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Monday, January 10, 2011

UGA hoops scratches an eight-year itch

Georgia's win over Kentucky was the attention-grabbing event the Bulldogs needed to get ranked.

Georgia comes in at No. 24 in this week's Associated Press poll, the first time it's appeared in the AP ranking since 2003. The Bulldogs were 21st in the AP poll on March 10 of that year, and 22nd in the USA Today coaches rankings. They reached a high of No. 15, in the AP poll, that season.

The Bulldogs are unranked in this week's coaches poll, standing fourth among the team's also receiving votes.

The more important ranking, as far as the NCAA selection committee, is the RPI, and Georgia currently ranks 48. But that number will improve for the Bulldogs as they go on, because four other SEC East teams rank in the top 30 in the RPI.


Anonymous said...

Can, you please stop with, the excessive commas? Not, are they only gramatically, incorrect but are also an, annoyance to read. Thank, you for your, time.

Bryan said...

There was only an excessive comma before "because" from what I could see. Otherwise, thanks for the update, Seth.

Anonymous said...

no the first guy, is right, there is more than one.

Anonymous said...

the first guy is an a-hole

Anonymous said...

does it even matter??

Anonymous said...

Good lord people, this isn't the freaking New York Times, it's a blog. Who gives a crap if it's not gramatically correct.

Why is everybody crying so much about everything!!!!! Suck it up Dawg fans!!