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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another football commitment

Georgia has added a bit of an under-the-radar recruit to its commitment list.

Linebacker Ramik Wilson of Tampa, Fla., committed to the Bulldogs on Sunday after visiting Athens over the weekend, according to Fletcher Page, reporting for (That's a pay story, FYI.)

Wilson is a 6-foot-3, 218-pound inside linebacker who also had scholarship offers from Rutgers, Purdue and Texas Tech.

That gives Georgia 18 commitments, with perhaps the biggest names still undecided (Isaiah Crowell, Ray Drew, Jay Rome, Malcolm Mitchell and John Jenkins.) Cornerback Damian Swann of Atlanta added his name to the commitment list on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the Bulldogs are still awaiting word on a trio of juniors who are considering entering the NFL draft. Monday was supposed be an unofficial deadline because of the first day of classes, but those have been canceled because of the weather.

I've gotten a lot of questions about what I think the juniors will do. I don't like to speculate, so I'll just say this: Last month I issued the following percentages on each that they would leave, and based on the (scant) information I have at the moment, I’ll say it holds:

- Justin Houston: 75 percent.
- Brandon Boykin: 30 percent.
- Cordy Glenn: 40 percent.


Anonymous said...

My predictions:

Houston is leaving.

Glenn is staying.

Boykin will flip a coin to decide (probably leaving).

**All predictions worth approximately 2 cents**

Stevie said...

So we sign an undersized middle linebacker that had offers from basically 2nd tier FBS schools? We couldn't have waited to see if we had a scholarship available for him after we signed the "dream team"? And aren't there a pile of kids just like this in the state? I'm confused?

The Cuatro said...

@ Stevie: Wilson is a huge get. FWIW, Florida and Miami recently offered him as well.

Anonymous said...

Wont matter what happens anyway. UGA is gonna stink it up again next year. Central Freakin Florida people ! IM still pissed !

Stevie said...

@ Cuatro: I'll take your word for it. I'm not a recruiting savant, so my litmus test is always; who else offered him.

Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Boykin's gone , houston's gone.........Glenn is likely gone according to some Athens contacts. Hope they stay, but doesn't sound good.

Ward said...

@ Stevie, the schools Seth mentioned were those that Ramik visited. He also had offers to Clemson, Arkansas, and Miami

Anonymous said...

Yeah, from what little I've read, Ramik is a big get for the Dawgs. According to Rivals, he had an offer from USC also and was being recruited by Monte Kiffin. I'd say the kid will be alright.

Anonymous said...

He comes to Athens, see how drunk he can get every night, and commits. No suprised. Ha!

AaronGreen said...

He is the 16th ranked inside linebacker in the country. I know the rankings don't always get it right but as of now in three years we will have the fifteenth best inside linebacker in the country in Wilson.

He's not the kind of player you tell hold on let's see if we can get some other better players and if we dont we will give you a call.

He is a borderline four star recruit. This is a good signing for sure!

Anonymous said...

This is a great signing! I'm really excited about this one! This kid had offered from schools all over the country including USC and Florida! Nice catch!

BuLLdawg said...

Ramik Wilson out of Tampa is the # 28 best Outside Linebacker in the nation, meaning 27 other teams have commitments from a better commitment at this position than we do.

By comparison, Mark Richt has a commitment from North Clayton in College Park from Middle Linebacker Amarlo Herrera who is ranked the # 12 best MLB in the nation. So, only 11 other teams have commitments from a better commitment at that position than we do.

We also have the :

# 181 wide receiver

# 6 cornerback

# 50 defensive tackle

# 29 offensive tackle

# 40 offensive guard

# 21 offensive tackle

# 12 cornerback

# 54 wide receiver

# 34 defensive end

# 8 Quarterback if he gets in

# 37 cornerback

# 34 wide receiver

# 6 Center

# 10 safety

# 20 safety

# not ranked long snapper - on other teams made to walk on

Say we make the last 1, # 182 at his position :

What we have is :

764 divided by 18 is :

# 43 average player at his position

for this lack-luster recruiting class.

How you expect to be improving as a program when your recruiting the average # 43 player for your team at their position in national ranking, is beyond me.

But, as the others have said above, Ramik is better than we have been getting on the average this poor recruiting class, ranked the # 28 in the nation at his position, while Mark Richt and Rodney Garner have averaged the # 43 recruit ranking at their position so far to-date.

We don't know which ones of these are going to FLUNK OUT yet. But # 43 average national ranking of the 18 recruits. NOT good. (It's fine if being # 32 in the nation in won / lost record is your objective in life, which is what 9-4 would have been for 2009, 2010 and surely will be again # 32 at 9-4 for 2011.)

Depends on what your goals and objectives are, 9-4 or something far better than being # 32 in the nation at 9-4 for 2011 in what will be a 14-game season for the better teams.

You can exclude us out of that unless you are a trying to say that a win is a win with Mark Richt and his "coaching staff" cough, cough beating 6 teams with combined 24-50 record and ALL SIX (6) having a LOSING RECORD

as I told you they would.

AVERAGE # 43 recruit at his position nationally for all 18 commitments

Seal said...

The long snapper also had offers from Florida St., Arkansas and South Carolina, so he wasn't being asked to walk on there. Also, his younger brother is one of the top OL in the country for next yr's class (already chosen for the Army All American game).

While the recruiting #s will improve as UGA closes out its class, even as they stand now, Dawgs have the best-rated recruited class in the SEC East.

Anonymous said...

BuLLdawg tide are PRESEASON rankings you list . The so called # 181 wide receiver had a huge senior season and will be ranked much higher in POSTSEASON rankings that haven't come out yet for the rankings you list. Seay is big, runs a 4.3 and was productive, finishing near the top of the state stat charts in yards and touchdowns. Ramik Wilson had offers from Florida and Miami but got behind with the coaching changes and lost out. Wilson led his Florida team to state title and had 18 sacks. ESPN lists him as # 10 outside line backer and USC came all the way from California to recruit him just like Swann our other weekend commit. They all had big senior seasons and will be ranked higher in postseason rankings but bottolmline they all look like ballers.

Anonymous said...

Where are the defensive linemen?

j.leonardjr said...


You are an idiot. You are putting WAY too much into the Rivals/Scout position ranking numbers. Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

Your a idiot and they're team is better then us and they should a went where they were before there too sense and their too to tutu. Literally.

Just kidding. This isn't the real Willb. He hasn't butchered the Queen's English on this post yet, so I figured I'd help him out.

Willb said...

Your a idiot and they're team is better then us and they should a went where they were before there too sense and their too to tutu. Literally.

Just kidding. This isn't the real Willb. He hasn't butchered the Queen's English on this post yet, so I figured I'd help him out.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:04. The way I understand it in the 3-4 you only have 1 position for d- line and that's the noseguard. Mayes is committed as a noseguard and they're recruiting a juco noseguard but new system need numbers at linebacker and defensive end moreso than defensive line.

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys are really clueless when it comes to recruits and their "Star" ratings.

Oleg said...

ого сколько здесь коментов

Anonymous said...

The comments on this blog are starting to rival those of Youtube.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't more questions being asked about how Coach Searels can balance out/complement Pass happy Richt/Bobo in the running game? Until this is addressed can UGA's offense become more dominant (dominant meaning compete with the Malzahns and Petrinos of the S E C)?

ChrisDawg said...

Hey fake willb WTF are you talking about man?

I have read willb's post here just like everyone elses post and understand them fine. I thought all the anons hated him and others cause we are positive Dawg fans. Like me and most other fans who dont want the whole coaching staff to get fired.

Whatever though I don't care. The only poster here I truly think is stupid is BuLLdawg. There are a few other posters here that I held in higher regard until lately also. There are not too many places I can go to on the internet anymore and talk to intelligent Dawg fans. Even this blog is becoming flooded with negative unrealistic Dawg "fans".

Fake Willb said...

@ChrisDawg: I am an optimistic Dawg fan as well, and I don't dislike Willb. I am also no expert in grammar. However, I am constantly cringing when I read Willb's comments because of his bad grammar AND the way his comments are often empty (flawed logic, unsubstantiated claims, etc.). At the moment, I think mocking him is the best way to get him to care about his grammar. I am a huge fan (and graduate) of UGA, and I hate to see other UGA fans/grads looking like idiots because they don't understand basic grammar.