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Monday, January 31, 2011

Tereshinski and Van Halanger contracts

Here's a small addendum to the reorganization made to Georgia's strength and conditioning program:

Joe Tereshinski, now the strength and conditioning coordinator, will be paid an annual salary of $150,000, according to a copy of his contract provided by UGA.

Dave Van Halanger, who was moved off the strength program and into an administrative assistant role, will be paid $168,572, according to his contract.

Both signed one-year contracts running the calendar year of 2011. And each is defined as an employee of the football program, not the athletics department.

UGA said Thomas Brown, newly added as the assistant strength coach, does not have a signed contract yet.

Van Halanger’s duties, as stipulated in the contract:

- Developing, leading and directing character education and mentoring programs for athletes and coaches.

- Developing programs and serving as a liason to bring former players back to camepus and “be engaged in the University community.”

- Community service initiatives.

- Assist in the development of the nutrition program.

- Helping to “ensure that” players “receive proper academic counseling.”

Also, Georgia says Mark Richt's signing day press conference will be at 3 p.m.


Anonymous said...

My goodness what a joke..I wish I could perform poorly at my job and transfer to another 6-figure position where my duties include, "be[ing] engaged in the University community.” ??


PTC DAWG said...

Anon 3:26.

Obviously, you're not that good. Keep working at it though.

Anonymous said...

Interesting read... Seth I'm sure you saw this today:

Here's to hoping the "Dream Team" is more productive.

Anonymous said...

Wow.... good money in checking to see if players have a valid drivers license and photographing meals. I guess this part of being "Cutting Edge" or being "In the Hunt".

Seth Emerson said...

Not sure if checking drivers licenses is part of his job, but as this past year has shown, if it is it's probably money well spent.

Anonymous said...

Van Halanger...Admin. Assistant??? 167,000 k+...Haaaa Ha HAAAA!!!! Ha Ha !!!!! Ha! Ha! HA Ha Ha!!!!! I pay mine $8.50 / hour at 2080 hours per the math. Admin Assistant! What a joke. In the real world when some one doesn't perform we fire / replace them with someone who does, etc, etc, etc. What a joke. Grow some nuts and hire the best in the country or be ok with 8-10 win seasons.