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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Boykin and Glenn to return for senior years

Georgia got some good news from two of its juniors on Wednesday night. Now it awaits word on one more big name.

Brandon Boykin and Cordy Glenn have elected to return for their senior years, according to UGA. Boykin, a cornerback and kick returner, and Glenn, a guard, had both submitted their name to the NFL draft advisory board.

That leaves linebacker Justin Houston as the lone remaining Bulldog contemplating the jump to the pros. If he leaves, he would join A.J. Green, who declared for the draft on Sunday. If Houston stays, he would join Boykin, Glenn, and tackle Trinton Sturdivant, who made his decision to stay public last week.

(Kicker Blair Walsh and punter Drew Butler also submitted their names, but made clear before the season ended they intended to return.)

Here are statements by Boykin, Glenn and head coach Mark Richt, according to the release by UGA:

Boykin: “After meeting with my family and coaches, I was able to put a lot of things into perspective. First of all, I want to be part of getting Georgia back into the championship hunt. Coming back will also give me a chance to get my degree before entering the draft and another year of experience will only make me a better player as well.”

Glenn: “I want to come back for several reasons including helping our team get back on track to where we want to be. Coming back will also give me a chance to improve my draft stock and get closer to my degree which is important to me and my family.”

Richt: “This is exciting news for Georgia and for Brandon and Cordy. I think they have both made wise decisions for the right reasons and will be important senior leaders for us this coming year. We’re recruiting 24/7 right now but these two are a big part of our ‘recruiting class.’”


ReservoirDawg said...

Any word on whether Houston was at the team workout today?

adam said...


Wondering the exact same thing.

Seth Emerson said...

Fellers, I wasn't there so I don't know if Houston was there. But for what it's worth Boykin was tweeting during the workout, so unless I'm mistaken he wasn't there but he's coming back. It was a voluntary workout.

dawgjammin said...

its a shame if there's not 100% attendance giving at least 110% effort at the voumtary workout.

Paul said...

Good news, now hopefully Houston will join them! If Houston comes back the D will be have everyone back but Dent, Dobbs, and Gamble. With Samuel and Jones coming off redshirts and the possible addition of Jenkins the talent level overall will be more than made up for. With everyone except for Jenkins if he signs being in the second year of the 3-4 it should help the D play light years ahead of this years D. Even if Jenkins is not back Tyson having played nose all this year should help him be more prepared for it next year and hopefully Geathers will step up his game and be the player we need him to be.

Willb said...

This is great news! To tell the truth I thought both were leaving. Now I just wonder what Houston will do. If he was going to stay I figured he would of announced with Boykin, and Glenn but you never know.

Imagine how many Dawgs will get drafted next year! Next seasons team is going to be full of NFL caliber players. The offensive line itself might have three players get drafted next year.

Anonymous said...

I'm still not sure how Glenn or anyone on that line can be considered NFL caliber with the way they played this season.

Anonymous said...

@Willb -- exactly who on the O-line do you think is NFL caliber? It's widely accepted that our O-line is not only nothing special, it's probably below average.

GreenDawg said...

@ Anon 11:30,
Cordy Glenn, Ben Jones and Trinton Sturdivant are all NFL-Caliber O-Linemen. I understand they didn't play well this year, but don't doubt that there is some talent on that line. That should probably reflect even worse on Searels that they played so badly. I think next year with Gates they should do better, but I'm sure not getting my hopes up.

ChrisDawg said...

Anon 11:30 it is widely known that Jones, Glenn, and Strudivant are all NFL caliber players.

There's a reason there was such high expectations for the oline this past year. Clint Boling will be drafted this year so that's four probable future NFL players that were on this this years line.

meansonny said...

imo, Cordy Glenn was our only "consistent" OL. I usually watch him during gamedays and on replays. The kid is NFL ready right now.

I have to admit that I listened to the Auburn game on the radio. And I don't know if it was Glenn, Jones, or the right side of the line that got eaten up by Fairley.

But we didn't have a better, more consistent OL than Cordy Glenn this season.

I will say that I was disappointed in Jones, Sturdivent, and Boling at times this season (in Boling's defense... he was bounced around quite a bit this year).

meansonny said...

In seasons past... Boykin would have been gone. We had a bad run of defensive players fleeing to the NFl even if they were not nearly considered as good draft pickups.

Maybe (and I might be stretching this)... maybe, that's a good sign that they feel the current coaching staff can provide comparable skills to what they would learn as an NFL scrub on a team or on a practice squad.

Anonymous said...

The only thing widely known here is that the o-line was a dramatic failure. I think it has at least something to do with over-estimated talent like the above poster mentioned. If you're trying to say that the line had three NFl caliber players and still flopped like it did, then we should be expecting Searels firing announcement at any moment...I'm not holding my breath

Anonymous said...

The o- line played terrible, but it was the other 4 guys moreso than Glenn who played well.

Anonymous said...

Great news!!! Welcome back guys! You can only improve your stock!

PTC DAWG said...

I would like to see a certain anon show at practice and tell the current guys how much they suck.

Sure, they had a down year, but to call them out via an internet board, well, that shows some serious moxi.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry , the coaches probably beat us to the punch on calling them out when they watched game film together.

Willb said...

Searles deserves his fair share of criticism for the o-lines play this year but let's not forget his past.

He is known as being one of the best o-line coaches in the nation. Definitely not a coach we should be so quick to fire. While I will not place the blame on a bunch of college kids I refuse to believe that Searles has just forgotten how to coach up an offensive line. His history speaks for itself.

Actually out of all the position coaches we have he is the one I worry the most about being lured away by another school. This is the first bad all around year our o-line has had under Searles. Even last season we were among the leaders in the nation in sacks allowed.

Considering the amount of talent and experience we had on the line this season and with Searles coaching them this was one of the most unexpected failures I have seen at UGA. I figured it would be our strength.

With Jones, Sturdivant, and Glenn all returning I again hope it will be our strength. I dont think they will play so far below there expectations again. You also have to figure that these three will basically be auditioning for the NFL next year so thats a positive.

Also if we could sign Jenkins to go along with Tyson and Abry and sure up our d-line we could be something special next season. Great teams in the SEC just like in the NFL start with the offensive and defensive lines. Nobody can deny that we have the talent, they just have to play up to there potential.

Anonymous said...

That's why Dooley lasted 25 years, he always had a good O- line and always moved his best lineman there. If the line didn't block well, ex- players will tell you, Dooley was fighting mad. He understood games are won on the line of scrimmage.

Anonymous said...

good to see boykin taking his workouts so seriously tweeting in workout.That Joe T sure is a tuff at the committment to work-outs.If a player brings a cell phone to practice or workouts his ass should be dropped from team so fast his head spins.where is leadership at in Athens.(dawgofdasouth)

Muckbeast said...

Who cares if they tweet from a workout?

If they are working their ass off, I don't care if they keep it fun by sending a tweet here or there.

Big time hard working pro players do it too. Its no big deal and its an interesting way for fans to stay connected to players.

reggie said...

I'm with the 'no cell phones at workouts' crowd. I see the people at my gym with and without phones. Big difference. You have to concentrate in there.