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Friday, January 7, 2011

Sturdivant returning for senior year

Georgia is getting at least one junior offensive lineman back.

Tackle Trinton Sturdivant confirmed Friday that he has elected to return for his senior year, after looking into entering the NFL draft.

“I decided for awhile now but I kept it quiet because I wanted to really weigh my options.” Sturdivant said. “And I didn’t want to throw anything out there and regret it in the end.”

Sturdivant came on in the latter portion of this season after missing the 2008 season, and then all but the opener of 2009, with consecutive knee surgeries. He said he hoped another healthy season will improve his NFL draft stock.

“Hopefully it will. You never know what God has in store for you. But that’s what a lot of people are telling me,” Sturdivant said.

Georgia is also waiting to hear what decision junior guard Cordy Glenn makes. Sturdivant said he had not spoken to Glenn, then added with a laugh that if he had “I wouldn’t tell y’all what they were thinking.”

As for Sturdivant, he said he thought hard about his decision, and ultimately decided that “everything’s good with Georgia except for the record.”

Sturdivant also had one more thought on the future of his team.

“I hope we get good recruits, and go Dogs,” he said.

UPDATE: Georgia head coach Mark Richt released a statement in reaction to Sturdivant's return:

“We’re obviously excited with Trinton’s decision. He’ll be an important part of our team and will also have an opportunity for some individual recognition as well.”


Anonymous said...

Good for Sturdivant! It's nice to see a guy like him come back! Maybe more will follow his lead! It doesn't hurt to dream right?

Anonymous said...

I am sooo happy!!Go Sturdivant! Go o-line! Go DAWGS!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Sturdivant will get fully healthy and play like his freshman year when we finished national runner-up to LSU. The receiver we picked up is a good prospect, good size, runs a 4.39 forty and he was productive, lots of yards and touchdowns. Good tradeoff for Witchett, the guy whose offer they withdrew.

IveyLeaguer said...

There's nothing exciting about this news.

Sturdivant would have been absolutely stupid to go, and Trinton is not stupid.


Hannah said...

Seth, I don't know if this qualifies as a mailbag query, but I have a question. Since Harbaugh is going to the NFL, can Luck "change his mind" and enter the draft? I know Luck already said he's returning to school for his senior year, but since the deadline for declaring has not passed, could Luck say "just kidding - I'm going to the NFL"?

Seth Emerson said...

Hannah, of course he can. The only time you can't change your mind is you decided to leave, and signed with an agent.

Anonymous said...

Seth I think if a player declares for the draft he is done - agent or not.

Seth Emerson said...

Well yes and no. Again, it depends on whether the deadline has passed and he's signed with an agent.

A few years ago South Carolina's Eric Norwood announced he was leaving. Then he changed his mind, and was able to do so and play his senior year because he hadn't signed.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor today of Grantham to Dallas as DC. Any truth to that? That could really hurt our already wounded program. Thanks.

Paul said...

Finally a piece of good news. Hopefully most of the other juniors will stay as well. There is even a sliver of hope for AJ, hey no one expected Luck to come back and he did so it is possible even though unlikely.

Anonymous said...

How about talking about Fran Tarkenton? He is someone who cares who knows football and isn't always right but he has been right on so many things (Brett Favre). And he has expressed so many things that is exactly what so many people feel.