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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What you want to hear from Richt

Mark Richt has his postseason wrap-up press conference on Wednesday morning. Here are among the top subjects expected to be addressed:

- Richt’s picks for the NFL playoffs.
- Is he interested in hiring Rich Rodriguez as a graduate assistant?
- What are Richt’s thoughts on the new all-day Oprah network?

OK, seriously, this could actually be a very interesting press conference. It depends on what direction Richt wants to take it: Is he the same even-keel guy, or does he feel the need to show some passion, as the AJC's Tony Barnhart has urged.

Last week in Memphis, Richt deviated a bit from his normal approach with his “the fourth-winningest coach in America” statement. I saw that more of a defense of his approach to coaching, rather than the job pressure. But that was before the loss to UCF, which since then has only ratcheted up the heat from the public.

Beyond some housekeeping questions – like the updates on the players considering going pro – here are some questions I expect Richt to field:

- Does he feel 2011 is a make-or-break year for him as Georgia’s head coach?
- Does he feel the need to make any changes in his own approach to coaching, or how he runs the program?
- Blair Walsh said after the Liberty Bowl that the team felt a sense of entitlement about the game, leading to the loss. Does Richt think that the Bulldog program has fallen into a sense of entitlement, and needs some urgency?

That’s just a few off the top of my head. Now it’s your turn: What would you want to ask Richt? Feel free to post your questions below, preferably with a minimal amount of profanity, and if I like it enough maybe it’ll get asked and you’ll get full credit. (On the blog. Not in the press conference. That'd be weird.)

Hint: The more informational, and less argumentative, the question, the more likely it is to get chosen.

OK Bulldog fans, impress me.


VineyardDawg said...

What do I want to hear from Mark Richt?

"First of all, I want to thank God, because without Him, none of this would be possible."

"Second, I want to thank our fans. They're awesome, and they showed up big-time in the Dome for us today."

"Third, the players and coaches just played and coached their hearts out and left it all on the field today. You can't ask for more than they gave."

"I'm ecstatic that we could bring home another SEC Championship to Athens, and I'm looking forward to many more."

(Ok, I know, snarky response... but that's really what I want to hear Mark Richt say.)

Josh said...

Since 2007 the team has lost it's swagger and confidence. Where has it gone? It seems the team is waiting for things to happen rather than being aggressive and making the game changing plays themselves (vs. waiting for an opponent's mistake).

Chase said...

"How soon can you be packed?"

"Plaques that say 7-6? Really? Can anyone on your staff do anything right?"

In all seriousness, I'd like to hear how much of an emphasis will be placed on recruiting due to the loss to UCF.

Scott said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emily said...

Does he really think that the only staff change needed is to the S&C staff?
Why is are offensive play calling so mundane?
When are we going to get a running game?
What is with the rotating running back(by the way it isn't working)!
How is he going to address the flatness of our team.
Does he see that our team is flat?
Bobo is a great qb coach why not bring in a great oc to help him?
What does he see is the biggest problem with the team?

Clay said...

"I will be taking over the play-calling/offensive coordinator duties for the 2011 season since that is really what got me this job to begin with and Mike Bobo will be retained as quarterbacks coach. Coach T will ensure that we are all stronger, tougher, meaner, and much more aggressive than this lackadaisical stuff that has infected us all, including me.
God bless."

Jerry said...

How do you account for the underperformance by what was supposed to be one of the key strengths of the team - the offensive line? Rushing yardage dropped from 2093 yards in 2009 to 1854 in 2010. Sacks surrendered more than doubled from 12 to 25.

On the defensive side the question is much the same. Rushing yardage surrendered went up from 1640 yards to 1927 yards by the defense.

Anonymous said...

1. Coach you just finished 8-5 and 7-6 in the last two years. How do you go out and recruit players to play, with them knowing Georgia isn't competing for SEC titles?

2. In your mind what would be the last quality, dominant, overpowering win? Hawaii 2007? Alabama 2007? Tennessee 2010? When was the last time you felt like you dminated a team?

NCDawg said...

Justin Scott-Wesley just tweeted he's a Dawg. How many scholarships are available, and will 1 remain open for a key DT no matter what?

haney said...

Hey coach, do you feel the change in the S&C program will have us finishing the drill again. In every loss this year, we were in the game going into the fourth quarter only to see our opponents step up and make the plays to win. That used to be a characteristic of Mark Richt coached teams.

Anonymous said...

it is said that teams carry the identity of their head would you define the identity of this years team?

Anonymous said...

Up to this point, how has he held his assistant coaches and staff accountable for the poor performance? If he has not, how will he?

How does he envision the current coaching staff changing the culture of the program? In his opinion, what has kept those things from being done or tried already?

BicDawg said...

was # 49 from UCF redheaded kid from north GA thats plays his heart out ever given a fair shake at being a bulldog, which apparently he wanted to become since a kid? That is what UGA needs, Someone who wants to be a bulldog and not just be a bulldog for 3years to get to the NFL. I realize that all teams deal with self focus of young men but Dang that kid didnt just start playing that way in Memphis on Fri night. He basically won the dang game for them.

Anonymous said...

With 2 or perhaps 3 future NFL players, what in his opinion led to the poor performance of the OL?

Chase said...

Oh, I'd also like to hear Richt's defense of Coach McClendon. It's become painfully obvious that a former WR is not fit to coach the backs. I know McClendon is one of the main recruiters of Crowell but our backs have become less than ordinary.

Mike said...

Simple. I want to hear what he thinks went wrong this year and how he is going to fix it.

Ask the question if you can because this is my number 1 question.

No platitudes, no dodging, no fluff - just "a,b,c didn't work and so this season I will be changing x,y, and z to fix it."

if I hear that, I'll be happy.

JenniferfromLaJolla said...

I am not sure if this qualifies as argumentative, but...

Coach Richt said that there was no lack of "effort or fire" on the part of his players in the Liberty Bowl. He said this after the game. Several players tweeted and were quoted as saying that effort was lacking. And, UGA's new AD, Greg McGarity, agreed with them. I'd like to know why the varying opinions? Is there a disconnect between what the players are doing and what Mark Richt is seeing?

Burritoman said...

Historically teams transitioning from a 4-3 to a 3-4 have seen drastic improvements in Year 2 of the transition. Does he think that he currently has the personnel in place to see a significant improvement? And if not how do he and Coach Grantham plan on overcoming it?

Of all the issues that this season presented, to me the new defense was the biggest reason for the poor record. Anytime you score 30+ points you should win, and to give up so much was really disappointing.

yeahbud said...

Why didn't we go for it on 4th down? We just drove 97 yards and he doesn't have the guts to go for it? That sends a message, not only to UCF, to our guys. He said we should have gotten it on 3rd down. C'mon coach we know your into the forgiving thing, so let the guys go on 4th down. We had to go 6 inches, and could've gotten a 1st and Goal from the 2!!

HobbsDawg said...

Why are we leaving in running backs for full drives, instead of switching them in and out for different situational plays? Carlton Thomas is and never will be an every down back, but can contribute with much more success in certain situations besides just the 3 & 25 screen pass which can be seen from miles away? Do we put our offense on the field to score every drive or is it just a ploy to run the clock out and maybe we'll get some points? Sorry I am just sick of watching us put out our give-up offense instead of actually trying to score every possession.

David Not Hale said...

I would like a REAL answer from him about taking the FG instead of going for it early in the UCF game. I would just like to hear response to whether this decision HE made set the tone for the game, and would he take it back if he could.

Ben S said...

1. I would like to know how Richt views the team's regression from 2007 to now, especially the past two seasons. Does he regard them as anomalies or does he see them as the result of something he's been doing wrong? Basically, is the philosophy for 2011 "stay the course" and what worked from 2001-2008 will work again; or does he believe a major overhaul is necessary to "right the ship"?

2. Being at the center of a major organization like he is, it can be really tough to get an objective feel for what's happening, especially in a game like football where there are so many variables. I'd like to know -- if he's willing to share -- who his "inner circle" is. When he has questions about our program, whose opinions does he seek? Who does he talk to about X's and O's, about recruiting, about discipline, about motivation? Who on the outside does he trust to give him a clear idea of what's going wrong on the inside, which he may not be able to see? If he does have people for these kind of questions, what did they tell him during last season, especially the 1-4 start? What are they saying now?

Joeski said...

I'll keep it simple, since that likely will aid in him addressing the questions:

I would like Coach Richt to identify what he feels are the 3 areas that he feels need the most most work this offseason, and how he intends to address each.

A second question: was part of Coach Van Halanger's move to a new position an effort to reduce the off the field incidents we've been seeing lately?

Thanks, Seth.

Beau Mason said...

Are you going to make any changes to the offensive play callings? The defense knows exactly where we are going and when. They know on 3rd and 10 we are running it up the middle. The play calling is not working. Are you going to make any changes to make our offense any better?

Paul said...

Given how difficult it was for our experienced defensive players to adapt to the new scheme do you expect any true freshmen to be able to step up and make a substantial contribution next year? If so, who?

Anonymous said...

Ask him why our offense has 0 creativity involved with it. With 4 weeks to prepare for the bowl game and we still could not even get a reverse in the game plan. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Next year we will not settle for field goals inside the 15 yard line because Im gonna grow a pair in the offseason.

We are making a uniform change in bringing back the real silver britches. No more gray.

Our offensive line will be able to runblock and help our backs average 5.7 yards or more a play.

We will NOT be Vanilla in our play calling and we will add some razzle dazzle in our play calling.

Anonymous said...

ASk CMR about Uniform Change ! I like silver pants more than Gray. I know his answer but maybe it will put a bug in his ear... plus it could be sort of an ice breaker question.

Stuart said...

Why did Wade Philips lose his job with Dallas? He's a nice guy and good football mind. Here's why: he's a wuss. 20 something year old black men will take advantage of wusses. Cut corners, take liberties. The fact is most of the football players came here, not because they love Georgia, but because they love the Athens lifestyle. There has been a HUGE void in leadership since 04/05. Losing BVG probably didn't help. The fact is we have lot of Odell Thurmans and hardly any DJ Shockleys. I can 25 different starting players I have seen out downtown in the bars after a devastating home loss over the past years. I've seen first round picks, preacher's sons', and freshman getting hammered out in public after losses. THIS TEAM HAS NO LEADERSHIP FROM THE PLAYERS. Richt's awe shucks let's pray on it mentality won't change anything. We have not the heart of champions, but the liver of champions? Yes we do have that.

Anonymous said...

1. How do you intend to fix our offensive line problems?
2. Why do we tackle so poorly, especially our dbs? The fix?
3. How do we get a team first mentality, rather than a "me first" mentality?
4. Is Mike Bobo the best offensive coordinator available? Why does Bobo refuse to stick with what is working? And even more maddening, take what the defense is giving- e.g, SC game and passing, So Miss threw for 341 but we stuck with running up the middle?????

Doug said...

What changes will the fans see being made in order to turn this program around?


BuLLdawg said...

Forthwith, Mark Richt – just up and quit.

17 suspensions this year alone
12 arrests criminal charges this year alone
7 lost games this year alone-unmatched back to 1957, 53 years
Lost to Florida 8 of 10 years
Lost 5 ranked teams and now 17-24 all 10 years vs Final AP Poll.
Lost 1 Top 10 Final AP Poll tea & now 3-9 all 10 years
121 arrested / suspended all 10 years now
Won Fulmer Cup National Championship most arrested in nation this yr
No recruits
No Fullback
Lies from you Mark Richt that you kept Marcus Dowtin out of bowl game, unrelated.
Lies from you Mark Richt you are the # 4 best coach in all of America – B.S. you are.
Throwing Aaron Murray under bus for bowl game loss.
Keeping Mike Bobo.
Keeping Willie Martinez way too long too.
Keeping Rodney Garner with no DL and no recruits
No Tailback at Univ of Ground Attack
Redshirting Knowshon Moreno
# 2 Fulmer Cup All-Time – ALL Mark Richt recruits, every single one.
2 more recruits you want us to let in 2011 kicked off their HS teams.
# 52 Total Offense all 10 years.
No Offensive Line.
No Wide Outs
No Secondary
Cannot return kick-offs
No pressure opposing Quarterbacks
Shaming The good name of the University every day for 5 sold years Mark Richt.
Telling us you can put your head on your pillow you are doing it right way.
No implementing Game Plan for Liberty Bowl until you even got to Memphis.
Telling fans we don’t know what we are talking about last year.
Telling players they should have made TD on 3rd down not complain field goal 1st Drive.
Basically Mark Richt, I am fed up with it son.
Not, not 1 more arrest. Go. Just leave. Do the Christian thing, and quit Mark Richt.

Jim said...

I Resign!!!

Anonymous said...

I love how ridiculously inconsistent The Dawg Nation can be sometimes.


2001-2005: Richt sucks at playcalling, needs to hire an OC
2010: Richt should call the plays, duh!

"Richt should stop being so saintly and recruit some mean-ass guys that play tough."
"Richt needs to get these thugs under control!

"We shouldn't have guys on the team just because they want to be Bulldogs. Our rivals only recruit top-tier NFL-type talent!"
"Why are we recruiting all these guys who only want to be here to pad their draft status? We should be going after lifelong Dawg fans!"

I know y'all have "rebuttals" to all these, but it's pretty clear that if Richt or any coach/athletic dept let the fans call the shots, we'd have an even bigger mess on our hands than we do now.

BuLLdawg said...

Put you in charge then.

I am fine with that.

Just get the b-hole out of here.


I am tired of the lies; tired of the losses; tired of the arrests.

Anonymous said...

I want to know why we settle for haviing a less than impressive offense coord. and such a vanilla offensive playcaller. None of this blahblah we scored this many points, when big games come UGA gets whooped on offense playcalling everytime!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I would like to ask Mark Richt Why does he always have to be threatened with the loss of his job before he will make changes to coaching staff or strategy? The other question is when he was OC and the plays he called were not working he handed it off to Mike Bobo so now that his plays are not working what happens now by the way Bobo is a great QB coach just not a good OC so not trying to knock it's just not his thing

Anonymous said...

What aspect of the program does Richt think will lead to the greatest improvement from the 2010 to the 2011 season: new strength and conditioning changes, incoming recruits, year 2 of Grantham's D, or the development of Aaron Murray?

Stamey said...

Disregarding your first 5 years, why does it seem as if the program continues to decline the longer you continue to coach?

Do you still posses the fire within yourself that you had on Day 1 as the UGA HC?

What are your biggest concerns for the program, and exactly how do you plan to fix them?

Anonymous said...

I am fan of the dawgs,and i like what you have done.With the talent you had on this years team, how do you expect to turn the program around now??????

Anonymous said...

The 7-6 plaque question has to be the lead in or follow up to the question on the players and a sense of entitlement.

How Hot is the Heat under Coach Searles seat?

How will an "old school" approach to weight training get us on the right track when teams like Bama and UF are doing exercise, nutrition and training on the cutting edge?

Lucid Idiocy said...

Does he still believe in his ability to win the SEC and National Championship at the University of Georgia?

Anonymous said...

Would he consider looking to bring in some JUCO recruits?

Ian said...

I would love for him to say this is what they are going to do..." We as a coaching staff have decided to take the names off the backs of the jerseys and the G's off the helmets and allow players the right to EARN them first...The Team First mentality!" ..I bet that would send a shock wave across the team...

Anonymous said...

What game planning lead to the first field goal on the first drive of the first half and what adjustments were made to lead to the second field goal on the first drive of the second half. So, hopefully, after watching the game film, what adjustments should have been made to let us score during the rest of the game. Respectfully,

Anonymous said...

How about this...

"Instead of focusing so much effort on a dream team of players, who are teenagers, who may or may not perform in college the way they played in HS, how about focusing on a dream team of COACHES?"

Roaddawg said...

Coach you have said we have won a lot of games in this system and we all agree. However, things have changed. Looking back in the early decade when you first got here and going back to the FSU days, it seemed like the offense was more open and spread. We were using the hurry up offense and more reverses. Now in the last couple of years even thought we did use a small portion of reverses to a guy who wears #8 we are more predictable in the I formation, running play action when we couldn't run the football. Why the change? Do you see us opening it back up like you had it at FSU or with Greene? Maybe pick the pace up a little? Your thoughts coach.

Thanks Seth

Roaddawg said...


I know we like to keep the players fresh and so on..... but do you think we may substitute a little to much. Sometimes it seems like when a back gets in a groove we take him out for a whole drive. Instead of just taking him out for a breather. Orson Charles has a great game and you let someone else in for a whole season. Maybe they might work harder knowing their not going to get in the game at all if they don't step it up? THEY THINK THEY ARE ENTITLED TO PLAY...MAKE THEM EARN IT>

Thanks Blogman


Jimmy the Saint said...

Standard corporate CEO resignation speech would be nice. Spending time with family/other interests, blah, blah, blah.

Oh, and sorry for piledriving the team into the ground. Mistakes were made, etc.

Lee said...

I think Richt is willing to make changes that are necessary. In the past the big whine-getting items for the fans were the insane amount of penalties, directional kicking, the defense getting shellacked two or three times a year, and defensive turnover forcing. All of that was addressed and seemingly fixed this year (for the good it did.)

Given that my question would be: Many times over the past few years, the team has seemed flat and uninspired. You mentioned several times that for such and such a game, the kids didn't need any extra motivation (because it was a big game.) However, in the couple of times that it was public knowledge that a former player had provided a motivational speech, the play of the team seemed improved (if only temporarily.) So, would you consider a staff member who has, as a major responsibility, the task of getting the team motivated all week by doing things like getting bulletin board material, convincing the team that the other team kicks puppies, etc. This stuff seems silly to mature adults but actually works on teenage kids!

Anonymous said...

Coach, how do you perceive the less than 3 ypr in the bowl game and why run 32 out of 62 plays if that is all you are going to get?

cantseefade said...

"What do you feel is the difference between the Coach Richt of 2001 and the Coach Richt of today?"

cantseefade said...

"What do you feel is different between the Coach Richt of 2001 and the Coach Richt of today?"

"Coach Dooley said that you have lived a charmed life as Coach. Obviously that is no longer the case. What do you have to say to the fanbase who questions your ability to get this situation turned around?"

UGA69Dawg said...

Seth how about some of you media guys manning up and asking the hard questions once in your professional life. How about: 1. Coach Richt what do you specifically think went so terribly wrong with the team this year?

2.What concrete plans can you give us to set this straight?

3 Do you think the team will be able to compete on a high level next year given the loses to the NFL draft or will it be a rebuilding year?

4 At what point do you feel a coach should be held accountable for the team not winning?

5. How do you judge your assistant coaches performance?

6. Do you think the fans really believe all the platitudes about trying harder when they have heard the same thing from you and your assistants for the last 3 years.

7. Can you explain why Georgia has had so much trouble with off the field issues for the last few years, given the suspension policy? Do the players really even care that they are suspended or are they just to self absorbed that they think the rules are for everybody else? 8. Do you feel that the lack of self discipline on the player's part is to blame for the on field performance of many of the same players?

9.Why do you feel that the offensive line underperformed this year?

10. Why do the players appear to be confused even in the games later in the season?

11.Do you think that any change to the offensive scheme to make it easier would help the players perform better?

No guts no glory.

Anonymous said...

1) Our offensive line has been very experienced the last two years, yet it has underperformed the last two years.

Why have there been no changes to the coaching? If the answer is that the problem lays with the S&C program, why did it take two years for you to address this problem?

2) Around the Vandy game in 2007, you said that the team was playing flat. As I remember it, you related the team's style of play to your own coaching style, which sometimes lacks flair. For 2011, do you expect to be more animated, tougher, etc. on the field with players, with officials, with assistant coaches? If no changes are planned, how do you expect the players to show intensity on the field if their HC isn't?

Anonymous said...

Do we track our tendencies? How many times did we run between the tackles with a 165 pound dude that needs a haircut when it was 2nd and long?

Anonymous said...

Seth -

I want to know what he meant by the comment "there are reasons for why we ended up the way we did." That has been driving me F-ing nuts all week.

I want to know (A) what are the reasons and (B) what is he doing?

Also..if he knew the damn reasons, why did he not address them???

Also, I want to know what he's going to do about Dowtin. Isn't lying about a situation what got Mett kicked off the team? (That and how bad the facts were...)

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah...

When Richt got here, he had a "no long hair rule."

When the hell did that go out the window? To me, it seemed like that went out the window about the same time we started playing like crap.

Anonymous said...

I would like for someone to ask him what changes he is going to make. He alwsy beats around the bush. Does he know what needs changing or is he just going to change something mildly and hope it works. They get paid to do this so he should now right now at this moment what needs to be done in order to produce better results and I wanna know what he thinks they are. Not some bullcrap answer beating around the bush and answering nothing. Fans and recruits want to hear something inspiring and something to get excited about. My bet is he wouldnt give a straight answer if he was asked that question. But I and many others sure would like to know what he thinks needs to be done.

Steve said...

yes when i see the fl and bama players i see a much stronger faster,meaner athlete out there, gamecocks were rolling monster tires down the road and razorback players swing a sledge hammer on a rock to make tougher players in practice, they have surpassed uga, u cant fix toughness overnight, it takes several months of desire from each player, are we gonna get it from these dawgs or are we gonna get puched in the mouth and fall back on our heels

Anonymous said...

Will CMR implement hard fast rules like Mark Fox as in no tweeting or Facebook and no listening to ipods when getting into Sanford stadium. Will Focus become a main theme for this team?

Thomas said...

Do you think that your program is stronger now (following 8-5 and 6-7 seasons) than it was in 2001 (following two 8-4 seasons), and if so, why?

BuLLdawg said...

Why are we # 23 in the nation in won/lost record these last 5 years, if you are the # 4 best coach in all of America Mark Richt ?

BuLLdawg said...

How did you knock the lid off the # 11 All-Time Program in 1-A Wins in 2001 beating # 4 vols on the hobnail boot, when you LOST 4 games in 2001 Mark Richt ?

BuLLdawg said...

How did you recruit Cam Newton as a Tight End, Mark Richt ?

BuLLdawg said...

How did you Redshirt All-America Knowshon Moreno 1st Round Draft Selection, so that we only got to see him only 2 years, Mark Richt ?

Anonymous said...

Do you think you EARNED your 2.5 million salary this year? If so, why or if not, why not.

BuLLdawg said...

Katherine, where are you ?

Mark Richt, it does not appear that your LIES are working any longer, sir.

Even the of this blog in particular are no longer anywhere to be found - no where on this blog is 1 of their B.S. responses.

KOOL-AID is no longer a drink of any Bulldogs' Football Fan reading you say Marcus Dowtin was held out of the Liberty Bowl - unrelated to him beating up a person in Maryland back in May of 2010 and charged with it in July, and the victim saying that he was given a concussion by Marcus Dowtin.

Where are the Mark Richt ?

Beaten down ? Given up ? Seen the light ?

How do you put your head down on the pillow at night, again sir, and say you did it the right way at 6-7 vs the # 45 easiest strength of schedule in the nation - beating no even reasonably good team - all the while winning the Fulmer Cup National Championship for the Most Arrests / Suspensions ?

BuLLdawg said...

Why talk about DREAM TEAM when that is a 1989 movie about criminally insane wanting to get out of prison to go to a ballgame ?

Where is your 2009 recruiting class ?

Where is your 2010 recruiting class ?

Where is your 2011 recruiting class ?

Why do none of the high school football players in the state finding only 3 states with more high school recruits who go on to the NFL, not want to come play for you Mark Richt ?

Especially on OFFENSE ?

When is the PRESS going to go to each recruit and get them to say, even if they have to wait until AFTER they graduate another school, or say it anonymously, when is the PRESS going to ask the kids in this great state why they don't want to play for Mark Richt ?


You say you get ideas on your blogs, Seth.

How about it ?

BuLLdawg said...

Where the hell are you ?

You said for the last 2 years on this blog, that you wanted me to leave; and, now it appears that the entire blog is NOTHING but posters who obviously have read what I have to say.

Dallas said...

I'd ask Coach Richt if he thinks there are any flaws in the way we evaluate the talent on the team. This year most people expected the O-line to be a strength, and it drastically underperformed. And it seems like the 2nd year in a row that we were shifting the O-line around up until almost the midpoint of the season in order to improve their performance. We have all of the off-season to figure out these things, why can't we get it figured out (correctly) before game one of the season?

BuLLdawg said...

Last Five (5) Years :

56-9 Ohio State
56-12 Florida
61-5 Boise State
55-10 TCU
54-15 Oklahoma
52-16 Virginia Tech
51-14 Southern California
50-15 LSU
50-15 Texas
50-15 BYU
49-16 Wisconsin
49-16 West Virginia
50-15 Utah
49-18 Alabama on the field
48-16 Oregon
48-19 Missouri
47-18 Penn State
46-18 Auburn
46-22 Hawaii
45-20 Cincinnati
45-21 Boston College
45-20 Texas Tech
44-21 Georgia Mark Richt last entire 5 years # 23 won/lost # 23

2 other teams with 44 wins the last 5 years, Navy and Tulsa.

2 more teams with 43 wins the last 5 years Oklahoma State and Nebraska.

2 more teams with 42 wins the last 5 years South Florida and Georgia tek.

All games through tonight 4 January 2011.

Lucas said...

To Coach Richt: "What is your take on the idea that the members of your team have become less 'hungry' to acheive greatness? How do you plan on eliminating the off the field distractions and getting the players exclusively focused on achieving perfection on the field and in the classroom?"

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I think he owes it to UGA and McGarity to outline WHY the program has fallen so far, and exactly what he intends to do to bring it back. This should be a very specific step-by-step outline as to how the program is going to compete for the SEC again. It won't happen though.

Anonymous said...

BuLLdawg----dude you seriously need a life.

Coach J said...

Here are a few questions I think you should consider asking:

Since you chose to become more of a CEO and less of a hands on coach, the program has fallen on hard times. Are you going to get more involved in the on-the-field coaching again?

There has not been a real "leader" on the team who truly elevated the play of everyone around him since David Pollack graduated. There seems to be a lack of passionate, vocal leadership amongst the players. Has the staff looked for more of that trait in recruits this year?

Anonymous said...

should I go ahead and purchase red and black choir robes for next year?

Anonymous said...

Here are two questions for Coach Richt. 1) Why is our O line consistently unable to block for the run and consistently unable to get short yardage.

2) Do you think our offensive plays have become stale? Don't we need to run the Pistol or some other pass routes?

haney said...

Hey Seth-

I have a new blog, just posting my opinions and will also put some links on there of course. Check it out and if you have any suggestions on things I can do to improve it, let me know. You can view it here-

I already posted a question for you, but sounds like the press conference is already underway.

Anonymous said...

Where can you hear the press conference?