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Thursday, January 27, 2011

More recruiting: Another name for Georgia

While we await Ray Drew's announcement, set for Friday morning, another top defensive prospect is back to the forefront for the Georgia football team.

Jeoffrey Pagan, a defensive lineman from Asheville, N.C., has de-committed from Clemson and could be switching to Georgia. That's according to Paul Strelow of Clemson's 247 site, who reports that "all signs pointed" to Pagan announcing for Georgia on Wednesday.

Pagan is a four-star prospect according to Rivals, Scout and 247, and ranked the nation's No. 42 overall prospect by

Pagan, listed at 6-foot-4 and 270 pounds, is regarded as a defensive end in a 3-4 scheme, and could play tackle in a 4-3. So basically Pagan is not the answer for Georgia at nose tackle: That remains John Jenkins, the junior college prospect.

Jenkins plans to announce his college decision on Feb. 5 at the high school he attended in Meriden, Conn. He played last season at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

Jenkins is visiting Florida this weekend.

As for Drew, who has been intentionally sending mixed signals - a nice way of saying he's been having some fun with people - the Thomas County Central star set to make his announcement on Friday at 10 a.m. The nation's ninth-ranked overall prospect according to, Drew is expected to choose Georgia - unless he wasn't kidding earlier this week when he said he had eliminated Georgia, Auburn and LSU.

(I suspect he was kidding.)


Anonymous said...

So, when can Coach Grantham start sending all these new Defensive Linemen film and playbooks?

ben said...

So Seth posted this earlier as who was left(ish) for us to pick up:

1. RB Isaiah Crowell, Columbus, Ga.

2. DE Ray Drew, Thomasville, Ga.

3. DT John Jenkins, Mississippi

4. OT Antonio Richardson

5. ILB Kent Turene, Lauderdale

6. Taylor Gadbois, Dallas, Ga.

Between Jeoffery Pagan and Marcus Roberson, who are the people (if were to get commitments from all of the) would be the ones we want/need more? Do we want a DE of an ILB or CB? Do we need another OT when we've signed three that are 6'7"? I wish we could sign them all, lord knows we need the depth, but obviously we can't. So who is more important?

Anonymous said...

I get so tired of guys sending mixed signals. Either you a Dawg or not. If not go elsewhere please. Im so sick of the hat tricks and jersey swappin and all of this useless limelight crap and these kids haven't played a down in college football. All this does is setting up a bunch of kids not to pan out or meet bulldog nations unrealistic expectations.

Stamey said...

In my opinion, anyone that would be a part of the front seven on defense would be the most important. We've actually recruited some quality offensive linemen since '08, at least according to their rankings on 'Scout' (a precarious subject, but I digress). A lot of these players are still young, but the depth on the o-line is better than our defensive depth. Considering the majority of our upperclassmen on defense were recruited for the 4-3, any defensive lineman or linebackers we can sign are a huge asset. Again, the only problem is they are all young because Grantham has only been recruiting for his scheme for basically one season. I believe Jenkins, Drew, and Crowell are the three most important right now. Adding Pagan, and Turene would also be huge because Grantham feels they can contribute to our new defense. From there I'd say Richardson would be the next most important. Basically, our defense is so new/young, anyone that can make an impact there is very important. Again, that's just my opinion on a subjective matter...feel free to agree or disagree.

Anonymous said...

I also hope they let some of these young guys get out there early. Having all these studs won't do a lot if they are just sitting on the sidelines.

Daws said...

In order of importance they have to go:
1)Jenkins - come in and play Nose right away
2)Crowell - possibly start at RB from day one considering our running game last year
3)Drew - perfect for Grantham's 3-4, push DE competition in the right direction
4)Turene - vastly underrated by recruiting agencies at 3*. The coaches know that he can do something if they get him in, put it this way. After hearing he may have switched his commitment to UGA, Kiffin, Kiffin, and Orgeron flew cross country to see him.
4-A)Pagan - could do big things in Grantham's 3-4, really has the look of a guy that would blossom in the 3-4. Would be a huge get considering his previous verbal to Clemson.
6)Richardson - 6th by default, but if we got him, he looks like he'd come in most ready to play of all our O-Line commits.

I really respect Taylor Gadbois for saying, "Coach Richt really made me think with his offer, but I'm a man of my word." That said, you never know with high school seniors.

I really think Roberson is a guy that could jump on the train if the Dream Team actually comes together, and honestly I could see Xzavier Dickson coming over from Bama to play for the home state.

The Dream Team pitch really struck a chord.

Cooter said...

Oh give me a break with the high horse attitude about kids swappin' hats and teasing. Geez, this is a game, you know, for fun and enjoyment!

You wanna watch people march in lockstep with straight faces and sit quietly on the bench after scoring, go watch North Korean gymnastics or English riding or something. This is college football! Sure the hat swap is juvenile, they're 17 and 18. They ain't joinin' a social club at Yale.

Go Dogs!

Bizzaroneck said...

Or Cooter you could just go watch Nick Saban's program. He takes the Kim Jong Il approach to coaching.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cooter..... Maybe its time for a North Korean approach because dancing on the sideline when the game still in doubt sure aint getting it done. I dont give a rats ass about havin fun I wanna see the guys practice hard,be focused and puke their guts out. I wanna see some smash mouth football and championships being brought home.. IF you wanna see silly over hyped juvenile fun then go support your local pee wee football league where the score doesnt matter my friend.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:28 to say you don't give a rats ass about fun is a little stupid!

These are kids playing football! It's a game. A fun one too. If your not having fun out there then why are you doing it?

I want all of these kids to have the time of there life while at Ga. Stay out of trouble and stay disciplined.

That's the kind of comments kids read and makes them not want to play football. Adults living through the kids.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon @9:44.... Whats stupid is kicking a Field Goal on 4th and inches inside the 4 yard line. Whats syupid is the University of Georgia losing to Central Freakin Florida. The recruits dont have to read blogs to know UGA football sucks and if they think they need to then they aint too smart. Players have fun after the game is won . Players have fun After championships are won.

Anonymous said...

Well anon 9:59 you are obviously not a Dawg fan so why are you here anyways?

Regardless of what you say football needs to be fun. it's a damn game! I take it seriously too but I hope these kids have the time of there life!

You act as though they owe something to you. You can still take something extremely seriously and have fun at the same time.

Anonymous said...

18 months in a trailer for a weight room - that pretty much sums it up for our football seasons, covering those 2 years at 14-12, doesn't it ?

We hear the same is what was said by everyone about every year under Mark Richt in the off-season. Then, we go 2-10 vs teams finishing in the Top 25 the last three years and 3-10 vs teams finishing in the Top 10 in the entire 10-Year Mark Richt era.

Again, I could care where or Rivals puts a player, but I do believe they do a better job of putting a player at their natural position, that Mark Richt has in MOVING THEM AROUND when he didn't recruit for his HOLES :










Difference makers. Guys who can hit the field this make or break season, after ALL THESE YEARS of under-achievement in ROW CONSECUTIVELY.

I hardly think in light of all these KNOWN NEEDS - HOLES - that we needed another TE # 5. Great get; don't get me wrong. Won't be playing for Mark Richt, however.

# 1 Recruit OVERALL another Quarterback, who is our best recruit of this class, by far - which is saying something because we have a GREAT RECRUITING CLASS 2011 - if they Qualify, if they are NOT ARRESTED / SUSPENDED.

But, do we really need our # 1 recruit overall to be a QB with Aaron Murray who was our best player all season long and who you tell me is going to be our ONLY QUARTERBACK TO GET ANY SNAPS all of


If that is the case, how about these other HOLES - filling our REAL NEEDS instead ?

Joeski, I have no problems with your posts. The vast majority of the posters all day long today have stated that we

(1) hear the same thing every year every off-season
(2) then we go downtown Athens get arrested / suspended
(3) beat NO ONE
(4) have the same HOLES after recruiting as we had BEFORE.
(5) We will call the same out-dated play calls and end up # 72 in the nation at getting 1st Downs.

AaronGreen said...

Wow anon 12:12 you have no idea what your talking about do you?

Lemay our best recruit? How do you figure that?

This is about to be one of the best recruiting classes in UGA history and you have to be negative about that too right?

Anonymous said...

has anyone wondered, like I do, that buLLdawg/anon may be Mark Richt himself? wouldn't that be a kooky turn of events?

Anonymous said...

Dream team will lead to dream seasons for the dawgs. All the crying on here is from trolls who like other teams.

Cooter said...

Anon, I share your sentiment and frustration. But, I'm afraid too many folks focus on the incidental, the unimportant and not the ultimate goal.

I don't really want to see puking, pain, sweat and tears (get that enough at home). In sports, there will be all of that and more, but that is merely the byproduct of the work it takes to achieve the goal. Puking and pain are not the goal but a temporary state on the path to the goal. The goal is to have fun winning--celebrating individual and team glory.

We had little of that last year. I am hopeful for the future.

Go Dogs!

Anonymous said...

It'd official, he's a DAWG! Hell Yeah!