That might not of been the case with McCoy but if he was a Ga player he would of left after his Junior season.

This seems to be more of a new problem in the program. We need guys like Andrew Luck who want to be here. I wonder what players on our team now would stay even after hearing they would be a first round player?

I understand it to an extent but there has to be an exception sometime!

PTC DAWG said...

ALL those players you mention have one thing in common.

Families not living paycheck to paycheck. It factors in, you better believe it.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. It is a problem, but Murray will give us 4 years. You can't blame a guy for leaving as a first pick in the draft. I doubt that many of you would stay with someone waving a $30MM paycheck in front of you. Tebow & McCoy wern't going that early. AJ is also not a QB which seems to be part of the deal. The skill guys that are top at their position rarely stay these days. Too much at risk. Many have several mouths to feed compared to the relatively financially secure QB families. Don't think the Manning family was struggling to put food on the table.

Be glad we don't have the College B-Ball system. Kentuck and NC look like a mess with the star players that never learn how to play together.

GumpDawg said...

Ladies and gentlemen, I'll be brief. The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules (ACCPD) or took a few liberties with our female party guests (recruits) -- we did. But you can't hold a whole fraternity (UGA Football Team) responsible for the behavior of a few sick, perverted individuals (Coaching Staff). For if you do, then shouldn't we blame the whole fraternity system (NCAA)? And if the whole fraternity system (NCAA) is guilty, then isn't this an indictment of our educational institutions in general? I put it to you, Greg (McGarity)... isn't this an indictment of our entire American society? Well, you can do what you want to us, but we're not going to sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America! Gentlemen!

Seth Emerson said...

OK, that was pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:22

A good reason NOT to send Richt packing: It would cost the university about $15M to do, and I'm not talking about Monopoly money.

If we're keeping Richt for financial reasons, it means we aren't an elite program. Richt would be unemployed at UF, OSU, USC, Bama, etc. Top shelf programs don't keep ineffective coaches because they can't afford the buyout. Maybe we should just admit we're a second tier program and stop talking about playing for a national championship.

And like just about any other coaching change at the college level, the program would be mired in mediocrity for 2-3 seasons before the new regime can get things pointed in the right direction.

Mediocrity like Bama when Saban won a NC in his third year? Or UF where Meyer won a NC in his 2nd AND 4th? Or OSU where Tressel won in his 2nd year? Or OK where Stoops won in his 4th? Or USC where Carroll in his 3rd?

Yep, slow and steady wins the race, lol.

Recruiting will be hit hard
Hiring a hot new coach is a recruiting boon.

And if I'm some hotshot coach out there, do I want the gig at UGA where the pressure is immense and fickle fans will call for the guillotine after 2 sub-par seasons?

Great coaches know elite programs have high expectations. Mediocre programs do not. Which do you think we are?

GumpDawg said...

you're welcome, seth. thought you might get a kick out of it. I expect to be quoted warmly and accurately.

Anonymous said...

Agree with all, McGarity must be fired. He just can't lead.

Richt just had the worst seasonin his career, I think the only losing season since he started 2 1/2 decades ago in 1985.

Get rid of McGarity and Richt can start winning again. Richt doesn't respond to McGarity's leadership style.

Anonymous said...

FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! YEAH!! That'll fix everything! We had a couple rough years so let’s just fire everybody! Fire the offensive coordinator! Fire the coach! Fire the AD! Hell, just fire everybody in Athens!!!

I'm sorry, but this is so elementary and childish, just like Georgia fans. I'm so embarrassed to be a part of Bulldog nation right now.

Anonymous said...

Sure am disappointed in our AD Mr. Howdy Doody by not letting some heads roll on the football staff. Our Volleyball coach sure caught the wrath and I thought maybe this was a sign of things to come throughout the entire athletic dept but nooooooooooo.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:24

Do you have any idea how "childish" your post reads?

What you should be embarrassed about is not the fans, but the current state of the UGA program. Did you know that in the nine months since David Hale wrote a long article about all the team's off-field problems an additional twelve arrests have occurred?